Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 19 April 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.340 - The Chuah-Venut Security Meeting.

The Chuah-Venut Security Meeting.
-article contributed by Mr Chuah

The following is an extract from the Minutes of the Un-Official Meeting between Mr Chuah and Mr Venut, in the presence of BBRA's Kiara Representative Mr Choo Keang Wooi and a some residents.

A series of Buglaries and thefts happened in Kiara and Angsana, lately. Despite the monthly subscription security fee, a deep concern of current security level is being questioned around the neighbourhood. Hence, an unofficial meeting-up between some residents and Sentral Security was requested and held.

Date: 17th April 2010
Venue: Resident's house in Kiara


1) Resident highlighted of vandalism and illegal fishing at Botanic Park. Hand railings were broken, playground equipment was damaged, etc. It is seen these activities were done by strangers from external (non-Botanic residents).

2) Sentral Security proposed a fenced-up idea around Kiara. This is to reduce exposure and restrict entrance to ease of security control. However, this requires approval from MPK whereby a minimum 80% consent and agreement from the local residents is rewquired.

3) Sentral Security informed that buglar could be a resident staying in Botanic. He also highlighted a suspicious case to one of the house in Angsana possesses burglar's tools. Pictures were obtained.

4) Sentral Security is seeking to have an agreement with BBRA to have a better cooperation in security operation.

5) It is informed that the number of foreigners are increasing in Kiara and Angsana.

6) Residents complained about the followings:
a) inefficiency of guards - sleeping, lack of controls, monitoring and alertness.
b) inconsistency of manning - frequent shortage of guards, high turnover, etc
c) basic guarding know-how - refresher training is required, effective Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is seen necessary and understood by guards.
d) guarding tools - malfunction of walkie-talkie(at Kiara), spoilt CCTV monitor(Kiara),
e) lack of communication between guards - only one walkie-talkie available per phase which could lead to communication issue among guards during emergency/patroling.

7) Sentral Security highlighted issue of not getting the basic needs - provision of electricity and water supply to the guard house.

8) Resident asked for the provision of logbook to every lorong for guard to record during patroling.

10. It was informed that BBRA's AGM will be held tentatively May 2010. An interactive session between BBRA members, Sentral Security and residents will be taking place that day.

Meeting started: 7pm
Meeting adjourned: 8.20pm

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MMS Training & Consultancy said...

In Cassia too the numbers of foreign workers is increasing. Why all this? If there is hardly any development in the occupancy of shops around bdr botanic, house owners would find it very difficult to sell or even rent our their units thus resulting in renting cheaply (perhaps) to manpower supply agencies.
Residents would like to have more amenities, retail shops, boutiques, cafe's, banks etc. this will encourage growth of our township. That's why i encourage TMO to meet up with shop owners and launch some campaign to help bring in more investors into our township. TMO should equally be responsible for the deteriorating state of Bandar Botanic ever since the launch of Ambang and CBD.