Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.158 - Conversation with Mr Goo of TMO

Dear Residents,

Mr Goo Ck of Township Management called me this morning on the 15th July,2009 at about 0915 hours and advise the followings:

1) The Courts Lightings for the Basket-Ball Courts should be ready in 2 days time.

2) The Concrete Blocks at the Illegal U-Turns along the Bukit Tinggi-Bandar Botanic Highway:
Mr Goo apologise that this cannot be done at the moment as they have not hand over the highway road to the MPK as yet. It will takes about roughly a year to do so, and subject to MPK checking and certifying the road appropriate for use.
I ask Mr Goo whether he can replace the plastic blocks at the illegal U-Turns as some of them have been badly damaged. He says on this there is no problem at all. But when the day comes for the handling over of the road, TMO can remove the plastic blocks temporary and after the MPK's approval, TMO can replace them with concrete blocks.
(Quite incidently the contractors from Ambang are ready to shifts the concrete blocks with Clampers which are available now, but unfortunately principly it cannot be done as MPK have not yet approved the road project yet.)

3) Trees Landscaping along the Bukit Tinggi-Bandar Botanic Highway: This apply same to the trees landscaping as the highway cannot be handed over to the MPK unless all the trees are fully grown. As of now, some of the trees are dying and needs to be replanted again. The whole project would take about a year or so.

I thank Mr Goo CK for his kind attention and good cooperations. Mr Goo will keep me inform on the other projects in due course.

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Andrew said...

17th July,2009 @ 0940 am:
Mr Goo CK of TMO called me:
He says 1) The court Lightings bulbs has been delivered to the contractors today. The contractors will dismantle the lamp posts and fix in the bulbs by Monday 20th July,2009.
2) TMO contractors will commence on the 2 feet wall at the west end of the lake by next week.
I thank Mr Goo for his information.