Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.108 - The Ecological system in Bandar Botanic (retention) Lake

The Ecological system in Bandar Botanic (retention) Lake Early signs of environmental damage and recovery.
Green sea weeds in our lake are in fact ecological friendly as they produce abundance of oxygen for the fishes. But throughout time, pollutants like oil, households chemicals like detergents, soaps, curry and sauces, are being trapped by them and they die. When the sea weeds die off, they need to be removed away or else these oil will gradually grow to large patches and damage the environment of the lake.

Most Bandar Botanic residents are becoming increasingly aware that the natural environment is fragile. Some are beginning to regain an understanding of the importance of respecting the trees & plants, the water and the earth. We realize it will not be easy to restore these values – but are we headed down the right path?

The news media have reported on many instances of environmental changes affecting man, animal & fish life, often as a result of pollutants from human activities. Recent News reports in other (retention) lakes areas in the country have focused on declines of birds and fish because of oil, pollutants and disease, fish contaminated with pollutants that may cause cancer and reproductive disorders.

These events may be omens that other forms of life, including people, could become threatened if environmental conditions continue to worsen. But how much worse must conditions be before wildlife and human life are in danger? Or are they in danger already?

Clearly, better methods are needed to predict the probability of future environmental and health problems based on present evidence. Information too could guide environmental regulators like us and decision makers in taking actions in time to minimize damage to the environment and human health.

Residents of Bandar Botanic, please take heed that unless we residents become proactive and collectively ensure that we ourselves do not pollute the retention pond through our own selfish acts and pursue to tell others to help us in ensuring the cleanliness of our environment, we residents will bear the blunt and stink of a polluted retention pond surrounded by a badly maintained environment and neighborhood.

REMEMBER THE FIRST STEP STARTS WITH US, THE RESIDENTS. All forms of contributions, assistance and help will be most welcome by the Bandar Botanic
Residents Association (BBRA).

Sunday, 26 April 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.107 - Open Dialogue between the Police and the residents of Bandar Botanic.

Dear Residents,
The Splendour of the Police Force -
at the Bandar Botanic Open Dialogue between the Police and residents of Bandar Botanic on 24th April,2009 at Town Hall, at 8.30pm.

Matters brought up and discussed were:
Heavy vehicles parked indiscriminately at homes.
Heavy vehicles parked indiscriminately at highways.
Polis Pondok fencings to be partially opened up within a month.
Police to work alongside MPK Enforcing units to bring peace ar the lake.
Drugs and gangsters cases can be reported at the police pondok.
Illegal racings and mat rampit
BBRA monthly meeting with the Police can be made in weekly meeting to gather information.

The following persons brought up the issues:
Mr Jacob Mathews (Vice President)
Mr Ng Seen See (Secretary)
Mr Ben Phang(Committee Member-Jenaris)
Mr Ong HC (Asst Secretary)
Mr Rajan Member BBRA
A Resident

BBRA member Mr Rajan brought up some issues.

Vice President Mr Jacob Methews brought up some issues

BBRA Asst Secretary Mr Ong HC brought up some issues.

BBRA Committee member Mr Ben Phang speaks

BBRA Secretary Mr Ne Seen San speaks

Residents of Bandar Botanic listening patiently.

BBRAeNEWS No.106 - The Official Opening of the Botanic Polis Pondok.

Dear Residents,
Here it is -
The Official Opening of the Bandar Botanic Police Pondok on 24th April,2008 (Friday) at 10.00am.

BBRA President En Nor Halim with ACP Muhammad.
Discussions with Newspapers reporters.
Tea Time with police officers and BBRA oficers.
Photo sessions with Police Officers
Photo sessions with Police Officers and BBRA Committees.
Photo take for rememberences
All the Top Poilice and Gamuda Managers

Smoke screen display by the Police.

Gamuda and Police.
The Light Horse Brigade.

All the visitors to the opening ceremony.