Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Sunday, 8 November 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.260 - Gotong Royong Success Part II

Gotong Royong Success
Photo Album - Part II
Edited by Andrew Sum

Gotong Royong means ‘tolong-menolong’. It is all in the spirit of volunteerism to promote as a cultural value among residents. It is also the concept of doing things together and helping out each other in the spirit of ‘muhibbah’ or goodwill. To BBRA and the Residents who participated, it means giving back something to the Botanic Garden communities and the environments within which we lives. To me, it means simply giving back something to Mother Earth with which we have been unconsciously destroying all these while.

Today’s Gotong Royong is to show that BBRA seek to care and is a way to show our awareness to each other as neighbours. With this awareness BBRA can raise our relationships and generate so much response and ultimate help from residents which BBRA cannot do it alone and this is indeed wonderful. This Gotong Royong value is one which BBRA holds very close to each of our hearts and to live together, we give together, in peace.

The Gotong Royong of today is a tremendously success, with a very gracious turn-out of residents who volunteered and participated. It is indeed a very wonderful event. A marvelous gift from BBRA and the Participating Residents to the Good Earth, I would say.

BBRA will continue to pick and publish Gotong Royong pictures of volunteers at random. Those volunteers who are interest can easily copy and paste those pictures and later print them out at their Photo Studios as memories of their participations in the event. It is historical as being the first BBRA Gotong Royong and the first for Bandar Botanic Garden Klang.

Some residents helping to finish the job of tree planting by the Councillor.
A resident finishing the job.
Tzu Chi Members are also present.
BBRA President thanking the Councillor.The Councillor, TMO Mr Goo and BBRA President joinly planting a tree.
One for the Album before the tree planting.
Speech by The MPK Councillor.

Mr. Goo of TMO came with 6 workers to help out.
Some gardening tools were supplied by Alam Flora.


Jacob said...

Dear all BB residents,

Every success comes with a hard work. Our recent Gotong Royong was a good example. As a coordinator on behalf BBRA and Bungor and Bidara teams, I would like to thank many people and organizations who worked tirelessly to get the Gotong Royong become a successful event.

Bidara team
The team was headed by BBRA Asst Secretary Mr.Ong. He with his family members distributed the flyers and hangs the banner.

Bungor team

Mrs. Teh- the brain behind the Gotong Royong idea. Work with family members for achieving our goals

Mr. Mungsum- The steward behind the scene.

Dr. Jaya - BBRA Secretary and MC for the day

Mr. Phu- This man never will be in the front scene. But he has taken initiative to even bring his own lorry to move the debris.

Mr. and Mrs. Kali: In addition to do the rest of the work, also arranged a 4 wheel pick up from neighborhood for transferring debris and taken care the refreshment part.

Mr. Andy- This guy was our CFO and helped in many ways with his family members.

Ms.Jeniffer and Ms. Melissa- The backbone of our Bungor Committee from Jalan Bungor 3.

Mr. Tan from Jalan Bungor 6- donated 10 crates of mineral water in addition to participation

The rest who supported us are Mr. Anthony, Mr. Eddie. If I miss anybodies names, please forgive me.

The rest

Halim- the BBRA man who brought our Ahli Majils En Erwan. Also got the MPK tents and chairs.

BBRA committee members- the tremendous support in many ways.

En Erwan- our new Ahli Majlis who looks really interested in making our BB Park & residential area better.

Alam flora -En Zul and En Fauzi (provided collection bins, tools, manpower)
Alam Sekitar -En Mohan (provided approval for support from Alam Flora) under MPK,

Mr. Goo and his TMO team for their presence and support (donated 5 crates of mineral water and a tree)

The core group who made the Gotong Royong a success is the residents from Bidara and Bungor.

Let me tell you all the major success of getting many residents was our door to door meeting with them. The interaction made people come out and supported the Gotong Royong for a good cause.


Jacob Mathews

Sunny Ho said...

Syabas and thank you to all.

Appreciate all the time and effort spent.

Thank you.