Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.91 - They Dare To Dream.

They Dare To Dream.
Andrew Sum
On 30th March,2009 a good resident Encik Azli ask in the BBRAeNEWS No.85 whether he dares to dream about the Persiaran Botanic round-about opening up.

Well, it is no longer a dream any more. It has become a reality and the developer after the BBRA-TMO-MPK-Police Tour of the Lake Meeting on 28th March,09 , has finally realize the sensibility of this access and listens to the wishes of the residents of Bandar Botanic. This morning I took some pictures of the excess from Botanic to Jaya Jusco. The road from the Bandar Botanic to the Jaya Jesco has been opened. The excess from Jaya Jusco to Botanic round-about would be opened up after some road constructions. This was one of the issue discussed in the Meeting.

The Tour of the Lake Meeting started at about 1030 am in the morning at TMO Office at Ambang Botanic with a Close Door Discussions. After the Close Door Discussions which ends at about 1.30pm, TMO provided some buggy rides to all the participants from 1.40pm to 2.30pm to visit the various sites discussed. The meeting was a success.

This time, for the Tour of the Lake Discussions, BBRA Committee came fully and professionally prepared, with me preparing in advance (10 booklets x 15 pages each) containing a total of 45 pictures each booklet of the Bandar Botanic regions, each with a brief descriptions besides each picture. As I cannot attend the meeting due to my unapproved annual leave, this is my small contribution.

The followings were discussed and brought up. In the words of Mr John Lim:
John Lim said... We had a good meeting with MPK, TMO, Police, Alam Flora. Many issues were brought up for discussion under 4 main headings,
1. Environment
2. Security
3. Alam Flora
4. General
The point to note is that we are aware of who is responsible for what. As such, we can monitor the performance of the parties concern. As actions speaks louder that words, BBRA will ensure the implementation of the issues discussed.To be fair to the various parties, they did do their share of responsibilities abit not publicized.

Environment: the lake is TMO to maintain until the propose handover end of this year.

Landscape/grass cutting is MPK and we dish out the infrequency (contracted t do so twice monthly), clean up after cutting, replanting, maintaining of dead and dying plants, etc. MPK acknowledge that some of its contractor are not doing their job and BBRA is to be the watch-dog to inform them and contractor payment will be withhold.

Amenities under TMO such lightnings, curb will be handled by them.

Playground is under MPK and yearly they spent millions to repair in Klang. Budget is tight but due to wear and tear, yes.

Vandalism - tough lah. More tong sampah (40 I think).

Patrolling by the police - Pondok Polis to open end of April. Vacant land to get horded to, provision for lorries to park outside of the housing area, etc, etc.

Blocks to prevent illegal u-turn at the dual-carriage way. Open the road to and coming from JJ.

Nursery entrance to be relocated.

IWk to do the conceal drainage cleaning. Also the filters to the park now under TMO, MPK know the points and will handle after it handover. Notice, end of the lake at Phase 6, it is so clean. Used to have thick layer of oil and debris but TMO clean it up for our tour. Yeap, TMO boleh!

Gentlemen, I must thank the committees for handling the questions with me. We went into the specific and ascertain who is responsible for what. We do not want general or random questioning that go no where and no one is pin pointed as responsible. My colleagues concluded this is the best meeting with the authorities we have had. Now, action plan. With this minutes, if no implementation we will go to higher authorities.

(Committee Member Mr Jacob Thomas is still processing the Minutes of the Meeting. It will be handed over to the various authorities for acknowledgement and acceptance. Once the Authorities acknowledged, BBRA will post it up immediately.)

BBRAeNEWS No.90 - Back To Former Glory.

Back to Former Glory & Beauty.
Not Yet! Much has been said and done, it looks like the developer has finally heeded the residents' voices and revert the area back to its original beauty. However the concrete cement divider is still there.
Picture taken today. The grass has grown back.

Picture taken today.

A cruel picture taken few months ago, before the residents raised their voices.

In the words of Mr John Lim:

John Lim said...
Regarding to post 77, the entourage (Tour of central lake) stop to inspect the area. Earlier MPK had mentioned that they have ticked off the house owner and he has planted carpet grass instead. We told MPK that the concrete divided has to go because it give the image of private property. MPK will take action on this. The land is public area.


aka BBRA Klang
contributed by A Member

Bandar Botanic Klang has more than 3,000 double-storey houses in Phase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 and the gated Phase 9. Phase 7 & 8 has yet to be developed. Including the low and medium cost apartments, it is estimated, Bandar Botanic has more than15,000 residents and this figure does not include residents in Ambang Botanic, the shop houses in Botanic East, Botanic West and Botanic Capital.
A township of this size warrants a residents' association to take care of residents needs, resolve problems and mitigate issues with Authorities and the Developer. Above all, the association will be a common platform and gathering for residents to meet, voice their opinions and develop good neighborliness. Here in Bandar Botanic, we have the Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Botanic Klang or BBRA Klang or Bandar Botanic Residents Association.
In comparison with many other residents association, BBRA Klang can be considered a young one. It was established in the second half of 2005 by several dedicated residents and the 1st Committee was headed by Mr. Elan Perumal, a journalist. Mr. Elan and his Committee were instrumental in the formation of BBRA Klang and its Constitution. Many activities were undertaken and problems related to its formative years were resolved. In March 2007, Mr. John Lim, a pastor, took over the leadership and with his committee they continued with the association's work, albeit on a quiet manner. For there is no glory or reward in community work, just the personal satisfaction when results are achieved.

BBRA Klang will soon be having its 5th Annual General Meeting, tentatively scheduled on Sunday 19th April, 2009 where members will elect new Office Bearers and Committee Members to attend to the affairs of the association for another 2 years. Our Bandar Botanic community in general and BBRA Klang in particular will need delegated and responsible residents, past and present office bearers and committee members included, to fill in the following positions.

1) President
2) Deputy President
3) Secretary
4) Assistant Secretary
5) Treasurer
6) Minimum 6 Committee Members
traditionally 2 representatives from each Phase

Needless to say, residents must first apply to be a member of the association in order to attend the AGM and be part of the process in selecting the new office bearers and committee members. All residents of Bandar Botanic are qualify to be a member of BBRA Klang. There is still time to join as a member. Contact any of the current committee members for the application forms. If we care for our family, our community and our neighborhood, then it is only right that we show we really care and be part of the BBRA Klang Family.

Monday, 30 March 2009


Following the submissions of more than 20 objection letters and emails against the 5 kindergartens and child care centers in Precint Jenaris, Majlis Perbandaran Klang had replied in a letter dated 19th March, 2009 (post marked 25th March, 2009) the contents as follow:-

Kindergartens and/or Child Care Centers.
1) Only 1 center, that is Tadika Krista of No.10, Jalan Jenaris 1 is licensed and has been operating for 3 years.
2) Pusat Perniagaan IQ MRC of No.2, Jalan Jenaris 2 has no license. Application under process but operating for 1 year.
3) Tadika Jaya Suria of No.51, Jalan Jenaris 1 has no license. Application under process but operating for 8 months.
4) Pusat Jagaan Kids Oasis of No.1, Jalan Jenaris 5 and No.1, Jalan Jenaris 6. Both operating for 1 month. Has a license addressed at Bukit Tinggi and in process of transfering the license to new address.
5) Tadika Senyum Manis of No.1, Jalan Jenaris 8 just completed renovation and not yet in operation. Claim to possess a license in a neighboring premise.

MPK confirmed that notices have been issued to the 5 unlicensed centers by Jabatan Perancang Bandar, Jabatan Bangunan and Jabatan Pelesenan.

MPK confirmed that the matter had been refered to Mesyuarat Semakan Setempat (OSC) on 5th March, 2009 and the meeting decided that all applications for kindergarten licenses (for those yet to be approved) is hereby rejected and court action will be instituted.

This is a strong decision and we must all be watchful that no politicians and/or interested parties quietly change the decision. For those who have submitted their objection letters, please remain adamant. To those who opposed these centers, please submit your objection letters. We need more objection letters to cement the decision for good.

BBRA will have to insist that all these unlicensed or yet to be licensed centers stopped all operations with immediate effect.
Monday, March 30, 2009 5:13 PM

This morning and again this afternoon, I went around the neighborhood in Precint Jenaris, Bandar Botanic, Klang and was shocked that all five centers were operating, albeit the recent one was opened for registration. IT IS APPARENT THAT ALL THESE CENTERS ARE NOT HEEDING THE NOTICES ISSUED BY M.P.K. AND IT IS VERY CLEAR THAT MORE STRINGENT ACTIONS NEED TO BE TAKEN BY M.P.K. TO IMMEDIATELY STOP ALL THESE CENTERS FROM OPERATING.

Despite highlighting these unlicensed and illegal centers in the press, The Malay Mail, the owners and operators of these properties and centers do not care a damn about the law and continue violating and circumventing our existing laws. Imagine what the children at these centers will learn so early in their life - challenge the authorities and violate the law.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.86 - Beware of Strays Dogs.

Dear Residents,
Beware of Stray Dogs.
-edited by Andrew Sum
Please be aware of some stray dogs at around the Kiara regions. These dogs are becoming a nuisance obstructing traffic and frightening people with their fierce menacing look.

I was around there this morning to buy newspaper and on the way back I happen to see an old Uncle resident who is having trouble walking due to some back problems. I got down from my car, approach the old uncle and told him to be careful and be aware that there are a pack of stray dogs at the Jalan Kiara. He says he lives near that area. However, he is unaware of the presence of the dogs.

Any early joggers also please be careful and do carry a stick or something for protection.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

BBRAeNews No.85 - The Highway of Emptiness.

Highway of Emptiness?
-re-edited by Andrew Sum

I would like to highlight the Highway build by Gamuda between Bukit Tinggi/Bandar Botanic.
It is sad that the developer has not live up to its responsibility of maintaining the good name and the trees that it planted to sell the houses. Maybe BBRA can have a word with the developer on the following,

1)Plant more trees and flowers along the newly built dual carriage road. Its so bare.
2)Redesign the U-Turns to discourage illegal U-turns.
3)Level the areas underneath the high tension towers.
4)Plant more trees and shrubs to cover and hide the rear of houses along the dual carriage road.

The developer will stand to gain for the above beautification works as they have future developments in Bandar Botanic, above all its good name as a developer.

A resident's comment: "Gamuda is supposedly the leader in highways, but when I look at BB roads I cannot help but think that it is a highly overrated statement. Pot holes everywhere, water ponds when it rains, awkward roundabouts, u-turns at weird locatios, it's amazing."

A resident's comment: "Persiaran Botanic might as well be called Persiaran Botakni as seen by its bareness. Bare of trees or plants. Don't tell me this dual-carriage road has been handed over to MPK. Compare with Bukit Tinggi or Ambang Botanic where fully grown trees lined the center and both sides of the roads.
Examples of Beautiful Highways in Bukit Tinggi, Ambang Botanic and Kesas Highway.
A picture of a beautiful highway in busy Bukit Tinggi.
A picture of a beautiful highway in Bukit Tinggi, near Giant Hypermarket.
A picture of a beautiful highway in Bukit Tinggi.
A picture of a beautiful highway in Bukit Tinggi.
A picture of a beautiful highway outside West Port.
A picture of a beautiful highway on the way to West Port
A picture of a beautiful highway on the way to West Port.
A picture of a beautiful highway on the way to West Port.
A picture of a highway on the way to West Port, behind Bandar Botanic.
A picture of the Kesas highway on the way to West Port.

A highway of a beautiful highway on the way to Ambang Botanic.
A Highway outside Ambang Botanic.
A beautiful picture of a highway at Ambang Botanic.
A picture of a beautiful highway on the way to Ambang Botanic.
A picture of a beautiful highway in Ambang Botanic.
A picture of a beautiful highway at entrance of Ambang Botanic.

Monday, 23 March 2009

BBRAeNews No.84 - Postponement of AGM

New AGM Date

New Date 19th April,2009
Time: 3.00pm
Venue: Multipurpose Hall, Bandar Botanic.
-Andrew Sum
I have received an email from Mr Ong the Secretary on the postponement of the AGM to a new date, and he apologies to all as the Financial Statement cannot be audited in time.

From: "Ong, HC (Klang)"

Dear All,
As per teleconversation with John this morning, we will postpone our AGM to Sunday, 19 April 2009 - this date is final, no more further postponement !
Andrew on copy, I will send you another Notice or Announcement on the AGM with the new date to be put on our Blog. Meanwhile, can you put up a Notice on the postponement of the AGM to 19 April 2009, and a message of apology to all BBRA Members stating that the reason for the postponement being the Financial Statement cannot be audited in time. Thank you.
Best Regards,H C Ong

Phone +603-3165 2328Fax +603-3165 2329Mobile +6019-231 8192Email

Sunday, 22 March 2009

BBRAeNews No.83 - Study Tour of the Central Park.

A Study Tour of the Central Park.
Dear Residents,
The Meeting on The Study Tour of Central Park of Bandar Botanic is confirmed for the followings:

Date: 28th March, 2009
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Bandar Botanic Central Park (Parcel A)

The following authorities will be present:
Officers and Inspector from the Police Department
Authorities from Jabatan Tanah
Authorities from Jabatan Bangunan
Authorities from Alam Flora
Authorities from Kejuruteraan
Authorities from Penguatkuasa MPK
Authorities from TMO

However, as this is a Close Door Meeting as confirmed by Mr Goo Chee Kang of TMO, only a limited number of selected BBRA Committee members are invited for the meeting at the TMO Office in Ambang Botanic, where all papers facts will be presented. Thereafter, all will be taken for a Buggy ride rounding the Central Lake region for a site tour and more physical facts presented.

After the meeting, TMO will then together with the other authorities and BBRA put out an Action Plan to pursue the relevant objectives.

However, I have spoken to Mr Goo Chee Kang this morning and an Open Dialogue Sessions will be held on another day with the residents of Bandar Botanic. This is due to only 5-6 buggies are available.

Friday, 20 March 2009


It look like the Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral manager Mr Vinutharajan is trying to keep delaying coming out with the draft contract and gives excuses. In order to keep the residents informed of what is going on, I will post below reminders send to Mr Vinut by Ben.

Dear Andrew dated 20th March,09 Today.
My mail to Vinutharajan on 18th March making 1 final attempt for him to submit the draft contract by 20th March, which is today.

Letter of Reminder from Ben to Vinut dated 18th March,09
Dear Vinutharajan,

I have already sms you twice, with copy to John, requesting you to read your mail and respond but regretably till todate you have yet to do so despite promising to submit the draft on 8th March for the sub-committee's reading.

You are aware we wanted to submit the proposal to the main committee to have at least time to announce this contract at the AGM but your continued procastination have now make it very difficult to achieve the target. Nevertheless we still look forward to a respond from you within the next few days, hopefully before Friday, 20th March, 2009.

Thank you.
Letter from Venut Reply to Ben dated 4th March,2009
From: Vinutharan Nagulan <>Date: Mar 4, 2009 10:39 AM
To: Benjamin Phang <> Dear Mr. Benjamin Phang.I know i have delayed in the process of coming up with the draft of contract and im very sorry about it as it is not me alone handling the contracts but i have to get instructions on the contents of the contract from my superiors as well. I do understand your urgency in this matter and i strongly affirm you that the draft would be ready this sunday 8th March. Thank you sir.
Letter From Ben to Venut dated 2, March,2009.
From: Benjamin Phang <>To: Vinutharajan - KSS <>Cc: Steven Chia <>; Ng Seen San <>; Ong Hai Ching <>; Andrew Sum <>; Jacob Mathews <>; Nor Halim Ahmad <>Sent: Monday, March 2, 2009 9:41:45
To : Vinutharajan
cc : Security Sub-Com Members

I am not attempting to answer Andrew's question as you should be answering this question and many more questions that paying residents have been raising for quite some time. There are many grey areas that needed rectification. I am concern that Sentral's continued avoidance of the residents concern will eventually result in negative impact on your security services.

I have emphasized to you on the urgent need to come out with a contract including professional indemnity policies which will address many of the questions and doubts prevalent among residents. As explained, I am confident with a contract in place, Sentral will gain positively by way of more residents contributing to the security fees.

Your meeting with the security sub-com was postponed last Wednesday (25th Feb) to a later date but regretably till today, you have yet to provide the draft copy of the contract for our comments and then subsequently to arrange for a meeting. You are aware I would like at least have this in place before the coming AGM schedule this month end. Please place a bit more urgency into this.

Thank you & Regards

BBRAeNEWS No.81 - The Security Sub-Committee.

Mr Vera, Madam Malathi and Mr Vinutharajan of KSS.
Ben, Steven Chia, Jacob Methews, Ng Seen San, Vinut.
Ben,Jacob Methews, Ng Seen San, Vera, Vinuthrajan.
Ben, Jacob Methews, Ng Seen San, Vera, Vinutharajan
The Security Sub-Commission.
-edited by Andrew Sum.
-per kind favour of Ben Phang.

One of the two MAJOR most pressing issues today is the Security Matters. (The other major issue being the Contamination of the Lake). Today, kindly allow me to touch on the Security Issue, as I feel it is high time all residents need to know. Sorry, I have been holding on to this up till now. Sorry Ben. Sorry Residents.

Ben Phang is no longer a committee member effective 5th January, 2009. He is currently the head of the sub-committee on security matters. The sub-committee was set up in January this year to draft out a contract between Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral and residents who are paying for security services. Such a contract will detail appointment, termination, mutual obligations, etc. The sub-committee hopes to submit a final draft to the main committee for its decision to recommend to residents. The draft is still in its infancy stage.On 11th February,09 a meeting was called to discuss the Security Matters in general. The request for attendance was addressed to
1. Vinutharajan – Kawalan Securty Sentral.
2. Steven Chia-Committee on Security Sub Committee
3. Jacob Mathews-Committee on Security Sub Committee
4. Ng Seen San – Committee on Security Sub Committee
5. Andrew Sum-Blog Administer(as guest)
6. Presents were also Vera and Madam Malathi of KSS.
The meeting was called to order at 8.15pm

Explanation on the Purpose of Calling for the Meeting.
Tonight the sub-committee meet with representatives from Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral (KSS), Vinutharajan, Vera and Md Malathi who is in charge of KSS Control Center.

The meeting started with Ben explaining in detail the function and role of the sub-committee and it was expressly clear to all present that day to day security problems and matters should be resolved at each individual phase respectively. The aim of the sub-com is to commence anew and concentrate into coming up with a contract between KSS and residents endorsed by BBRA, a liability and professional indemnity policy and a benchmark detailing the number and quality of guards, the costs and collections, etc. Vinut of KSS will forward to us a draft by mail to all before 2 weeks for study and the sub-con will meet on Wed 25th Feb. Meanwhile all comments on the draft can be through mail before the sub-com meet.

During other matters, several issues were raise by Jacob Mathews and Steven Chia. All agreed that these issues to be discussed at the respective phase meetings with KSS individually. Vinut praise Phase 1 (Cassia) for a well organised team of road representatives. He hope other phases will follow this exemplary team thus providing better platform to iron out and resolve problems relating to security matters.

The meeting was adjorned at 10.00pm.

The Function of the Security Sub-Committee
-per kind favour from Ben

Dear Mr. Vinutharajan,

I have copy this mail to 1 committee member from each phase.

Please be duly reminded that the function of the Sub-Committee is to discuss and establish a good working relationship and understanding for security matters generally involving the whole of Bandar Botanic, presently covering Phase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. The Sub-Committee is not empowered to finalised any matters with KSS and is to recommend all matters for final determination by the main Committee of BBRA.

It is also important to establish that all day to day matters involving each respective phase is to be handled directly with the Committee Member of that Phase and their respective phase representatives. For your information, the Committee Members for the respective phasses are as follow:-

1) Phase 1 (Cassia) : Mr. Steven Chia 019-3570930
2) Phase 2 (Kiara) : Mr. John Lim 016-2730400
Mr. Ng Seen San 012-3995423
Mr. Charlie Lim
3) Phase 3 (Bidara) Mr. Ong Hai Ching 019-2318192
4) Phase 4 (Jenaris) Mr. Jacob Thomas 012-3541252
5) Phase 5 (Bungor) Mr. Jacob Mathews 012-2020369
Dr. Jayaraman 019-3816956
6) Phase 6 (Angsana) En Nor Halim 019-3172779

I list below the Agenda for the meeting between BBRA Sub-Committee and Kawalan Security Sentral
at No. 26, Jln Jenaris 8 at 8pm on Wed, 11th February 2009.


1) To finalise all earlier matters discussed and agreed.
2) To establish a Contract
3) Liability & Professional Indemnity Policy
4) Benchmarking - Number of Guards vs Collections
5) Other Matters

As space will be limited to a maximum of 9 persons, that is 2 from KSS and 1 rep from each phase (6) and myself, it would be appreciated that the respective phase email me the particulars of the person that will be attending. For KSS, I assume it will be your goodself and Mr Veera.

Thank you and Regards

Ben Phang
There has been totally no progress in the draft security contract as Mr. Vinutharan of Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral seem to be busy in Malacca lately. Despite assuring me he will send over the draft contract by 8th March, he has todate not done so and fail to respond to my mails and 2 sms.With the fast approaching AGM, I guess I will submit a no progress report to the main committee and sign off as the head of the sub-committee for security by Monday 23rd March. You can be sure I will make serious recommendations to review the security situation in Bandar Botanic.I am very disappointed over the poor attitute of Vinut/KSS and will leave it to the incoming committee to decide on the next course of action.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.80 - A Brief History of BBRA Committees.

A Brief History.
-Edited by Andrew Sum
-Per Kind Favour of Ben Phang
(With Consultation to Secretary Ong)
Ben Phang is no longer a committee member. As to the other committee members, Charlie & Ng were recently seconded into the committee. Halim was responsible to set up the BBRA website until he later suggested blogging and that was when Andrew Sum came in as administrator. Steven is also seconded into the committee after the Phase 1 representative resigned. Ong is from Phase 3 while his partner, Raveen had resigned much earlier. Jabob Mathew despite his busy schedule overseas makes an attempt to blog in recently while his partner from Phase 5, Dr. Jaya is a lecturer and recently seconded in. Thana from Phase 6 after pursueing the security matter vigorously resigned due to some unforeseen circumstances.
There you have it ... from the original list,
1) President -
John Lim
2) Deputy President - Arumugam (resigned 2008)
3) Secretary - Teh Chuan Huat (resigned 2007)
4) Asst. Secretary - Ong HC (took over secretary job)
5) Treasurer - Andrew (P1) resigned immediately after elected March 2007
post taken over by CM-P6 Thanapalan resigned 2008
post taken over by CM-P4 Jacob Thomas
6) CM-P1 Richard Tan (appointed & resigned 2007)
7) CM-P2 Dato' Gopi (resigned 2007)
8) CM-P2 Rajan (resigned 2007)
9) CM-P3 Raveen (resigned 2008)
10) CM-P4 Benjamin (resigned 2009)
11) CM-P4 Jacob Thomas (appointed Treasurer)
12) CM-P5
Jacob Mathew
13) CM-P5 Dr. Jaya (appointed 2008)
14) CM-P6
Nor Halim
15) CM-P6 Thanapalan (resigned 2008)
16) CM-P2 Selvaraj - appointed and resigned 2008
17) CM-P2 Ng Seen San - appointed 2008
18) CM-P2 Charlie Lim (John's brother) appointed 2008
19) CM-P1 Steven Chia - appointed 2007(amended)

Of the original 5+8=13 committee members elected, only 5 remained plus the 4 newly appointed, the committee now only has 9 members.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Dear Mr President.

Subject: Seeking a Meeting with Gamuda Land COO
Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 6:14 PM
Dear Mr President,
Dear John,

I am trying to help out on the issues of Bandar Botanic.

As of today, I have managed to get Gamuda Land higher management involved in our fight to make Bandar Botanic a better place for us to live in. I have managed to contact Gamuda Land COO. This is not the Bandar Botanic Township Management COO, but the Gamuda COO. I have actually informed him about our situation here in Bandar Botanic.

Good news is, he is very concern about the situation in Bandar Botanic. He is also willing to meet up with us but I need to provide him information first. The information required will be those of Bandar Botanic Township Management commitments which are not fulfilled. If there are meeting minutes, and the rest of the information which could eventually supposed to be of Bandar Botanic Township Management responsibility but not fulfilled will be good information. I need to provide him all this info ASAP. Only with such info and after he do his homework, then only he will meet up with us. Are you willing to assist me in providing this information?


Sunny Ho
From: "Andrew Sum"
To: "BBRA-John LimPresident"
Cc: ""
Wednesday, March 18, 2009 9:47 PM
Dear Mr President John,

Mr Sunny is here to help us Bandar Botanic. Can you discuss with your Committee and come up with a list of things undone so that Mr Sunny can on-forward to Gamuda and an arrangements can be made as soon as possible.

Thank you very much,
Andrew Sum
Dear Residents,
Can we residents too, and committee members of BBRA, join hands together and list out what are the things that the Bandar Botanic Township Management commitments failed to do and are not fulfilled , so that one of our good resident Mr Sunny can present it to Gamuda Land Higher Authority. A meeting can then be arranged.
Let us all joint hands to help Sunny out.
Andrew Sum

Monday, 16 March 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.78 - Gamuda, your Illegal U-Turns are becoming popular.

Gamuda, your Illegal U-Turns are becoming popular.
Monday, March 16, 2009 3:30 PM
"" To:
"Gamudaland-Peter Quah"
Cc: "BBRA-John LimPresident"
To: The Developer Gamuda Harum Initisari - Attn: Mr Peter Quah
cc: The President & Committee, BBRA
Dear Sir,

Re: Your Illegal U-Turns are becoming popular.
As a resident, I already notice that the newly constructed U-Turns on the highway between Bukit Tinggi and Bandar Botanic are becoming more popular nowadays. A lot of residents are taking the illegal U-Turns.

One resident, a lady driver who use to send his children to a Child Care Center in Bukit Tinggi complained to me that one day she almost got into an accident when a Mini School Bus loaded with school children, suddenly brakes in front of her car and change direction into the illegal U-Turns after Jenaris entrance.

In one afternoon, in just about 10 minutes, I parked my car and counted not less than 10 vehicles making the illegal U-Turns across the Jenaris Junction.

One of my friend, who now lives in Bukit Tinggi but still holds dear to Bandar Botanic as he still owns a link-house in the township says that once it was a beautiful town but now is deteriorating. One such reason as the Illegal U-Turns.

A Police Woman friend told me that the Traffic Summon for making an illegal U-Turn is $150.00 ringgit. A plea with the Police Inspector will help reduce the fine to $100.00. It is still not worthwhile to loose $100 ringgit just by not going further a few hundred yards for the next legal U-Turn.

Only the Developer can solve this by redesigning the U-Turns or by placing concrete block at the other half of the U-Turn to discourage motorists.

Can the Developer turn a blind-eye to this U-Turns?

With Regards,
Andrew Sum,

Dear Residents, Be careful because the next time it would not me stopping there and taking photographs of the Illegal U-turnings. The Next time, it would be the Long Arm of The Law.
It is therefore not worth while isn't ?