Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 17 November 2011

BBRAeNEWS No.416 - Night Recycling Activity in Bandar Botanic.

The following is an extract of the email from a Tzu Chi volunteer Mr Jeff Lim, who is also a resident, on Night Recycling activities in Bandar Botanic.


Subject: Night Recycle activities in Jenaris Precinct

Hi, Jacob Mathews, BBRA President.

It is my pleasure to have the telephone-conversation with you on Thursday night, regarding our recycle activities
As per telephone-conversation, let me to recap those items which we plan to for Dec 2011 - Recycle events

First of all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Lim, the resident of Bandar Botanic - Jenaris Precinct.
Also, I am a volunteer of Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia - which is an NGO, monthly routine recycle awareness activities is one of our core activities.
kindly refer to our website and some interesting article for your reference

Together with me, we have brother Sun, brother Lim, brother Chew, all of us are resident of botanic

We were started the Night Recycle activities (collection of the recycle items) from April 2011 - 1st Thursday of the Month, Venue is Jenaris Precinct (in between the Kiara and Jenaris field - Beside the TNB electical room)
At December 2011, it will be our 9th month activities and which will be hold at 1st December 2011 (Thursday).
WE would like to take this opportunity to hold a event/activities to bring up the Recycle Awareness to all our Bandar Botanic Resident.
I am seeking some collaboration from BBRA, so that we plan this event in progress.

A) Bring up the Recycle Awareness for our Botanic Resident by inviting me to participle our activities, how we plan to do it
- On 1st Dec 2011 Night Recycle Day. We will prepare some Vegetarian Foods for dinner time and inviting those resident which live near to our recycle point example Houses along Jenaris 1/3 and Kiara 2/4.
- On 1st Dec 2011 Night Recycle Day. We will explain what kinds of resources (plastics, paper, metal ....etc) is being collected by us?
- On 1st Dec 2011 Night Recycle Day. We will encourage all the resident to sorting their recycle items before sending it to us. So it is important that we arrange this "Know-How" Session and share with our all botanic resident.

B) Before the actual day happening (1st Dec 2011), we definitely need to broadcast this activities, via
- Door to door, visiting and inviting our resident especially houses along Jenaris 1/3 and Kiara 2/4 to join us for dinner session - which we had been prepared Vegetarian foods.


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