Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Saturday, 18 July 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.160- The Latest BBRA Suara Warta.

Dear Residents,
The Latest Suara Botanic.
President’s Call
Assalamualaikum and good day to everyone.

I would like to welcome you to our latest edition of Suara Botanic. The Suara has been published for the past 4 years and I believe it has given useful information and updates to the resident of various activities and issues for the community.

This year onwards, BBRA has decided to start a blog ( in order to give more information, faster and more efficiently to the residents. We believe, by adopting this new electronic medium, not only BBRA can provide the information but also allow two way communications between BBRA and the residents. The blog will also be a virtual forum for the resident to be able to share their views, give opinions and discuss at the comfort of your home or office. Electronic medium has always been the choice of communication by the current generation and will always be for the next decade. The blog would be our main conduit to give first hand information about what is happening in the neighbourhood, BBRA activities, issue in progress and also getting your views and ideas. All these CHANGES were the result from the feedbacks that we got from people like YOU, the BB resident that care about the place we call home.

Allow me to highlight three main items that are the common interest to most of us in BB.

1) Good Neighbourhood
“Persatuan” came from the base word ‘satu’ or ‘One’. The word ’persatuan’ can be interpreted as united, together and harmony. Unity, and communication among the resident is the key ingredient in good neighbourhood. Many of us never realize how important it is to know your neighbours in our day to day living. They could be your immediate help if anything would happen to you or your property. In this modern world we have overlook the importance of knowing our own neighbour. Some of us failed to get to know their neighbour’s telephone number. Would you call your relative which probably lives thirty minutes away during emergency? Or would it be better and easier if you have a friendly neighbour that would be in front of your house in a matte of minutes?
Once we are united, under the same “Persatuan”, we can make our voice stronger. “When we speak, authority will listen, when we shout they will shudder”. A united front is the only way for us to move forward, to make this place a better neighbourhood.

2) Security
I believe all of us are concerned about security matters. In fact it was the number one most debated topic in our blog. Many believe that this is the onus of BBRA and the security company. But how many of us realized that BBRA never signed any agreement with the security company? The contact is supposed to be on an individual basis between the resident and the security company? The contract is supposed to be on an individual basis between the resident and the security company. Some believe that we are safe because we pay for the security services, but some decided not to pay but still enjoy from the paying neighbours. In villages, people don’t pay for security service, but they know everyone, they do ‘Rukun Tetangga’ and look out for each other. I’m not saying we need to do the same in this extended ‘BB village@, but it helps if we know who live in our street. How can we look out for suspicious characters if we don’t even know who is living next door. Having a security guard is just another extra precaution, because being in a non gated housing we can never be as secured as our immediate neighbours Ambang Botanic. We can only get what we are paying for, but some decided to get it free. Be realistic, we don’t want to ay t be BBRA member, we don’t want to pay for security service but complaint whenever crimes are happening around the township. Who could we blame? It is pointing towards ourselves.

2) Environment
BB Lake apparently is the biggest and dubbed as the best and most beautiful in klang area, at least in its past years. Look at it now; take a stroll along the lake. What we see today is just a reminiscence of past glory, the one that we admire and believe to be our choice of home in the garden when we sign the dotted line in the S&P agreement. Now, we are stuck, at least until we pay the bank. The fortunate one will move on to a better place in a better neighbourhood, but many like me will be here for a very long time. So, what do we do now, since we are stuck here? Shouldn’t we take care and preserve what we already inherit from the developer. Together we work towards preserving the nature. Be a considerate user of the part, respect other user, do not litter and do not allow your pets to do it ‘business’ indiscriminately. This park belongs to all of us. We should take care o it because those who are not living here will not care, because they can go to another nicer garden. Imagine if the retention pond a.k.a. BB Lake is dirty and contaminated, we are the ones that will suffer. Preservation is better than restoration.

Dear fellow resident, BB is a beautiful place to stay and live, we have our own ‘lake’ and jogging tracks in our back yard. We don’t need to drive miles away to enjoy the peaceful and beautiful garden, but it is also the responsibility of every one of us to take care and also abide by the law. Littering, open burning and motorcycling within the lake area is prohibited by law, but enforcement can never be perfect. It can never be enforced 24 hours, 365 days. Our civic conscious and respecting the nature is the only way that will ensure the place that we love will forever be a garden. The garden will turn to jungle; our home will turn to prison, if we failed to take care of it. As important as it is to love our family and relatives, respecting our neighbours is equally important in this multi racial neighbourhood. How can we become a good neighbour when we park our car haphazardly in front of your neighbour’s gate, allow your pets to d its ‘business’ in their gardens? We don’t say ‘hello’ when we pass by or at least acknowledge that another human being is living next door. We put our ego up high and say, why should I make the first move to know him? For very simple reason, a good neighbour would be there for you in critical situation. Having a good relationship with neighbours is also paramount in ensuring peaceful life and living the best of our neighbourhood.

It is our wish that this edition of Suara and also the electronic version of Suara a.k.a. BBRA blog, will allow more residents to be more active in the BBEA activities and being pro actives in contributing their ideas, time and energy for the association. The association is nothing without your contribution and participation. The association is for the resident, it is not for some individuals or some group of people. It is YOU who can make a different.

Finally, I would like to thanks all BBRA members who still have it faith in the association and also to all committee members that have contributed their time, energy and money to make this association what it is today. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to invite all resident to be united and support BBRA for a better living, harmonious and peaceful neighbourhood.

Thank you,

BBRA President En Nor Halim

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