Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 29 October 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.255 - Gated community or not?

Gated community, or not?
The following extracts taken out from Malaysiakini.

Sim Kwang Yang Oct 29, 09 2:51pm

I moved into a brand new housing estate at the top of a hill in Cheras more than five years ago, and have seen how the area develops into a very plesant neighbourhood, with shop, an Econsave, a pasar malam on Sunday, and even a wet market in the morning every day.
Comments: By cala
This is an excellent article from Sim justifying the need of Residents’ Association(RA) in the Klang Valley (in view of high crime rates). In fact, the debate about RA is part and parcel of a discourse on privately governed urban neighborhoods/common interest housings/ gated communities/ enclosures of the urban commons/ condominiums etc in academic journals. It has been reported that one quarter of Americans are living in one of the schemes like this. In New South Wales, Australia, two our of three persons are also found staying in such schemes. If by allowing the gating up of a neighborhood means maintenance cost can be transferred to RA, then there is a good chance that any local authority would allow the “succession”. Why not? In the proposed institutional arrangement, a local authority gets to tax the residents as before but enjoying less areas to manage.
Comments by: myop101
I have recently bought a house in a gated and guarded cluster of houses. I spoke to a few friends and they also bought properties with similar facilities. When I went to my parent’s house, I noticed that the township phase where the house is located have more or less been either fenced up or hiring guards to patrol that area. As an ordinary citizen, I too fear for the safety of my family and properties. The police ........ Perhaps their resources are strained but I have not seen police patrols for a very long time. Is it really our fault if we want to safeguard our own safety by our own means i.e. fencing up and hiring security guards? Crime will never go away just by whining and complaining and giving lame excuses like it is the ‘police Job” but not willing to even spare RM50-100 per month to get someone to patrol the place.

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