Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 10 August 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.174 - BBRA's A Moment to Ponder.

BBRA's A Moment to Ponder.

BBRA's A Moment to Ponder.
"Let No One Say the past is dead, the Past is all about us and within . Let us rediscover that our strength lives in living our ideals, not talking about them. "- Barrack Obama
Are We Creating our Own rubbish dump & Ill Health? Yes, we are, if we destroy our beautiful Botanical Garden by randomly throwing rubbish.

The goal of this blog is also to bring Awareness to all residents of what is actually happening or had already happened. Some of the pictures may seems ruthless. But can each and everyone of us gives a Ponder of a Moment?

What is your personal opinion on this picture? ...Do you know who throw the rubbish?...Do you have any comments? ...And do you have any solutions?


BBRA KLANG 2 said...

There are adequate dustbins around, but still the problem persists. With A(H1N1) on the rise, people still do not realize the value of good hygiene and cleanliness.

If the youth who visit our parks each day behave without using their brains, then that must tell of the future of Klang. For they will grow up to be dirty litterbug adults.

There is a saying that you can receive an academic education, but as a human you are still not "educated" until you behave like one.

Parents should teach their children the value of cleanliness, more so during this trying time of a very deadly flu called Influenza A(H1N1).

Andrew said...

The Rubbish Throwers – would they throw out ringgits instead of discarded papers? Rubbish throwers should be ordered to pay fines by the MPK enforcement units. Throwing rubbish is a product of a sick mind. Therefore they should also throw their brains out too. These are the lazy people who always prefer to blame others for their reckless action!
Traditionally, people keep their houses spotlessly clean and tidy. This is what we want our Botanic Garden Home to be. The Botanic Garden is for All.

ganesh said...

this seems to be a recurring problem, but it's not just kids and outsiders. our own botanik dwellers are also guilty.
a few weeks back andrew helped me in getting alam flora to clear rubbish at the end of jenaris 5 and 7.this included garden rubbish, food, kitchen trash and prayer items.
so where do you start and where to end?