Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 21 January 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.290 - The Haemodialysis Association Klang.

The Haemodialysis Association Klang.
(Final Part II)
Continuing a series on the work of Uncle Jaya Kumar.
-Andrew Sum
I interviewed Uncle Jaya Kumar and his staff chief nurse Miss Josephine at the center on 20th Jan, 2010. Uncle Jaya Kumar is also a Committee Member of the Bandar Botanic Residents Association and a retired air force warrant officer.

(Miss Josephine, the Chief Nurse)
According to Miss Josephine, a patient has to under dialysis 3 times a week and at 4 hours per session. This is a life time process and they can go for a kidney transplant if they find a donor, which is quite rare. Each treatment will cost about RM110 per session of 4 hours.
Those patients under government subsidy – are given $50.00 each session. They get free erythropoeitin injection. The purpose of this injection is to improve the haemoglobin level in the red blood cells in their body.
Some patients are under SOCSO. Socso pays $130.00 for them just for treatment. They have to pay for the injection themselves which is about $55.00 ringgit per injection, but they can claim back the reimbursement from SOCSO about $30.00.
(Patients with hepatitis have their own seperate room)
Now there are about 39 patients in the Haemodialysis Association Klang. There is no cure for kidney failure and it is a life long process. The major causes are diabetes and high blood pressure or hypertension. In severe cases of up to 10-20 years and most of them ends up with kidney failures. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure can be under control by good diet and exercise. They are advice to go for yearly kidney check to detect any kidney problems on a yearly basis. There is medication to slow down the process.
(This is a Dialyser)
The Dialyser – this is the one that is actually removed the waste and impurities from the human body. Each patient has his/her own dialyser and it is being tagged with their names. One clean dialyser can be used for only 10 times. After which, it will be taken to a Reprocessor to be cleaned.

The cost of a dialysis machine is about $40,000.00 each. The computer graphic will show how much waste has been extracted. The pressure monitors on the patient and blood returning to the patient. The Dyalysis will purify all blood.

The types of dialysis machines being used a theh Haemodialysis Association Klang are:
1) B.Boaun Dailog+ machine = 9 units
2) Fresenins machine = 6 units
3) Nipor machine = 1 unit

One thing for sure, those patients suffering with Hepatitis are being separated into a special room for patient with Hepatities B. These patients also suffer with kidney failure. This separation is required by the Ministry of Health.

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