Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 6 January 2011

BBRAeNEWS No.376 - In relation to eNews No.374

Dear Residents,

Hope the New Year brings good fortunes to us all especially in terms of welfare, security, landscape, and commercial realisation of our Botanic commercial area.

On that note, on behalf of BBRA we believe that credit must be given to the new Township Manager who has taken the first step towards improving our township. In particular were the issues that were highlighted by our resident from Jenaris regarding the overgrown grass, unkempt state of Persiaran Botanic, and rubbish being dumped indiscriminately at a pothole at Jenaris and the charity recycling bins. (The last known issue was when unknown and uncivilised people dump soil rubbish and a sofa set!)

As at yesterday evening, 5th January 2011, it is good to note that grass along Persiaran Botanic was being cut and weeds were being pulled out. Also, the recycling bins have been cleared and in all honestly, we hope that the supplier of those bins will move them to another location where some form of check and balance can occur.

However, still pending is the status of the pothole at Jenaris, which we hope the Township Manager can look into. And the continued maintenance of the park and the landscaping, replacement of missing drain covers since 2007 at various phases, and removal of illegal buntings/stickers/signboards that keep appearing at our lamp post, street signs, etc.

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ganesh said...

happy new year to all.

first off i would like to thank mr. ng for looking onto and solving some of the problems in our park and residential areas.

i hope we the residents, bbra and township management will be able to work together for the coomon good of bandar botanic, a place where we all have vested interests.

while mpk and township management are blamed for all the problems in the park and maintainence, it would be good if we the resients and end users also pitch in to make our surroundings better.

some simple things that we can do are, litter less, clean up after our pets, pick up some rubbish during ur walks.

while a lot has been done, a lot remains, the wooden and rope barriers on our bridges in the park are all broken or worn out, it is a disaster waiting to happen. PLEASE PUT IT RIGHT...some of you may ave seen an email by one of our residents on this matter.

let's hope 2011/the rabbit year will be a better one for bandar botanic.