Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 3 September 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.214 - Irresponsible Cutting down of a tree.

Dear Residents,

Have a Heart, Do not cut down trees.

The following was reported by residents to BBRA, without Fear Nor Favour.

Wanton cutting down of a young healthy tree again near the Alphabets Garden.

Tree vandalism is a social problem, not a tree problem. This is illegal damage to public & protected area. This recent act of desecration was apparently carried out by one of the residents living in the Kiara area. The act was the wanton vandalism in cutting down one of TMO/MPK’s trees. It is a healthy young growing tree and no signs of rot are apparent in the stump.

It is obviously not possible to replace the tree which was killed but the people of Bandar Botanic would be grateful if arrangements are made to replace it, the one beside it which was vandalized

Other residents, what do you think of this irresponsible action of a certain individual resident? At least the tree could be trans-planted to another area and prevent further Global Warming. Have permission being obtained from the Governing Authorities such as the MPK or TMO on this cutting down of a healthy young growing green tree? The TMO and MPK has already confirmed that it is not their doing and no prior permission has been given out.
This act is indeed un-neighbourly and un-healthy in term of Greening the Earth. BBRA regreted such irresponsible individual actions.


Boon Huat said...

Is this area outside the house whose owner built the 'retention wall' in the garden sometime ago?
This is a blatant act of ignorance and selfishness. While I am thinking each day of how to plant more tall trees around my house, this is very very upsetting. I do hope the responsible person will realise his mistake and replant the tree.

Jacob said...

The cutting down of any tree/s deliberately from our BB park without the consent of MPK and TMO is criminal.
But we also need to check any tree/s at the same location fell during the recent heavy windy days. But the resident should still seek the permission from relevant authorities for actions.

Timolty said...

Hi Boon Huat, I believe it is a few doors away from the owner who built the 'retention wall' in his back-yard. This time, I think maybe 2 or 3 residents are joining to do the same - follow the leader as one would say, with or without the retention wall, its left to be seen. They better get permission from MPK or TMO before they venture to do as the land behind their houses is still public property and they can be persecuted by the Law.

ganesh said...

Have a heart,stop cutting these trees... this park at the very least is a green lung for those of us living in this part of klang. ganesh

Andrew said...

At least every citizens should try to plant at least one tree, so as to leave behind a living legacy of something good for their future generations. Starting with a small sapling will do.In the future, when we are gone, our grand or great grand children will remember us and will say...'hey, this grand old tree was planted by my great grand-pa.