Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Saturday, 12 September 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.225 - BBRA's A Doctor's Corner.

Dear Residents,
BBRA's A Doctor's Corner.


Today while having a walk at the Botanic Path, I suddenly have the urge to call BBRA's Phase 1 Committee Member and ask how is his health. I promised him I would look up an article on Heart from the BBRA's Doctor and post it into the BBRA's Blog. So Mr Jaya Kumar, here it is. Do take good care of yourself.

Heart Health. (Part I or 5 Parts)
Posted in Alternative medicine on March-27-2008

Coronary Artery Disease or Heart Disease in its more broader term is a deadly disease that effects millions of lives every year the primary treatments for curing or reversing CADS are angioplasty or open heart bypass surgery although effective treatments, both have their drawbacks, angioplasty although effective in clearing the arteries has been shown to leave arterial scarring or scar the inside of the artery wall, which often leads to the reformation of plaque in as little as a few weeks.
Open heart bypass surgery has been proven to be very effective but can be very painful and is financially out of reach for most Americans with no health care coverage, the average cost of open heart bypass surgery in 1995 was $44,820 in 2005 I’m sure the price is much more expensive. The fact is most Americans don’t have health care coverage or can’t afford to pay for such an expensive procedure, not to mention that A 2001 New England Journal of Medicine study shows 42% of Bypass patients experience a decline in intellectual abilities.
So where does that leave the average person or Americans? in many cases less invasive treatments such as blood thinners, beta blockers, calcium blockers, nitro patches are introduced but in terms of reversing heart disease and clearing plaque out of the arteries these can amount to very costly ineffective methods, and are primarily geared toward treating the symptoms and not necessarily reversing the condition.
Change in diet and exercise sound like good ideas, but how effective are they in clearing plaque out of arteries and reversing heart disease? the truth is their not, if you’re not at and advanced stage of CADS these changes may make you feel better, but if your at an advanced stage of heart disease it may bring on a heart attack even sooner and in terms of clearing plaque out of the arteries they do very little. Change in diet and exercise just wont do it, unfortunately in several cases their are no symptoms leading up to a major heart attack one of the complications or results of CADS.
Narrowing of the arteries has also been proven to raise blood pressure significantly because the heart has to work harder to force blood through the narrowed arteries, CADS can basically become the precursor to other health related issues such as High Blood Pressure, Angina, SCD ( sudden cardiac death) even Erectile Dysfunction.
So you ask what the average person can do to reverse heart disease and improve his or her overall health without paying for costly procedures and being asked to spend money that they just don’t have, on treatments that they can’t really afford?
Donald Ray has been a proponent of natural, herbal, treatments for years, and has a passion for and has benefited greatly from the use of all herbal and natural medicines and treatments as an alternative to traditional medical treatments

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