Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 28 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.122 - Barriers and Barricades to stop motorcycles.

Barriers and Barricades to stop motorcycles.
(Contributed by A Resident from Phase 6)


Below is a clipping of today's article in NST's Street's section. It features the use of Barriers and Barricades to stop the menace of motorcycles entering side lanes to prevent snatch thefts and muggings. It was erected by the Bangsar Baru Residents Association (also BBRA). We would like to highlight it as a measure that we can adopt for our Park to prevent crazy motorcyclist from using the park as a race track.

No barrier to residents' joy
2009/05/25 The New Straits Times - Dawn Chan

KUALA LUMPUR: The barricades are up in Bangsar Baru and residents are happy with them.
The Bangsar Baru Residents Association (BBRA) has given City Hall a pat on the back for responding swiftly to their request to put up the barriers at the side lanes to prevent snatch thefts and muggings.Association honorary secretary Prem Kumar Nair said City Hall workers started installing the barriers early last week, a mere two months after the association came up with the proposal.A total of four side lanes connecting Jalan Telawi and Jalan Terasek 4 are no longer accessible to traffic. Streets had reported on April 9 about plans to turn Bangsar Baru, one of the city's most popular neighbourhoods, into a tightly-guarded and gated community.The move, which includes the closure of some of the lanes, has been proposed as one of the ways to curb snatch thefts and muggings in the area, especially in the side lanes and back lanes around the busy Jalan Telawi business centre.The BBRA security committee had put forward four proposals to combat the rising crime rate following discussions between the police and residents.The other proposals include having an additional permanent closure of the entry point into Jalan Telawi 7 and 8 and Lorong Terasek Kanan from Jalan Telawi. It was suggested that gantries should be installed with guards manning them round the clock. The committee also proposed barricading eight entry points in Jalan Terasek, Jalan Terasek 7 and 8, and Jalan Telawi 6, 7, 8 and 9, with gantries placed at each of these entry points, including one in Lorong Terasek Kanan.There were, however, concerns that some of the proposals would cause further traffic congestion and add to the parking woes in the area.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.121 - Concrete walls to deter motorcyclists.

Dear Residents,
On 11,May,2009, we have written to Mr Goo of Gamuda to request them to block off the entrances and bridges to deter motorcycles from entering.
On 27th May,2009, Mr Goo and his managements were at the sites for some inspections, and to study on our request.

In the words of our Vice President Mr Jacob Mathews:Attached are the few pictures of meeting held at the BB park by senior office bears from TMO and MPK at 1030 am today. I was curious about the gathering and joined the discussion on behalf of BBRA. This meeting was the result our letter to TMO for blocking the bridges and entrances for motor cycles. Also can be considered as follow up from the last BBRA meeting with TMO and MPK.
Initially MPK was concerned about the movement of wheel chair for handicap people. Later after open discussion for a while, the MPK and TMO had close discussion to conclude the meeting at the park. I am not sure what was the out come.
On behalf of BBRA, I have insisted the 2 extreme ends must be blocked for motor cycle movements. I think, both parties gathered there may not have enough xxxx to implement the our suggestion. We are posting these pictures in our blog with above information for residents awareness.
Jacob Mathews, Vice President-BBRA
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 2:55 PM
What our letter dated 11th May,2009 to Mr Goo of TMO says:

Hi Mr Goo Chee Kang,
Property Management,
Harum Intisari Sdn.Bhd.
Monday, May 11, 2009 2:29 PM
Dear Mr Goo,

Re: BBRA's request to bult a concrete wall at the western end of the lake and bollards at the 3 bridges. These is with reference to the Minutes of the Lake Meeting on 28th March,2009 with the relevant authorities.

With reference to my friendly visit and our cordial conversation pertaining to the above issues on 7th May,09 at 0900 hrs , I on behalf of BBRA would be like to request TMO on the followings:

1) To Construct a Concrete Wall.
To construct a concrete wall 2 feet high (1 feet would be too low) at western end of the lake, to deter motorcyclist from entering the path-walkway. Since you are constructing a 2 feet high concerete wall, I think that it is not necessary for an open entrance with a double horizontal iron bars. Instead, a better idea would be to built a few concrete steps at the concrete wall for citizens from the flats area to walk over. This would save extra costs on the horizontal iron bars.
2) To construct concrete bollards at the northern and southern ends of the 3 bridges.

To construct concrete bollards to deter motorcyclists from crossing from the northern side of the bridge to the southern side of the bridges. This would ensure the safety of the residents who uses the 3 bridges.

On behalf of the BBRA, we wish to thank you for your good cooperations and hope the above two items can be fulfilled by TMO.
Andrew Sum-Blog Administer-BBRA.

BBRAeNEWS No.120 - Opening Burning

Open Burning in Klang
Dear Residents,
One of our residents have complained on the Open Burning and it has appeared in the Press - The Malay Mail.

The Malay Mail – Wednesday, 27 May,2009, Hotline section.

LIM wonders why the Klang Municipal Council is not acting against rampant open burning in the area, especially during the current dry season. "I hope that something can be done to stop the rampant open burning in the south of Klang, in particular around or in the vicinity of Kg Johan Setia, Kg Jawa and Kg Kebun areas."
Due to the open burning, he says several areas that are heavily polluted by smog include Bandar Puteri, Bukit Rimau, Kota Kemuning, Bandar Botanic, Bandar Bukit Tinggi and Taman Sentosa.
"Numerous complaints have been made with the Department of Environment, the Klang council, the Selangor State government and Fire and Rescue Department. But the situation remains the same. "We claim that Selangor is a developed State. We blame Indonesia for the yearly haze. But it seems that the haze is clearly from our own south of Klang!"
He hopes the authorities can act soon to address the problem. "As a resident in BandarBotanic, it is possible the lives of my family members may have been cut short by a considerable number of years because we have no choice but to inhale smoke, day and night. My only hope is that somehow the entire Kg Johan Setia area can be redeveloped into a clean and green environment.”
A KLANG Municipal Council spokesman says - the council's staff had acted upon receiving complaints of open burning in the areas stated. “We rushed to the areas where there were open burning activities and found that the fire had spread to dry bushes in the area as well.”The spokesman adds that the Fire and Rescue Department was alerted to the situation and the fire was put out soon after to prevent it from spreading. He urged the public to contact the council directly or the Fire and Rescue Department on fires spotted or any open burning being conducted.

BBRAeNEWS No.119 - 2 Exciting Benefits for Selangor Citizens.

Two Exciting Benefits for Selangor Citizens!
From the Selangor State Government. (Updated!)

Babies born 01 Jan 2009 onwards eligible to apply to the Selangor Govt. for an account to be opened.
RM100 will be given to TAWAS account holder for investment purpose and it will accumulate according to investment return with an estimate of RM1,500 returned to the individual account holder at the age of 18 yrs.
a) Either mother/father’s IC with code ‘10’ in the middle or
b) Lived in Selangor for more than 10 yrs.
a) IC of both parents
b) Baby’s birth cert & MyKid Card


From 01 Oct 2008 onwards – All Selangor citizens aged 60+
can register for Mesra Usia Emas Scheme, where upon death, the beneficiary is entitled to RM2,500 for funeral expenses
a) At any Pakatan Rakyat Selangor state assemblyman's office, with 2 copies of beneficiary’s IC.
a) Those who stayed more than 15 years in Selangor can also apply, but IC must show Selangor address(i.e. Those born in other states.)
a) Within 7 days, RM1,000 to be paid
b) Within 90 days, RM1,500 to be paid


For further details please logon to:
Check out the nearest location to you for registration of the above benefits with the above web site

Monday, 25 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.118 -Tong Shing Thian Temple at PT126544

Dear Residents,
We wish to highlight to residents so that they are aware of the MPK Notice Board on a piece of Bandar Botanic Land being allocated for the building of a Chinese Temple . MPK has received an application by a religious association from PERTUBUHAN PENGANUT TONG SHING THIAN, of Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam to build a Rumah Ibadat bukan Islam (Tokong - 1 unit).

Location: Near the border of the park towards Phase 6 and the row of shop houses.

This notice which states that if no objection is filed within 21 days of notice (4hb Mei 2009), then the said Temple will proceed as plan.

(BBRA IS NEUTRAL and is not against nor support for any religious places of worship.)

Monday, 18 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.117 - Meeting with Charles Santiago.

Meeting with Charles Santiago.
Contributed by BBRA
A meeting was organised by Member of Parliament for Klang, YB Charles Santiago on 17th May (Sunday) for representatives of resident associations in Klang to have a dialogue with representatives from M.P.K., Police, J.K.R., Syabas, Alam Flora, Indah Water and several Councillors (5).

Those present included,

1) M.P.K. - En Mohd Zahid, Setiausaha dan Timbakan YDP
- Puan Norfizah, PRO (H/P 012-2303781) Email

2) Police - Supt. Chong
- ASP Chang Song Tar (H/P 012-287 1411)

3) Councillors - Mr. Tee Boon Hock (H/P 019-3329092) Email
(Bandar Botanic under his kawasan)

Mr. Ang Mah Chye (H/P 019-6629146) Email
(Pandamaran under his kawasan

Many matters were raise to the authorities concerned and there were fair exchange of views and problem solving.

Representing BBRA were Selvaraj, Choo and Ben. We raise 2 matters concerning the activities (nursery and cow farm) underneath the high tension wire which MPK reconfirmed that no licenses were issued and the matter should be referred to Pejabat Tanah for further action. The second matter was the unlicensed kindergartens and child care centers which Mr. Tee Boon Hock said that the matter had been referred to the State Government. These centers had appealed to YB Tuan Ronnie Liu and since it has been referred to the State, Mr. Tee Boon Hock claimed to let the state deal with the matter.

Ben told the meeting that MPK had in an official reply to BBRA mentioned that the OSC (One Stop Center) had decided that none of the yet to be licensed centers will have their licenses considered. Ben further added that MPK had a rule requiring any 2nd center to be sited more than 200 meter radius from a licensed one (Tadika Kristal at No. 10, Jenaris 2) and in this respect none of the yet to be licensed qualified. Ben then expressed his appreciation to MPK for discharging their duties in accordance to its rules and regulations and without fear or favor. Our only concern is the tolak ansur attitude and or political consideration or interference resulting in the continued operation of these unlicensed centers. YB Charles Santiago had voiced his concern and support on the non interference.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.116 - CRIME WATCH - Suspicious slow moving car.

From the Desk of A Resident.
Dear Residents,

The Truth.
This morning my lovely neighbours looks out of their window and saw a modified white car moving very slowing around the neighbourhood Jenaris Precint around 9.30am (Saturday 16th May,09) and immediately sms to me:

"Pls contact botanic guard or whoever, to inform one modified car, white colour, number AAA XXXX or XXXX. This car keep surrounding our housing area with a super slow speed. Be alert of this car who surrounding around."

I immediately contact Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral, as well as my bosses in the BBRA (The President and Vice President & Other Committee members). Then I took a drive back home from my office and wrote out the suspected car's registration number on pieces of papers and passed to the guards at the Jenaris and Angsana Precint. Already the guards told me they have received the numbers via Walkie Talkie from their Center, and have already sent their fellow members to rounds all the areas. Even one guard (on his rounds signing the Clock in Book at another resident's house) which I stopped to pass on the information, told me that this should be the correct way. All residents must be alert and proactive to inform them of anything suspicious. They need residents support and information too and fast. He thank me for informing him. He says he is already aware with calls from his HQ.

Later my BBRA Vice President Jacob Mathews inform me at about 11.50pm that the KKS Mr Veera have located the suspected car and is found to belong to a resident of Bandar Botanic. He then told me to ignore the alert, but continue vigilant for suspicious car moving in Bandar Botanic.

It is a Wild Goose Chase after all - but how are we to know it is another resident's car and why it is slowly circulating around our houses behaving very suspiciously. Is it possible that a thief could have stolen a neighbour's car? Or is it possible that all of a sudden after all these years, the residents suddenly wants to admire the other residents' houses. Crazy isn't. With all these houses break-ins recently, residents like us are apprehensive and fearful of strangers.

Personally, I have also sms a number of other residents around my areas as well as other Precints areas to inform their family to be alert.

I would consider this exercise "not a waste" as it serves to reminds us continue to be alert at all times not only for ourselves but also to our good and silent neighbours near and far.

I would like to advise all residents to be alert for suspicious cars like the case above. Do not care whether they are the real thieves or not, just call the Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral or BBRA Committees or the police and they will responds fast. In my case I call KKS and BBRA. The BBRA immediately also called KKS and the Police. You will not accuse of giving false information as it is an alert and you are doing your duty as a responsible resident. I believe the BBRA will support you and back you all the way. Give the KKS and the police some work. They loves catching the thieves. It's their duty.

The Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral Numbers are: 03-33748783 or 012-6333521

The BBRA Vice President(Mr Jacob Mathews):012-2020369

Be Alert Always

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.115 - Open Burning affecting Bandar Botanic residence with haze.

An Open Letter from a Resident to YB Charles office of MPK, with copy YB Ronnie Liu and to BBRA.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 8:46 AM

To: "mpklang" <>
Cc: "liu.ronnie" <>,
Dear Yang Berhormat Mr Charles,cc: YB Ronnie Liu,cc: Andrew Sum (Bandar Botanic Residents Association)

Hope all is well.

I write to you in hope that something can be done with the rampant open burning that has been taking place on a daily basis at early mornings at Kg Johan Setia and Kg Kebun, area in Klang. Since last week, the daily burning has started at around 5am and ends by 8am.Everyday as I traverse KESAS from Bandar Botanic to Petaling Jaya at 7am, a thick plume of smoke is visible at Kg Johan Setia.

Now that the dry spell is in, the situation has worsen as wind directions have blown the smoke to Bandar Botanic and its vicinity. It was so bad today that I woke up this morning thinking that my house was on fire. For your information, I have made a telephone report to En Azman, from DoE, at 8:15am this morning. He said he will look into the matter but could not promise any outcome.

Please help us and this state rid irresponsible farmers and plantations of open burning for good! The hazards that open burning causes to the environment may already be irreversible!

A Concern Bandar Botanic Resident

BBRAeNEWS No.114 - Letter from TMO to BBRA.

TMO reply to BBRA on
Over grown lallang in empty houses &
On going construction of Persiaran Botanic

Letter from Bandar Botanic Harum Intisari Sd.Bhd.
To Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Botanic,
attn: En Nor Halim(President),with cc to Andrew Sum.

7th May,2009

Dear Sir,
Reference is made to the above mentioned matters.

We have carried out site inspection and have sent reminder letters to the vacant houses owners to cut the lallangs. The house owners are also reminded to alway maintain thouse compound free.

Pertaining to the complaint that on Highway of Emptiness? Construction of the 2nd carriageway is still on going. Target of completion together with landscape works and existin road surfacing making good works is by June 2009.

Please be informed that our Consulting Engineer and MPK have taken into consideration traffic flow and junction distance for road safety.ore U-turns have already been incorporated for residents' convenience. Therefore, the U-turns are constructed according to MPK approved road & drains plan. Hence, following the traffic laws lies on the road users' attitude.

Leveling of the areas underneath the high-tension towers is our of Developer's scope as the transmission towers belong to TNB and the land underneath is under TNB eserved (state land).

Landscaping had already been provided at the 1st carriageway road shoulder behind the houses.

We hope the above clarifies the concern raised by residents of Bandar Botanic. Should you have further quiries, please contact our Cusomer Care at Tel:03-33233070.
Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Goo Chee Klang
Acting Manager

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.113 - Minutes of BBRA Committee Meeting on 23-4-2009.

Minutes of the 1st BBRA Committee Meeting(Session 2009- 2011) held at Multipurpose Hall on 23rd April 2009


President - Nor Halim
Vice President - Jacob Matthews
Secretary - Ng Seen San
Assistant Secretary - HC Ong
Treasurer - Jacob Thomas
Committee Members : Benjamin Phang, Jaya Kumar, Jayaraman Munusamy, Vincent Lim, Sobanababu, R. Selvaraj, Andrew Sum, Choo Keang Wooi
Absent with apologies : Tamilmaran, Nai Kun San, Lim Chin Beng.


Handover Ceremony for Outgoing Committee.
President’s Address.
Assignment of Portfolios.

The meeting was called to order at 845 pm with the president Nor Halim in the chair.
Summary of Discussion.
Handover Ceremony for Outgoing Committee.
President’s Address
Assignment of Portfolios

Legal, Constitution, Compliance – HC Ong
Security – Benjamin Phang
Membership – SS Ng and Jacob Thomas
Facilities and Landscape – KW Choo, Sobanababu, and KS Nai
Public Relations and Publications – Jaya Kumar
Sport and Recreation – Selvaraj and Jayaraman
Electronic Media –Vincent and Andrew

‘Complaints’ portfolio will be decided on later.
Other Matters were discussed.

There being no further matters, the meeting was adjourned at 1130pm.
The time and date for the next meeting is scheduled to be 830pm on the 14th of May 2009.

Minutes recorded by SS Ng

Monday, 11 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.112 - The Results of The Sunday Morning Walk and Talk.

The Results of the Sunday Morning Walk and Talk.
Just as the sayings goes “One small step on the moon, one giant leap for mankind”.
BBRA has taken the initiative to go down to meet the residents at ‘grass-roots’ level. This is the initial stage of the new 2009 BBRA Administration. A word of sincere thanks should also goes to Mr George and his team, who gave in a joint cooperative affort.
Let us hear more from the other Committees.

In the words of the President:
1) It was a good start. Even though the turn up is only around 20 people, but i can feel that some of them can be is our potential active BBRA members.
2) I agree with ben, the next walk can be done in the evening on saturday/sunday. We should encourage more committee to attend. even if not many resident turn up, the committee can bond better and discuss our activities during the walk.
3) Many topics were discussed and many suggestions has given by them as well. Mainly:
a) How to improve water quality and cleanliness of the surrounding
b) Erosion in some area
c) How to educate the resident about the kitchen discharge
d) Foreigners and public who are using the gazebos
e) Parking on the grass area
f) More events / communication channels to get more resident to know each other
4) One interesting fact I found from one of the P3 resident .Pls refer to photo attached. The benches from the gazebo was cut and taken away. He claimed that he saw a few indonesian cut it and he went to ask from the indon why they want to cut it. Apparently they were instructed by one of P3 resident, because he don't like the foreigner and couples to sit/sleep there. Anybody has any suggestion what shall we do on this matter?
5) Many of those resident who came love the park and the neighborhoods. But I believe they do not understand how they can channel their opinion and grouses effectively.
6) A few guys gave me their contact nos and email. I will send out in my next email so that we can include them in the resident list.

In the words of Ben,
1) BBRA must make this at least once a month affair.
2) We should do some of the walks on Saturday evenings, 5.30pm to 7.00pm.
3) The main item discussed this morning was as expected, the security matter.

It’s a start and hopefully more residents will turn up in future walks. For this one, lets give the residents the benefit of the doubt .... they were not aware .......

In the words of another committee member:
1.) Yesterday's meeting is a very good indicator to gauge the support from BBRCC. Now we know that even as a combined effort, there's an opportunity for us to reach out to more residents.. I believe credit must go to the President who started with a very good intro on identifying the real problem which is "ourselves".

2.)Judging from the reception of yesterday, there were many ladies who look like potential candidates to lead BBRA in charity, welfare, etc.

3.) I hope more Committee Members can make an effort to attend or at least, send an email before hand stating their unavailability on the day. 4.)I refer to Halim's interesting comment. Just because some foreigners (also humans who did nothing wrong and can be hardworking labourers) and couples were relaxing on the bench he goes and instruct people to cut them away. IF this becomes a precedent, does that mean he can destroy the park because he doesn't want foreigners to come and play football and basketball? Can he also exterminate all the fish from the pond to stop outsiders from seeing our lake?
5.)Just a note, we should be serious with what we want out of the walk or any meetings. If out of say 20 office bearers, only 6 show up, then i am not surprised as to why out of 3,000 houses and 9,000 residents, only 30 (max) shows up. On that note I would like to give my thumbs up to Jacob Matthews who said he could not attend but still made it to the park to lend his support - even with his Church attire. Committee members who are directly involved in any related activity must make an effort to attend. Also, every event is a membership opportunity so why not get the person holding the membership portfolio involved too?
Best regards,Committee Member

In the words of Jacob Mathews,
Dear All, Sorry, I was not able to participate the walk. But I am managed to meet few residents during the introduction. I would say that it is a good start for all interested residents and our community. I should be available for similar events in future( preferably Saturday and Sunday evening).

In the words of Mr Sunny Ho – a resident:
Well, a short view on the Sunday Morning Walk and Talk. I can say that it is a very good start for all of us to get to know our neighbors. Although the crowd is not that impressive but it is still a good start. I can say that for those who attended the Sunday event benefited by making new friends, and for some getting in touch with old friends and neighbors. Most of all, I think what everybody gained are information, the happenings and action points being taken, and most of all understanding of the Bandar Botanic lake and park, the problems faced and etc.

It is also good of Ben Phang to give a brief intro of what will be happening in terms of the security in Bandar Botanic.

All these activities and info are very important information to the residents and from here I think the residents will be more aware, and will also look forward to help in any activities organized.
Overall, a good start to connecting with the residents.
Regards, Sunny Ho
In the words of Mr George:
Dear Mr Halim, (cc copy Andrew)

I really appreciate your initiative to organize the morning walk on Sun 10 May 09.
Despite such a `last minutes' notice received on Sat, thanks to the internet, I could managed to broadcast to all our members immediately i received it. Respond from members are very encouraging. Some even called me up to confirm the morning walk the next day.

I believe that every one of us is working towards for the betterment of Bandar Botanic and each one of us could have their own style of working.
I applaud you for your leadership, open mindedness, transparency and addressing the main issues in Bandar Botanic particular on park, lake' and crime issues.
Actually we are going towards the same vision here as:-
To have a open heart of accepting people with different style of working but with the same vision is not an easy job and need a great wisdom!
A lot of grass root work need to be done ie on communication and get to know residents before we are going to the next level.

Well done and hope to keep up your good work!

In the words of Mr Thanapalan:
Dear Andrew,The walk was good. We get to know our neighbors better. UNITY IS STRENGTH. We now need to mobilize the residents. BBRA has come a long way. It's nice to see it getting stronger. A stronger BBRA, means a united neighborhood. WE SHOULD DO THE WALK MORE FREQUENT. In fact the regular walkers & runners should do it together on a weekly basis.Many thanks to Ben, Jacobs, Halim, Ong, Andrew & some of the earlier committee members. Many Thanks to Eallen Perumal & gang for putting so much of time & effort to get BBRA started. We should celebrate the first protem committee's great work."FRIENDS HELP FRIENDS SUCCEED"
Thanapalan Kasipillai

Saturday, 9 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.111 - Sunday Morning walk and talk.

Important Announcement:
This Sunday Morning walk and talk.
BBRA Meet The People Session Outdoor.

The BBRA President and his Committees is organizing a casual morning walk and talk together with the residents to discuss on ways to improve Bandar Botanic. Interested residents of all walks of life can bring their matters and problems up for discussions while having a casual walk and chat.

BBRA would like to confirm the 'morning walk and talk' as the following:
Date: This Sunday, 10th May 2009

Time: 7.30 am

Venue: Basketball court.

Please disseminate the information to your friends and neighbors. We hope more people can join us. It could be a way to get neighbors to know each other as well.

All are welcome.

Thank you.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS NO.110 - Flimsy Tree Planting Job Along the Highway.

To Township management - Mr Goo Chee Kang
Fm: Andrew Sum

Township contractor’s flimsy planting of trees along the highway.
The following was send by A Resident to me.
“If you notice, Township’s Contractors tree planting has been a partial failure along the main road. The old trees planted years ago still remain stunted. Now they are planting in the center area.

The plants are bound not to grow as they do not remove the cement and acidic stuffs that has been buried when the construction took place. What is needed is digging at least 3 feet in depth & width, replace the soil & then plant the trees.
Already a number of plants are drying up. Your Planting Contractors are really doing a slip sort of job.”
Andrew Sum: I went to Township to see Mr Goo this morning. At the meeting between Mr Goo Chee Kang and Andrew Sum this morning on 7-5-09 @ 0900 hours at Mr Goo office in Township Ambang Botanic, and the above was discussed in a most cordial and friendly manner. (There are other matters pertaining to Bandar Botanic’s Lake discussed for which I will post in into the next Blog.)
Mr Goo was very kind and responsive. He took note of the situation and thanks me for informing him of such. He would ensure the implementation of the proper planting of trees by the contractors. He also says not to worry as the Contractors are on tenders and there is a warranty period for the trees to grow.
If the young trees died, then the contractors have to dig it out and replant them again with new trees saplings. Mr Goo stressed that his aim and purpose is to follow and carry out what was laid out, discussed and promised by TMO, in the Minutes of the Tour of the Lakes Meeting on 28th March,2009.
I thank him for his good cooperations.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.109 - Crime Watch

Crime - House Theft & Surveillance
Contributed by A Resident

Case I
House Broken in: Bungor Phase
Date: Sunday 26th April,2009
Time: 4pm
Nature of Crime:
2-3 thieves tied the owner when he return back home. The owner lost a Laptop, Play Station, money etc. This is 6th or 7th break in Bungor area. Please ask our residents around to be more alert.

Case II
House Broken in: Jenaris Phase (Jalan Jenaris 8)
Date: Sunday 3rd May,2009
Time: 1pm
Nature of Crime:
2-3 thieves broke into the house when the owner was not in. The owner lost 2 TV, money, etc. This is the 2nd break in Jenaris 8 alone. Please ask our residents around to be more alert.

It looks like PDRM at the new Police Pondok in Bandar Botanic is very keen to work with communities and RAs to resolve the crimes around. Our residents must be together in facing the crime issues in Bandar Botanic.

Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral ? ...We leave it to your comments.