Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

BBRAeNEWS No.378 - Meeting with Indah Water Konsortium

Dear Residents,

We are pleased to announce that the dialogue session with Mr Gan of Indah Water Konsortium, Township Management Office (TMO) and BBRA is back on track. The said dialogue is on the outstanding sewerage issues that have been affecting some residents of various precincts.

Do note that the Dialogue Session has been confirmed for 10:00 a.m., 25 March 2011, Friday at Township Management Office, Bandar Botanic.

As this is a 'closed-door' event, we would like to remind all "affected residents" to contact their phase representative(s) directly so that BBRA can assist with the following-up on their issue or case.

We also invite residents who are new to this issue or have only recently been experiencing issues with their ground floor toilet to contact your phase representative before March 23, Wednesday, so that we can bring highlight the issues to Indah Water Konsortium.

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