Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.288 - Basketball Courts Lightings.

Dear Residents,
Basketball Courts Lightings
- Andrew Sum

I would like to thank TMO Mr Goo CK and his supervisor and technicians for taking the trouble to repair the basketball courts lightings as promised by today (Wednesday 20th Jan,2010). I was at the basket ball courts this afternoon to witness the repairs being carried out.

This is the result of some residents who wrote to me to ask me to look into this matter.

On investigation with TMO supervisor, it was found that:

1. Vandalism has caused the Control Box to be mysteriously damaged.
2. Whoever these ‘unknown players’ were, they wanted to extend the courts lights after midnight and they damaged the control box doors to try to do some illegal wiring.
3. The basket ball courts lightings timings hours are under automatic control. Players switched the lights on but after finish playing, they did not switch off the lights resulting in overheating of the bulbs.
4. TMO has now implement the Courts Lights to be automatic switched on from 7.00pm to 10.00pm only, effective from today. This is to prevent the bulbs from being over-heating.
5. TMO have no choice, but now resort to chaining the whole control box with iron chain to prevent vandalism.
6. TMO advised basketball players not to vandalize the control box and those caught doing so will be fine RM10,000 and jailed for damaging private property.

The cost of hiring the scaffoldings is about $200 each time to hire.
According to TMO supervisor, they repair the basketball courts lightings every month.

The above is to the best of my knowledge.
At 6.00pm today, I went to the basketball courts and have spoken to 3 groups of young basket ball players plain and simple and gave them some good advice on how to take care of the Basketball Courts Lightings. I hope the basketball players would heed my advice.

I believe that life is the only path where we learn to bring our true selves forward, to be true and honest, compassionate and kind, by helping others. This in itself is the truest gift I can offer anyone. We can shine our light from within; hoping others learn to do the same. What else can I do?

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