Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Sunday, 6 December 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.264 - Crime Watch

Crime Watch
Dear Residents,
Please take note of the followings short message received :
Dear all,
FYI, today (5th Dec 09) one of the Bungor resident was robbed by 4 outsiders riding in their motorbikes. The residents was walking in BB park near to football field at 8.20pm. He has lost his wallet and handphone and reported to BBT police station. Please alert our friends who regular in BB park at night.


Joshua said...

Hi RA,

I find this news a little disturbing and at the same time troubling. Disturbing in the sense that the park is supposed to have no motorcycles. If true, these motorcyclists are causing a double offence by riding recklessly in a public park and robbery.

However, the guards failure and the timing of the incident seem a little odd, unless the victim was walking back from Jusco or something, why carry a wallet and handphone to a park at 8pm? Can the RA reveal more info like were the robbers mat rempits or thugs?

Some description would be good so that precaution can be taken. Maybe the police and mpk can assist with having stricter patrols of the park as this is surely another bad statistic.


Jacob said...

Dear Joshua,

Refer to your questions, let me answer you.

Our BB park is a public property.Eventhough the NO MOTORCYCLE sign boards are around, we still observe motor riders in the park. The enforcement authority is MPK. MPK officers used to check and issue summons to errant motorbike riders time to time.But it is not easy to control all of them round the clock.

The victim is staying in Bungor phase .At night around the same time , he used goes for his dinner at one of the shop near 99 market. It looks like he was watched by these bad guys for some time. These 4 gays traveled on 2 motorbikes with their helmet covering ther faces. They carry Parangs with them. They are Malaysians . They talked in BM.

Personally, I don't think both Police and MPK can prevent these guys all the time.

We need to take our own precautions. I was told by my friends that similar crime is happening around our Jaya Jusco.

Have nice day.

Joshua said...

Thanks for the info, we should all be mindful when walking in the park at night then. I will inform my parents as well to be more careful. Sounds like some local gangsters are preying on innocent and helpless victims of Botanic.