Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Saturday, 13 August 2011

BBRAeNEWS No.400 - Follow Ups to The Kindergartens Issue.

Addressing the Kindergartens Issue Head-On.

"On 10th August,2011, the BBRA had followed up on the Jenaris Kindergartens Issue in a meeting held at the MPK Conference Room, MPK Klang, with representatives from BBRA, representative from residents,new Kindergarten operator, our Ahli Parlimen Klang YB Mr Charles Santiago and our MPK Ahli Majlis Mr Yew Boon Lye .

It was a very fruitful meeting. BBRA and all representatives together with the authorities touched on the longstanding illegal Kindergarten issue in Jenaris in addition to the new Kindergarten in Jenaris.

The MPK Counsillor Mr Yew Boon Lye promised to take up the issue in next MPK board meeting for a firmer action as per the law. It is going be around 3 years since BBRA have highlighted illegal Kindergarten issue in Jenaris.

Referring to the new kindergarten, the building license was approved and issued by MPK as the land was gazetted for Commercial purpose and the Kindergarten falls under 'Commercial' activity. Now BBRA's concentration is how to make the traffic flow and parking around safe and do not pose a danger for Jenaris and other BB residents.

At the meeting, the majority of the participants agreed that a new proposed traffic flow plan for the new building put up by new Kindergarten operator was insufficient. A proposal to engage a traffic consultant to further study and to get an independent and unbiased report on traffic flow was discussed and waiting for confirmation, since cost is involved.

MPK also proposed BBRA and Kindergarten operator to engage in direct dialog to resolved the traffic and parking issues.However BBRA requested MPK to continue facilitate the negotiation before issuing the license for kindergarten activity.

BBRA will keep the BB residents updated time to time.

The following was also posted by YB Charles Santiago in the Selangor Times on 12 th August,2011 as Kindergarden fail to allay traffic concerns


Ben Phang said...

"I will make sure MPK's licensing department takes the necessary action next week to close down unlicensed kindergartens" Mr. Yew said the illegal (unlicensed) kindergartens (hopefully including child care center) would be shut down at the end of the year after the semester ends. Lets hope and pray that MPK will take affirmative action including court order to stop these unlicensed kindergartens and child care centers from further operations as from next year (2012).

Ben Phang said...

At the meeting, the Chair concurred that a professional traffic impact study will be done to ascertain the traffic flow and safety measures required in order not to affect inward and outward traffic flow at Jenaris entrance. Residents in Jenaris should be made aware that while the building plans for the big kindergarten has been approved, the licensing is a separate matter and residents can still voice their concerns and ensure the said kindergarten conform to conditions that are conducive both to the kindergarten and residents.

Grace Foo said...

the building alomst completed now...just wondering can they just simply alter the main road to access to their main entrance? The road alteration may cause trafic slow down....when the parents simply stop at the road side to pick up their kids....@_@