Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Saturday, 18 December 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.374 - Benefit of the doubt

Dear residents,

For the benefit of all residents, we would like to announce the appointment of a new township manager for the developer, Mr Ng. We hope that Mr Ng has the best interest of the Botanic community at heart and we wish him all the best in his duties.

Anyway, prior to a meeting by residents with TMO, some questions were posed to BBRA on the maintenance of the Botanic pond, rubbish being thrown at the lake as well as at the recycling bins (for charity) and the uncut grass along Persiaran Botanic.

These questions were later forwarded and discussed with TMO, to which Mr Ng replied in e-mail as per below dated December 14, 2010:

1) We are aware of the overgrown grass along pesiaran botanik and we intend to cut the grass there. We intend to erect road signages along the same road.  We will do the maintenance and clean up for handing over to the authority.

2) We had informed the relevant authorities to clear the rubbish and fill  the hole. We will monitor the situation. However, we need the residence assistance not to throw rubbish into the hole. (In reference to throwing of rubbish into a hole at Jenaris)

3) We will call the proprietor of the recycling bins to clear the recycle materials. Authorities will remove the rubbish. Again, we ask the residences for assistance not to throw the rubbish and hope that the recycling bins proprietor or the authorities to remove them. The recycling bins are for charitable cause and having them around is beneficial to all of us.

As you are aware. maintaining the township is a diificult but it can be achieved with the assistance from the residences. We too want this township to be a testimony for others. Please rest assured that we will do everything within our capabilities to make your stay a pleasant and enjoyable one.

For the benefit of all the residents, we let you decide when and if ever, the above mentioned will be acted upon. Especially for the uncut grass along Persiaran Botanic and other areas of our beautiful garden.


Ben Phang said...

YES Mr Ng, our new TM manager, we all of us (residents, owners and tenants) want the best for our BB but regrettably some of our fellow residents just do not have the civic consciousness to do their part and admittedly the authorities have not been seen to take appropriate actions against these faulting residents. Majority of residents are angry and frustrated over these unreasonable neighbours but we just cannot take the law into our own hands least we be accused of being a vigilante group. MPK including the traffic Police should be roped in to take actions against these unneighbourly residents to make BB a much pleasant environment.

Ben Phang said...

Mr. Ng,
On the overgrown grass along Persiaran Botanic, you have used the same term as your predecessor, "handing over to the authority". The park and lake area have had a lot of these "handing over to the authority" discrepancies when problems of maintenance, upkeep and repairs arises. To avoid such discrepancies, all handing over of any facilities or common public areas should involved our Bandar Botanic Residents' Association (BBRA) so that majority of residents and owners are kept well informed. This will also avoid any unnecessary embarassment to TMO.

Ang said...

I wonder if the developer even cares about our taman anymore. Is it so difficult for them to just do what is right. For example, the developer plant beautiful trees to get us to buy their property. Then comes an unscrupulous house owner. He cuts down the trees. Where does that leave the rest of us? Is it fair?

Developer built conceal drains, power lines, etc. Then in 2007, unscrupulous metal thieves steal the drain covers, leaving big holes on our pavement waiting for a child to one day fall in and break his leg. Is it too much to ask for the developer to replace this?

Everything they seem to point fingers to MPK. Well, I never bought an MPK house. I bought a G...... Land house. Beautiful lake, garden, greenery, ample parks, landscape, etc. Where is the beauty now?

Ang said...

Almost 3 weeks now since the meeting and the only thing done is the pulling out of weeds along persiaran botanik by one scrawny sub-con.

What abt the replanting of trees, cutting of grass, resurfacing of potholes, and reinstating that really ugly sign board that is left to rot at the jusco roundabout?

Developer tipu orang. Pariah developer, sama kelas dengan mpk.

ganesh said...

till date the hole has not been filled.the rubbish bins in the taman are overflowing. the grass in persiaran botanik has not been cut. some idiot has even left a setee at the recycle bin in jenaris.
the owners of the new semi d houses at angsana have dumped their debri from renovations into the park and cut trees in the park but no action taken.
basically it's all a charade.

Ang said...

Agreed, the developer has failed its residents. The trees were planted only to lure sales especially semi-d. The owners at Angsana should be fined a maximum penalty instead the tree cutting continues unabashed.

All around the pariah developer is only keen on building more shophouses to which later it will become low-cost hotels for construction workers, migrant workers, bird nests business, and later drug addicts.

Mr Ng the new township manager should get off his high horse and go to the ground instead of making false and unfulfilled promises.

Ben Phang said...

I have not taken a walk around our park and the neighborhood for months, not because I do not want to but because I cannot stand to see the many deplorable things that are being done by some of our f...... neighbors. Such inconsiderate things piss me off and my 1st reaction is to confront but hey I am past retirement age and advisable for me to avoid these places. Good for my health.