Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.342 - Time and Tide Waits For No One.

Dear Residents,
Date: 24th April,2010.
Time: 0700 am in the morning.

"Time And Tide Waits For No One."
-Andrew Sum
On this day the early folks of Bandar Botanic woke up to a shocking truth...that part of the walkways were flooded, the children's playgrounds were all flooded, the bridges were flooded, the stationary swans half submerged, backyards toilet bowls of residents houses flooded caused by underground moonsoon drains overcapacity (the underground system that was build by the developer). It looks like the movie '2012 end of the world' had come early.

The only residents who slept sounding is those who did the land grab behind their backyard, where the flood water was prevented from advancing. They had the last laughs... ha ha ha !

The obvious lesson to learn here is that all residents must take precautions against the deterioration of the Retention Lake, and its surrounding more seriously. Already there are more damages done by oursiders to our beautiful lake and garden.

But the situation points more clearly to the developer's problem that they failed to give proper maintenance and check to the drainage systems early attention.... Or did they failed to foresee such catastrophy? The entire Angsana precinct I think is lower than Kiara and Jenaris, and this includes the very Lake itself.

To us the residents, our ignorance are akin to playing the violin while Rome burns.

I have taken the opportunity to capture some pictures. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what will a few pictures say? I hope these pictures will wake us all up to the reality. Go for change.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.341 - Angsana really needs a Fountain.

To: TMO- Mr Goo CH
cc: Residents

Angsana Really Needs A Fountain!
-Andrew sum

Dear Mr Goo,
Please consider Angsana Residents' request for a Fountain as the end of the Retention Lake is at a stand-still and slugs are forming. Worst of all, last sunday I have sighted oil patches flowing out from the pipe holes opening at the end of the lake. While I believe this discharging of oil and affluents from the neighbouring shoplots have had been dealth with last year, it seems that your enforcement did not follow up.

Oil patches and oil spills will kill off all the fishes there, including any living micro-organism which the fishes feeds upon. Eventually this will spread to the other parts of the Retention Lake, and the whole lake will be affected. This Retention Lake will eventually become a 'stinking sausage' if no one looks after it properly. At the moment, what TMO has done is really insufficient.

I believe, as head of TMO, you should reach out to the people of Bandar Botanic by having interactive forums and going down to the ground site personally to see what should be done.

I, and as well as the residents, would be most and deeply appreciated if TMO would organize a Forum between TMO-All Residents to discuss constructive issues pertaining to the Retention Lake, the present lake condition - which a lot of residents are not happy about.

Lets cooperate and make this garden a decent green lung beautiful urban park.

I hope you will reflect on what I have written and work to bring back the hope of crystal clear waters that was Once Upon A Time Ago!

Monday, 19 April 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.340 - The Chuah-Venut Security Meeting.

The Chuah-Venut Security Meeting.
-article contributed by Mr Chuah

The following is an extract from the Minutes of the Un-Official Meeting between Mr Chuah and Mr Venut, in the presence of BBRA's Kiara Representative Mr Choo Keang Wooi and a some residents.

A series of Buglaries and thefts happened in Kiara and Angsana, lately. Despite the monthly subscription security fee, a deep concern of current security level is being questioned around the neighbourhood. Hence, an unofficial meeting-up between some residents and Sentral Security was requested and held.

Date: 17th April 2010
Venue: Resident's house in Kiara


1) Resident highlighted of vandalism and illegal fishing at Botanic Park. Hand railings were broken, playground equipment was damaged, etc. It is seen these activities were done by strangers from external (non-Botanic residents).

2) Sentral Security proposed a fenced-up idea around Kiara. This is to reduce exposure and restrict entrance to ease of security control. However, this requires approval from MPK whereby a minimum 80% consent and agreement from the local residents is rewquired.

3) Sentral Security informed that buglar could be a resident staying in Botanic. He also highlighted a suspicious case to one of the house in Angsana possesses burglar's tools. Pictures were obtained.

4) Sentral Security is seeking to have an agreement with BBRA to have a better cooperation in security operation.

5) It is informed that the number of foreigners are increasing in Kiara and Angsana.

6) Residents complained about the followings:
a) inefficiency of guards - sleeping, lack of controls, monitoring and alertness.
b) inconsistency of manning - frequent shortage of guards, high turnover, etc
c) basic guarding know-how - refresher training is required, effective Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is seen necessary and understood by guards.
d) guarding tools - malfunction of walkie-talkie(at Kiara), spoilt CCTV monitor(Kiara),
e) lack of communication between guards - only one walkie-talkie available per phase which could lead to communication issue among guards during emergency/patroling.

7) Sentral Security highlighted issue of not getting the basic needs - provision of electricity and water supply to the guard house.

8) Resident asked for the provision of logbook to every lorong for guard to record during patroling.

10. It was informed that BBRA's AGM will be held tentatively May 2010. An interactive session between BBRA members, Sentral Security and residents will be taking place that day.

Meeting started: 7pm
Meeting adjourned: 8.20pm

Sunday, 11 April 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.339 - Wishing All a Happy Songkran.

The Meaning of Songkran.
Songkran Festival
On New Year’s day, the Thais would typically go to a Buddhist monastery, or wat, to pray and offer alms to the monks. They cleanse Buddha images by gently sprinkling scented water over them. Then, this water is poured on the shoulder of the elderly to show respect. The water pouring is a symbolic act of the cleansing of the spirit, mind and body. It is also believed that the water washes away the past year’s sins and bad luck.
Songkran is called the water festival, or the water throwing festival, as throwing water is the main feature of the event. When considering the spiritual and religious aspects of the festival, some people may think it is rude and outrageous that people nowadays use buckets, garden hoses, water balloons and water pistols to drench each other. But the throwing of water has now become the most fun part of the festival during this hottest month of the year - around 40 °C, or 100 °F. Young people typically throw water on strangers, holidaymakers, foreigners, motorcyclists and buses – anything that moves. Getting soaked under the scorching heat is actually refreshing as it can relieve body heat. The only way to avoid getting wet during this time is to stay indoors – chances are highly likely they will throw water on a person in a business suit.
We would like to wish those Bandar Botanic residents who have Thai relatives & friends, a Happy Songkran.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.338 - Citra Multimodal Sports.

CC: Residents


Citra Multimodal Services Sdn.Bhd,
Lot 37, Jalan Sultan Mohamad 3,
Bandar Sultan Sulaiman,
Port Klang, 42000 Selangor.
Tel: +603-31766888
Fax: +603-31763993

Dengan sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa Syarikat Citra Multimodal Sdn.Bhd akan mengadakan satu arena sukan olahraga diantara kakitangan syarikat dan pelanggan mereka, di tamam Bandar Botanic pada hari 25hb April,2010 bermula dari 0800 pagi hingga tengah hari.

Mereka akan mengadakan perkhemahan di situ.

Semua penduduk-penduduk Bandar Botanik di jemput hadir untuk menyaksikan acara tersebut.

Terima kasih,

Monday, 5 April 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.337 - New Tai Chi & Qiqong Class.

Dear Residents,

New Taiji & Qigong Class
- Article Contributed by Mr Au Pak Thong
Commencing : 06-April-2010
Place: Botanic Resort Club
Day : Every Tuesday
Time : 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm
Fees : Members - RM50.00 / mth + 5% service tax
Non-Member - RM 60.00 / mth + 5% service tax

Please note that I am starting new Taiji & Qi Gong class this April-10 at Botanic Resort Club.

Class will be conducted in Chinese as well as English (dual language). Non Chinese are encourage to joint the class too. No age barriers and limitations, any person from 6 yrs - 60 yrs or oleder may still learn taiji & qi gong. Qi gong is to enhance the Qi flow in our body while Taiji is to keep our body and mind in good health for longetivity and also simple martial art defence.
Non members can also joint in without any members' introductions. Just come on that day and
register to participate. No Joining Fees, just monthly fees and all fees payable to the Resort Club
For enquiry, please contact the Club or myself @ 012-3236778 ( after 6.00pm ) or please refer to
the attached broucher.

Thank you very much

Best Regards
Au Pak Thong

Sunday, 4 April 2010

BBRAeNEWS No. 336 - Yet another accident where it shouldnt be.

Dear Residents,
Yet another bad accident where it shouldnt be.
-Contributed by Mr Lim/Angsana.

Yet another real bad collision accident against the same stationery bus parked where it shouldn’t be. They never learn. Over the last incident (BBRAeNEWS No.246 – Illegal and Wrongful Parking), it was mentioned and fore-warned. The MPK, the police & the Law did not do anything. It is an absolute disgrace. It is just another sneering contempt by those illegally parking on the main road, in front of the Low Cost Flats.