Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 11 March 2011

BBRAeNEWS No.379 - An appreciation to TMO

Dear Residents,

It is good to acknowledge and give credit where and when it is due. From BBRA, we would like to express our appreciation to the commitment and continued efforts done by TMO in helping keep our garden township well. They have responded positively to our plight and residents queries on algae removal, cleaning up of garden garbage, maintenance of neglected properties, repairing of walkways and more.

However, while we acknowledge the efforts by TMO, we must also do our part in keeping our community clean and safe. Please report litter bugs, vandalism, etc to MPK, BBRA or TMO directly so that we can try to follow up on the appropriate action needed. We must look towards sustainability and not depend on others for handouts.

Thank you and all the best!

Removal and disposal of garden garbage
Repaired timber deck walkway
Workers repairing the timber deck walkway
Akasia walkway and blocked earth moulding
Sealing of Green Hoarding opposite Jenaris precinct
Cleaning up of corner house in Angsana precinct
Algae removal
Algae removal
Algae removal
Leveling of floating chamber
Floating chamber leveled


Jacob said...

SYABAS to TMO for the prompt and quick work. We appreciate the good work from the current TMO management.

ganesh said...

there has been considerable activity by the present tmo manager. the park is definately looking neater. kudos to you and your team.
however no matter how much tmo does it is also incumbent upon us the residents and users of the park to do our part in keeping up the tone of the place.
please maintain the clenliness of the park.
take your rubbish back home with you .
clear up after your children.
clear up after your pets.
on another note, the rails on the wooden bridge connecting to the fitness station are already broken. this is vandalism pure and simple.
can we get security to patrol the lake area to put an end to this?
or do we need rela patrols?
finally, the recycling bin along persiaran kasuarina(close to the jenaris bus stop) is a prepetual mess. what are the solutions?

ganesh said...

thank you tmo.
would appreciate bbra/tmo looking at the recycling bin on persiaran botanik close to the kenari bus station. the bin is always a mess due to scavenging by the public.
the occupant of the house next to the bus stop has dumped lots of rubbish there as well.
also at the end of jenaris 7 lot's of rubbish has been dumped at the end of the road, remanants suggest it is after a hindu prayer function. need help to get that cleared as well.
when will we learn that cleanliness is next to godliness?

ganesh said...

the recycling bin along persiaran botanik close to the kenari bus stop is a rubbish dump. can tmo/bbra please do something. also if you walk along persiaran botanik there is much uncollected rubbish along the walkway hidden by the foilage.
a huge ammount of rubbish has been dumped at the end of jalan jenaris 5. can we get some help in clearing it up?