Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Sunday, 11 October 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.246 - Illegal Parking

cc: MPK
cc: Police-Bandar Botanic
cc: Police-Bukit Tinggi

Illegal and Wrongful Parking.

Very often, large buses, lorries trailers and container vehicles parked illegally along the main road near to the Bandar Botanic Low Cost Flats, inadvertently causing accidents, especially on a hazy or rainy weather.

Today during rainy weather, at night, an accident occurs. The driver most probably could not see the stationery bus parked alongside the road, without any triangular JPJ road signs.

The owners of these buses, lorries and container trucks lives in the low cost flats and they could claim that there is no proper parking for them anywhere.

Could TMO and MPK think of a proper parking solutions for these residents. Could these authorities allow these trailers to park under the High Tension Electrical Power Cables Towers?


Ben Phang said...

Take photographs of the lorries and buses illegally parked along the main road and email to LPKP website. The date and time important and you can be sure that LPKP will take action against the permit holder.

Ben Phang said...

BBRA should write an official letter to the Klang Police Traffic Dept. to take immediate and concerted action. Remember the Dialogue we had with the Police recently ... they promised to take action. Looks like all of us have short memories. Luckily nobody was killed in the accident. If not we will have bad conscious.

BBRA KLANG said...

MPK did take action last weekend, by giving compounds to all heavy vehicle in the area. But that is not enough, they should also tow the truck to their yard. Now we shall proceed to police as suggested, probably it would be more effective if they can't renew their road tax.