Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 2 October 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.240 - Another illegal land grab

Reported by BBRA committee member.

"This morning I walked round our BB lake side and when passing Kiara Precint, I noticed house No. 26, Jalan Kiara 13 (the semi-d row) under going renovations and extensions. Indeed it was REALLY EXTENSIONS much to my chagrin, the extension was more towards occupation as in occupying public land (road side reserve) in front of the said house, without the slightest thought for road users' safety. This blatant act should be officially reported by BBRA to MPK and demand that the construction be put to an IMMEDIATE STOP!"

Dear residents,

From the pictures, it is obvious that the owner of the house has "claimed" public land and added it to his house renovations. This has dwarfed his immediate neighbours and quite frankly destroyed the aesthetics of the street by being a sore thumb that protrudes onto the road.

As a matter of principle, BBRA will lodge an official complaint to the authorities on the matter. However, residents can also do their part in voicing their feedback on the matter to us or even directly to MPK.

The front parameter of the house has extended by what looks like 10 feet. Is this really happening? Would you allow your neighbour to do this if you were living next door?

Please look at where the original refuse chamber and housing gate and the "illegally built"new one.

Can we stay mum to this?


Boon Huat said...

I do not know want to laugh or cry. I am shock to realise there are still such people exist in our society. Are the rest of the BB occupants non-existence to this owner? If this act is not highlighted to the authority, forever gone BB.

Ang said...

Which is better? If I remember the two lots towards the end were vacant for a very long time.

Now we have one more BB resident that is gung-ho and cowboys his/her way in making an entrance with massive renovations.

Point is: We prefer looking at vacant and unoccupied units or occupied but with illegal extensions?

I prefer the latter. At least we do not need to worry about overgrown lalang, mosquitoes, drug addicts, occupying the vacant unit. Furthermore, no need to wait for town council to come and clean up the area, which never happens!

Ben Phang said...

That's a pathetic thought. None of us prefer an empty house as our neighbor. I definitely don't for I have a neighbor whose empty land is over grown with lallang and despite many complains to MPK and summonses issued, the situation remained unchanged over past 4 years.
As to illegal extensions including those without approved plans and there are many in Bandar Botanic, the correct thing to do is for MPK to tear down the illegal extensions as a lesson to every residents.
As for those illegal land grabbers, the property should be sealed until the owner is charged in court and a court order is obtained to reoccupy back the land to the public.
Without fear or favour, that's how illegal land grabbers and illegal extensions should be treated. It is the only fair way to discourage others from following suite.

Andrew said...

As for me, I prefer good and happy neighbours who keeps their garden tidy, clean and beautiful and are not greddy land grabbers too. Each of us have our civic duty to do, that is to rid this garden of ours of greddy land grabbers. The local town council and the developers should be made aware of what is going on.