Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 18 December 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.270 - Accident Hazards

Accidents Hazards - Waste Bins placed in the center of the road, obstructing traffic.
We give below a good sumaritan's email seeking help to remove the offending bins. 15th Dec,09
Yet another problems with contractors in Cassia Precinct. Waste > disposal trucks placed on the road before turning into cassia 9. > How can such things be allowed as the trucks do not only block > half of the road but also reduce visibility to those turning out > from cassia 9.> > I believe when this trucks is replaced there will sure to be > damage on the tar road and road dividers. Refering to your > previous mail on laws for carrying out construction withing BB > should be enforced again immediately before any untoward > accidents happen.> > Regards,

We called up Encik Fauzi of Alam Flora and resolved the problem. (Note: The Waste Bin does not belong to Alam Flora but rather belongs to a Sub Contractor of the MPK who supplied the Waste Bin to a Resident who is doing Renovation Work on his house. Encik Fauzi is another good samaritan who goes out of his way to assist us to contact MPK to resolve the matter).
Hi ........,As of this morning 16th Dec 2009 at 8am, the obstructing rubbish truck has been moved and no longer obstructing traffic flow. The truck is now placed infront of the house undergoing renovation.


If all residents of Bandar Botanic are like this good sumaritan, then this Botanical garden will be peaceful and a wonderful place to live in. All it takes is a act of kindness and concern for your fellow neighbours. Christmas is near and sure enough the spirit of Christmas is in this good sumaritan's heart.

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