Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 22 April 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.341 - Angsana really needs a Fountain.

To: TMO- Mr Goo CH
cc: Residents

Angsana Really Needs A Fountain!
-Andrew sum

Dear Mr Goo,
Please consider Angsana Residents' request for a Fountain as the end of the Retention Lake is at a stand-still and slugs are forming. Worst of all, last sunday I have sighted oil patches flowing out from the pipe holes opening at the end of the lake. While I believe this discharging of oil and affluents from the neighbouring shoplots have had been dealth with last year, it seems that your enforcement did not follow up.

Oil patches and oil spills will kill off all the fishes there, including any living micro-organism which the fishes feeds upon. Eventually this will spread to the other parts of the Retention Lake, and the whole lake will be affected. This Retention Lake will eventually become a 'stinking sausage' if no one looks after it properly. At the moment, what TMO has done is really insufficient.

I believe, as head of TMO, you should reach out to the people of Bandar Botanic by having interactive forums and going down to the ground site personally to see what should be done.

I, and as well as the residents, would be most and deeply appreciated if TMO would organize a Forum between TMO-All Residents to discuss constructive issues pertaining to the Retention Lake, the present lake condition - which a lot of residents are not happy about.

Lets cooperate and make this garden a decent green lung beautiful urban park.

I hope you will reflect on what I have written and work to bring back the hope of crystal clear waters that was Once Upon A Time Ago!

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