Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Saturday, 11 July 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.155 - Conversation with Mr Goo of TMO.

Conversation with Mr CK Goo of Gamuda Township Management Office, Bandar Botanic on 10-7-2009 at 2.20 pm(Friday) between Mr Goo and Andrew Sum.

Police Pondok
Question: Mr Goo, how is the progress with the Police Officers on the removal of the zinc partitions surrounding their pondok?
Answer: Andrew, last week and this week, I have already got some of my contractors to measure the area of the zinc partitions the police wants us to remove. Yes, I have already got the approval letter from the Police with the kind help of BBRA. Now the question is on cost. I have to get back to my Management regarding the costs quoted by my contractors. I will come back to you as soon as possible once this is done.

Wall at the end of the Lake
Question: How is the planning to build the 2 feet wall at the western end of the lake progressing?
Answer: We probably will get the contractors to start next week as the contractors have not obtained the materials yet.

U-Turn Blocks along the highway
Question: Mr Goo, when are you planning to get the concrete blocks to substitute the already deformed red plastic blocks at the U-turns along the Bkt Tinggi-Bandar Botanic Highway?
Answer: We have yet to find and locate a Heavy Lift Clamper to lift the blocks. The concrete blocks are already available. We will get some contractors from Ambang Botanic to assist.

Courts Lightings at Basketball court
Question: Mr Goo, some of the lights at the Courts are not working and I have brought up to you long ago. The residents have also written to me. When can the repairs be done?
Answers: Andrew, initially the delays is due to our Purchasing Problems. I have tried to purchase the Halon Bulbs in Bulk (large quantity). I was thinking that if other lights go off at the other posts in other part of the lake, then I would have a stock. However, this runs into a setback and did not materialise. I have now switched to another method of buying only limited quantity with the purpose of only to replace the courts lightings as soon as possible. I expect that the Court lightings can be fixing by next Monday ie 13-7-09.

Pump No.2 at the Lake
Question: Mr Goo, when can we get the Pump No.2 running? It has been idle for a long time.
Answer: Andrew, this problem needs to wait for another 2 weeks before I can send my contractors to start work.

Conclusion: I thank Mr Goo for his kind attention and good cooperation. I told him I understand management’s protocol and prior permission must be obtained before he can efficiently do his job.

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