Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.168 - Dog's Poop.

Dear Residents,
Litterbugs of a different kind – dog’s poop.
ES Tung – New Straits Times 23rd Jul 09

Those walking their dogs in public areas should pick up the poop and get rid of it properly. They should be more considerate then let their pets pee and drop their poop anywhere they please.
In Britain, it is an offence to allow one’s dog to relieve themselves in public areas. Under the Dog(Fouling the Land) Act 1996 in England and Wales, the dog owners could be fined 40 Pounds(RM240) or up to 1000 Pounds(RM6,000) if the matter goes to court.

Why it has to be made an offence?
Dogs’ faeces carry the risk of toxocariasis, an infection of the round worm toxocara canis. The larvae, if it gets into the human body and reaches the liver, can cause abdominal pains and fever. If it reaches the eye, it can damage the retina and cause blindness.
A dog can pass out as many as 15,000 eggs of the worm per gramme of poop and each worm can lay up to 700 eggs a day. Released when the dog defecates, the worm can survives up to three years in the soil.
Dogs have ways of turning up uninvited outside our gates and along your side of the road. They would get stuck to car tires and get smeared all over the driveway. Sometimes, you may accidentally steps on them.

So residents, be considerate to your neighbors. The next time, dog’s lover should clear up after their pets and carrying along with them a poop bag when going for a walk with their pet.

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ganesh said...

what about cats? All poop is dangerous. But i fully agree about collecting your respective dog's waste.