Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Dear Residents,

The Power of Great Love
Even though life is short, we can do many good deeds if we know how to use our time wisely. Exercise our right to live a good life and leave behind a legend of benevolence.

-Andrew Sum

Sometime back a resident of Jenaris Precint-Bandar Botanic, Jeff Lim, who is also a Buddhist Tzu Chi volunteer, wrote to me asking me whether there is anyway for me (BBRA) to work with him for some Recycle Exercise to bring up awareness to our Botanic Residents. I wrote back to say no problem at all.

In the words of Jeff,

“Actually, there is a monthly recycle activities(3rd week of the month) carried on at Bukit Tinggi (next to Shell Petrol Station) and Bandar Botanic (close phase 1, near 99 Market) – I should say recycle activities covers Klang valley.

Most of the time, I will be at Bukit Tinggi point, because it is a hub for surrounding area
(WIT, KFC, HLB, Bkg Tinggi). “

Best regards,



A Brief about Tze Chi.
Tzu Chi's charity mission in Central-Southern Malaysia and East Malaysia started in 1992. Various forms of aid were provided to the poor. These deeds have never stopped. This is indeed evidence of true love shown by Tzu Chi volunteers. The charity work expanded eventually to 18 liaison centers. To date, there are 6,421 families registered, comprising 39,002 people of various races under Tzu Chi long-term welfare assistance and care. With the present strength and network, Tzu Chi is able to achieve the Master's teaching of 'respecting all life' very well, offering the best possible care, attention and material needs to the sick and poor.
Sickness and disease cause human suffering and worse if one walks in the shoes of the poor. Recognizing this, Tzu Chi never fails to offer whatever is needed based on the principle of accompanying those in need to the very end'. Tzu Chi strongly opposes one time aid. Once every 3 months, those people under Tzu Chi's long term welfare aid and care are visited and their living conditions reassessed. Such a cycle of offering care, love, attention, counseling, material aid and reassessment continues until the family or person concerned is independent and able to stand on their own feet again.
On 10 October 1992, Tzu Chi extended its welfare services to an old folks' home in Macap Baru. Similar services were also later offered to the other old folks' homes, centers for the disabled, a lepers' home and orphanages. This has been carried out regularly over the years without fail.

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