Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Saturday, 26 December 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.279 - The Problems Encounters by a Residents Association.

Problems encounters by a Residents Association.
-Andrew Sum.

1) Maintenance troubles which have plagued residents such as sunken curb that didn’t meet its standards, detention pond that steadily gathered contaminated water. All these are things that a Resident Association has to accept its responsibility to the few people that elects them. Residents blamed the developer for the problems, and it is the residents who form an association to handle such maintenance matters and it is the resident who must support their Residents Association all the way which they have elected. That is the purpose of a Resident’s Association. Should there be any deviation of purpose or agenda of the elected Resident’s Association, then the people must voiced their concern direct to the RA and correct its fault. In this way, a Resident Association would be strong and steady. Forming another association or several other associations would not help much.

2) The Resident Association recently hopes to take out of crime with talks with the KKS which is the present security company. The Talk is on going. The recent crime is worrying. The Resident Association should invite all of its residents to a community meeting about possible forming crime watch groups other than the KKS. This is because the recession has only heightened security concerns of nervous residents. Snatch thieves are typical in many such older communities. Break-ins can happen at houses of part-time “snowbird” residents here after they return to their second homes-“winter vacations”. A volunteer unit should be form to patrol to check on residences that are away. This would reduce burglaries tremendously. Did any residents ask the Police or Residents Association to help? Did any residents offer advices and recommendations to their RA? They just assumed and kept quiet. Did citizens gave the thumbs-up and verbally compliment the Resident Association for the positive things they have done?

3) There are yet residents committee members who have lived for some 4 years, volunteering with this RA and looks to bring their skills. They faced area problems such as mushrooming kindergartens, rubbish clearance and road maintenance, and spearheaded and petitioned to get things done quietly. As a committee member they advocate developing good relationships with surrounding communities and such relationships are integral with issues, like road & maintenance, rubbish, since such issues can affect neighbors. All of these have gone unnoticed. Better still their work has received, on the contrary, condemnations.

4) The BBRA are taking a lead, but are the residents so impressed by the work which is being done by their elected RA and commitment and dedication that they have? They have also taken the lead to be environment-friendly by organizing a Gotong Royong. Do the resident ever notice and understands that all these are fully volunteering work? Those who condemn the Residents Association, did they care to path take and be a committee member and join their silent work, much less to offer a valuable solitude advice or a solitude solution?

The road ahead is long and difficult for any Resident Association, and needs all
the support they can get..

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