Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

BBRAeNEWS No. 295 - How To Prevent Dirty Water from Polluting our lakes.

Dear Residents,

How to Prevent Dirty Water from polluting our lakes.
-Andrew Sum

As awareness, there are 6 steps which I can think of at the moment. They are as follows which every households can cooperates and learn to do:-

1. Learn about the flow of water in our system. Water from households goes into our sewage systems and away from our community. Water we use outside our house, such as in the garden, goes into storm sewers and straight into our lakes. However, some water from
households goes into the outdoor storm sewers because some residents’ contractors had modified the vents and pipes without authority’s approval.

. Examine your habits. Use of pesticides means that when it rains on the lawn or garden, chemicals are washed into the storm sewers.

2. Pick up your pet’s waste. Just as Dr Ganesh Ramachandren says, action speaks louder than words. This is also a form of water pollution we can prevent.

1. Remember, polluting the land means polluting the water in our lakes. Throwing away a cigarette butt or rubbish on the ground near a grating means it eventually reaches our lakes. Mr & Mrs Teh has been picking rubbish in Botanic Park quietly whenever they go for their morning or evening walks…and they discover many residents eventually started to follow what they are doing …. Yes actions do speak louder than words. Mr Khoo quietly went to his neighbor 3 doors away to clear up the rubbish dragged out by the stray dogs. Yet up till today, the neighbor does not know this. Actions speak louder than words and he did it quietly. One of our BBRA Committee members Mr Choo Keang Wooi also goes around on Saturday and Sunday to pick up rubbishes around the lake, and he does it quietly too, with shorts and China Singlet. In my opinion Dr Ganesh Ramachandran, Mr & Mrs Teh and Mr Choo Keang Wooi are the wonderful ‘angels who goes where others fear to tread’.

2. Watch disposal of household products such as paint and solvents. These chemicals also cause water pollution when you don’t dispose of them properly.

3. Set up a Composer unit. This is a great way to reduce your weekly garbage, dispose of yard clippings and make a wonderful rich organic product for garden soil. Just as Mrs Teh have been encouraging everyone to prepare home-made “garbage enzyme” to replace detergent or any other form of chemicals use at home. According to her, this is a wonderful enzyme for cleaning floor, clothes and dishes. Most important, if everyone practices this it will prevent pollution of waters in our lakes.

Tips & Warnings
The more you know, the more you can do to curb dirty water pollution. Don’t be afraid to stop a neighbor from doing something that causes water pollution.

Please treat this as an environmental awareness on lake pollution and as I have said before, remember this earth was not given to us by our parents or grand parents, but is a loan to us from our children and grand children.

Lets give them a good future life we owe them.

BBRAeNEWS No.294 - A Good Neighbour.

An email letter to Mr Khoo, Jenaris Precint.
-Andrew Sum

Good Neighbors

The other day, the Alam Flora rubbish van came late. Some loose dogs came and dug out a neighbor’s rubbish and spew them all over the lawn and road. Some of the rubbish is foodstuff in plastic boxes and the dogs were eating out from the fallen boxes. Then the birds came after the dogs left. The neighbor house was 3 doors away.

Some people saw that after you came home from work, you gingerly took your rubbish pan and walk over to the neighbor’s house which was 3 houses away and sweep up all the rubbish and put back into the neighbor’s bin. All this happened without the neighbor noticing as the neighbor was sleeping with the door closed. Even up till today, the neighbor is still not aware of good work being done by you.

This type of kind, goodhearted and care for your neighbor is very highly appreciated by all those in the Bandar Botanic Residents Association. Perhaps Mr Khoo is happy in his own ways in what he does.

This is an appreciation e-letter to you for the good work done. I am sending out this email as it serves a good example. We know that we still have such good Samaritans around.

Good of you Mr Khoo.

Monday, 25 January 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.293 - Gamuda's Photo Contest.

Dear Residents
of Bandar Botanic,

Gamuda's Photo Contest
Gamuda Land is organisating a Photo Competiton.
Log on to and download your forms in order to participate. You may visit any of Gamuda various beautiful sites and captures your favorites with your camera.

The awards are
1st Price is M$ 6,000.00
2nd Price is M$4,000.00
3rd Price is M$2,000.00
Contacts are
• Kota Kemuning Sales Gallery. 03-5122 1055 • Bandar Botanic Sales Gallery. 03-3323 8322• Valencia Sales Gallery. 03-6156 9880 • Jade Hills Sales Gallery. 03-8737 0122 • Horizon Hills Sales Gallery. 07-232 3433

Sunday, 24 January 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.292 - KKS Home Guards

Dear Residents,
How well do you really know your Home Guards KKS?
-Andrew Sum

I have met Mr Veera(PJK).

Recently our present Home Guard – The KKS (Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral) lodged a report to the local town council (MPK) regarding the breakdown of lights at the various lamp posts in Bandar Botanic.

The location of the lamp posts are in:
Jalan Kiara 2 - Lamp post No.2,6 & 7
Jalan Kiara 6 - Lamp post No.6 & 7
Jalan Kiara 12- Lamp post No.2
Jalan Kiara 7 - Lamp post No.5

Lentak Rhu 1 – Lamp post No.10

Jalan Cassia 12 – Lamp post No.2 & 7
Jalan Cassia 4 - Lamp post No.1 & 7
Jalan Cassia 11 – Lamp post No.11

Jalan Bidara 2 – Lamp post No.2
Jalan Bidara 8 – Lamp post No.5
Jalan Bidara 9 – Lamp post No.7
Jalan Bidara 7 – Lamp post No.4
Jalan Bidara 3 – Lamp post No.6 & 7

Jalan Jenaris 8 – Lamp post No. 5 & 7
Jalan Jenaris 10- Lamp post No.7 & 10

Friday, 22 January 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.291 - Rubbish Vans Schedules

Dear Residents
of Bandar Botanic,
The following was received from Alam Flora for your attention.
The Time Table schedules for Rubbish Vans in your area.

Rubbish Collections Dates



Mr Andrew Friday, January 22, 2010 8:31AM

Re: BANDAR BOTANIC –Tarikh lori sampah

Berikut adalah jadual yang sepatutnya diikuti oleh kontraktor kutipan sampah domestik bagi kawasan Bandar Botanic:

1)kawasan kiara,jenaris dan angsana adalah pada hari isnin, rabu & jumaat.
2)kawasan cassia, bidara, bonggo adalah pada hari selasa, khamis & sabtu.

Mr andrew boleh hubungi saya jika kontraktor kutipan tidak mengikut jadual. 0136679487.
Mohd Fauzi, Alam Floria

Thursday, 21 January 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.290 - The Haemodialysis Association Klang.

The Haemodialysis Association Klang.
(Final Part II)
Continuing a series on the work of Uncle Jaya Kumar.
-Andrew Sum
I interviewed Uncle Jaya Kumar and his staff chief nurse Miss Josephine at the center on 20th Jan, 2010. Uncle Jaya Kumar is also a Committee Member of the Bandar Botanic Residents Association and a retired air force warrant officer.

(Miss Josephine, the Chief Nurse)
According to Miss Josephine, a patient has to under dialysis 3 times a week and at 4 hours per session. This is a life time process and they can go for a kidney transplant if they find a donor, which is quite rare. Each treatment will cost about RM110 per session of 4 hours.
Those patients under government subsidy – are given $50.00 each session. They get free erythropoeitin injection. The purpose of this injection is to improve the haemoglobin level in the red blood cells in their body.
Some patients are under SOCSO. Socso pays $130.00 for them just for treatment. They have to pay for the injection themselves which is about $55.00 ringgit per injection, but they can claim back the reimbursement from SOCSO about $30.00.
(Patients with hepatitis have their own seperate room)
Now there are about 39 patients in the Haemodialysis Association Klang. There is no cure for kidney failure and it is a life long process. The major causes are diabetes and high blood pressure or hypertension. In severe cases of up to 10-20 years and most of them ends up with kidney failures. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure can be under control by good diet and exercise. They are advice to go for yearly kidney check to detect any kidney problems on a yearly basis. There is medication to slow down the process.
(This is a Dialyser)
The Dialyser – this is the one that is actually removed the waste and impurities from the human body. Each patient has his/her own dialyser and it is being tagged with their names. One clean dialyser can be used for only 10 times. After which, it will be taken to a Reprocessor to be cleaned.

The cost of a dialysis machine is about $40,000.00 each. The computer graphic will show how much waste has been extracted. The pressure monitors on the patient and blood returning to the patient. The Dyalysis will purify all blood.

The types of dialysis machines being used a theh Haemodialysis Association Klang are:
1) B.Boaun Dailog+ machine = 9 units
2) Fresenins machine = 6 units
3) Nipor machine = 1 unit

One thing for sure, those patients suffering with Hepatitis are being separated into a special room for patient with Hepatities B. These patients also suffer with kidney failure. This separation is required by the Ministry of Health.

(For more detail research information, please go to

BBRAeNEWS No.289 - An Interview with Uncle Jaya Kumar and The Haemodialysis Association Klang (Part I).

Dear Residents,
An Interview with Uncle Jaya Kumar and The Haemodialysis Association Klang.
(Part I)

- Andrew Sum

On 20th January,2010, I went to The Haemodialysis Association Klang and did an interview with Uncle Jaya Kumar. Uncle Jaya Kumar is also a Committee Member of The Bandar Botanic Residents Association in charge of Cassia Precinct and also the editing of BBRA Warta Magazine.

Personal Profile
Uncle Jaya Kumar is retired air force personnel, with the Royal Malaysian Air Force. He was a Warrant Officer and Air Quarter Master in charge of the royal air force crew members of the Caribon aircrafts. The Caribon aircrafts are used for various tasking such as:
Carrying Cargo
Carrying VIPS
Carrying paratroops
Air drop supplies to the interior
Medical excavations
Carrying passengers and royalties

He served in the Royal Air Force for a total of 22 years. During the last few years of his service, he was the crew chief for his squadron and a master trainer for new air squadron.
He served in Kuala Lumpur and Labuan and during his years of service, he traveled all over South East Asian countries. He did his basis training in United Kingdom for a total of one and a half years.
He is married with three children. The eldest is a daughter with the Ministry of Health. The second son is a doctor in Klang General Hospital. The third son is a lecturer in the Malacca Technical University.

The Haemodialysis Association Klang.
The Haemodialysis Association Klang is located at No.84, Lorong Jelutong, Taman Selatan, Klang. This association was set up and sponsored by the Rotary Club of Klang. It is a non-profit Community Service Project.
Here Jaya Kumar is a administrative officer since 1998, a period of 12 years. His job is basically taking care of the Haemodialysis Center.

He has 4 qualified and trained staff nurse (1 man and 3 lady), and five nursing aids and one housekeeper working for him.
Josephene is the Head Nurse and I also interviewed her. She has got about 20 years of experience in dialysis.
There are about 39 patients there at the moment. Most of them are poor patients depending on charity from non profitable organizations. Therefore, whatever being charged to them is the actual cost. Most of the patients are sponsored by on of the followings:
Government subsidies
Tzu Chi
Welfare Department
SP Setia Foundation (in which Yan Sri Lee Lam Thye is the Chairman).
Selangor State Government (under Dr Xavier Kumar, he is the Selangor Exco Member and he sponsored 7 patients)
Charity from kind hearted individuals.

The Haemodialysis Association Klang also organized fund raising activities such as Food Fairs and Charity Dinners. Their new building across the road, is still short of funds.

During the course of my interview, I also met two medical students from International Medical University who came to observe, study and do research about dialysis. They are Miss Low Mei Xiu and Miss Tan Jun Ee.
(In my personal opinion, Uncle Jaya Kumar is one of the Roman Senators of BBRA who dares to go where Angels fear to tread).
To be continued...

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.288 - Basketball Courts Lightings.

Dear Residents,
Basketball Courts Lightings
- Andrew Sum

I would like to thank TMO Mr Goo CK and his supervisor and technicians for taking the trouble to repair the basketball courts lightings as promised by today (Wednesday 20th Jan,2010). I was at the basket ball courts this afternoon to witness the repairs being carried out.

This is the result of some residents who wrote to me to ask me to look into this matter.

On investigation with TMO supervisor, it was found that:

1. Vandalism has caused the Control Box to be mysteriously damaged.
2. Whoever these ‘unknown players’ were, they wanted to extend the courts lights after midnight and they damaged the control box doors to try to do some illegal wiring.
3. The basket ball courts lightings timings hours are under automatic control. Players switched the lights on but after finish playing, they did not switch off the lights resulting in overheating of the bulbs.
4. TMO has now implement the Courts Lights to be automatic switched on from 7.00pm to 10.00pm only, effective from today. This is to prevent the bulbs from being over-heating.
5. TMO have no choice, but now resort to chaining the whole control box with iron chain to prevent vandalism.
6. TMO advised basketball players not to vandalize the control box and those caught doing so will be fine RM10,000 and jailed for damaging private property.

The cost of hiring the scaffoldings is about $200 each time to hire.
According to TMO supervisor, they repair the basketball courts lightings every month.

The above is to the best of my knowledge.
At 6.00pm today, I went to the basketball courts and have spoken to 3 groups of young basket ball players plain and simple and gave them some good advice on how to take care of the Basketball Courts Lightings. I hope the basketball players would heed my advice.

I believe that life is the only path where we learn to bring our true selves forward, to be true and honest, compassionate and kind, by helping others. This in itself is the truest gift I can offer anyone. We can shine our light from within; hoping others learn to do the same. What else can I do?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.287 - Recycling for Charity.

TSU CHI - Recycling for Charity.
-Andrew Sum

Deepening of the Mission of Humanitarianism—
In life’s journey, there are many challenges. Sometimes, it could be so frustrating and helpless. A helping hand, or a warm shoulder, can indeed give one the strength to go through such trouble times. Tzu Chi volunteers try to be the pure streams of society by volunteering in communities, one of which is recycling…

TSU CHI Recycling - 3rd week (Sunday) of the month (follow the calendar) will be the recycle day for each point, it is apply to each point at Klang.

1. Jalan Meru – Pasar Besar (Opposite of Telekom)
2. Bukit Kuda – in front of Sekolah Abdai Samad
3. Taman Eng Ann – In front of MAA building
4. Jalan Meru Batu 4 – Setia Alam area opposite of 99 Market
5. Jalan Meru Batu 6 –
6. Berkeley
7. some place opposite OUB bank

巴生中路Telecom 對面,
Abdai Samad 學校前
MAA 大廈前
SETIA ALAM - 99超市對面。
OUB 銀行對面路

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Dear Residents,

The Power of Great Love
Even though life is short, we can do many good deeds if we know how to use our time wisely. Exercise our right to live a good life and leave behind a legend of benevolence.

-Andrew Sum

Sometime back a resident of Jenaris Precint-Bandar Botanic, Jeff Lim, who is also a Buddhist Tzu Chi volunteer, wrote to me asking me whether there is anyway for me (BBRA) to work with him for some Recycle Exercise to bring up awareness to our Botanic Residents. I wrote back to say no problem at all.

In the words of Jeff,

“Actually, there is a monthly recycle activities(3rd week of the month) carried on at Bukit Tinggi (next to Shell Petrol Station) and Bandar Botanic (close phase 1, near 99 Market) – I should say recycle activities covers Klang valley.

Most of the time, I will be at Bukit Tinggi point, because it is a hub for surrounding area
(WIT, KFC, HLB, Bkg Tinggi). “

Best regards,



A Brief about Tze Chi.
Tzu Chi's charity mission in Central-Southern Malaysia and East Malaysia started in 1992. Various forms of aid were provided to the poor. These deeds have never stopped. This is indeed evidence of true love shown by Tzu Chi volunteers. The charity work expanded eventually to 18 liaison centers. To date, there are 6,421 families registered, comprising 39,002 people of various races under Tzu Chi long-term welfare assistance and care. With the present strength and network, Tzu Chi is able to achieve the Master's teaching of 'respecting all life' very well, offering the best possible care, attention and material needs to the sick and poor.
Sickness and disease cause human suffering and worse if one walks in the shoes of the poor. Recognizing this, Tzu Chi never fails to offer whatever is needed based on the principle of accompanying those in need to the very end'. Tzu Chi strongly opposes one time aid. Once every 3 months, those people under Tzu Chi's long term welfare aid and care are visited and their living conditions reassessed. Such a cycle of offering care, love, attention, counseling, material aid and reassessment continues until the family or person concerned is independent and able to stand on their own feet again.
On 10 October 1992, Tzu Chi extended its welfare services to an old folks' home in Macap Baru. Similar services were also later offered to the other old folks' homes, centers for the disabled, a lepers' home and orphanages. This has been carried out regularly over the years without fail.

BBRAeNEWS No.285 - Do you want cleaner waters in your Lake.

Do you want cleaner waters in your Lake?


What is wrong with this sediment when washed into our lakes?
Sediment clouds water and reduce sunlight for the stream plants that provide habitat and oxygen for fish. Sediments fill in the space between rocks in stream bottom and they take away fish spawning habitat and habitat for other critters that live on the bottom.

If you are constructing a new home or part of it, it is your responsibility to control erosion and ensures dirt is not washed into storm sewers, drains, nearby waterways into our lakes.
If you have a construction project, it can create a lot of junk. Be sure to dispose of construction debris, yard waste and hazardous materials properly so they don’t pollute our local waters.

Concrete Wash – It is illegal to dump concrete wash into streets and ditches and to let then run into drains.

Construction Waste – During construction, keep debris away from the street and undercover to ensure that it is not washed away by rain. Dispose of it properly.

Yard Waste – It is illegal to dump yard waste such as grass, leaves, bushes and stumps in your regular trash area or into nearby river. Heavy rain fall would wash these into the late.

Household Hazardous Waste – Dispose of paints, thinner, solvents, cleaners, wood preservations and other remodeling and repair wastes properly. Do not dump them into drains and waterways as these would flow into our lake.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.284 - Thank You

Dear Residents,

Thank you.

Thank you very much for the assistance and good care of your hands in keeping the garden clean and beautiful for the year 2009.

Keep up the spirit of responsibilities and cooperation of good Samaritans and we know the spirit is with you residents ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you again from all Committee Members of The Bandar Botanic Residents Association.