Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Saturday, 7 November 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.259 - Gotong Royong Success Part I

Gotong Royong Success Story Part I
Edited by Andrew Sum and Choo Keang Wooi

It was 6.30 am and still dark, but many dedicated resident of Bungor and Bidara Precinct were already congregating at Jalan Bungor 8, the focal point of the gotong royong event. By 7.30 am these early birds was already organized into groups of 5 each and roaming the streets of Bungor area with one objective, to cleanup the area. The work area includes the back lane of every street in Bungor Precinct. The weather was good this Saturday morning to enable them to proceed to Bidara Precinct after they unloaded their garbage bags at the main collection point. It can be seen at this point that many resident interacting with each other while roaming the streets in their respective groups. The Gotong Royong has definitely enabled many of the resident to get to know each other, interact beyond their immediate neighbours and foster greater unity among them.

After the Bidara Precinct was cleaned, all volunteers proceeded back to the collection point at Bungor 8 for the next agenda of the day. By this time, MPK and TMO contractors has also arrived to help residents in collecting and unloading the rubbish into the garbage bins provided by Alam Flora.

Around 8.30 am, all residents was given light refreshment and also to introduce them to all parties that has made this event possible. Encik Irwan Ismail, MPK Counsellor for zone N46A was the guest of honour, while TMO was represented by Mr. Goo.

In his speech, Encik Irwan has mentioned that he love the beautiful landscape of Bandar Botanic when he visited the area the first time when he took office. He has not seen anything similar in other parts of Klang and hoped that the residents and MPK can work together to upkeep this beautiful area that we called home. Encik Irwan also mentioned that the current state government has always look into assisting the rakyat in whatever ways possible. Council areas were given 2 types of zoning or classification. Safety Zone and Cleanliness Zone. For example, Bukit Tinggi has been classified into Safety Zone hence the increased presence of police in the area due to crimes.

To officiate the event, the event committee has asked Encik Irwan to plant a tree to commemorate this memorable event. After the tree planting ceremony, residents continued with the cleaning effort at Bidara Precinct.

The President of BBRA, Encik Halim reminded volunteers to keep the good work and not to discard their mineral water bottles indiscriminately after all a good work done during the day. He also introduced Tzu Sci charity Foundation that was taking part in the event to disseminate information about recycling and also participated to make this event a success.

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