Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.186 - Are Racing Cyclists allowed on the Walking Path?

Dear Residents,

Bandar Botanic, Klang - Racing Cyclists on Walking Path. Do you hate them or love them? Are racing bicycles allowed onto the walking path?
- by some residents of Bandar Botanic.

Some elderly ladies who said that racing bicycles are not for the path commented at some cyclists from Bukit Tinggi riding fast around a lake with a small walking path with their racing bicycles. However, there were no bicycles sign and this small group of cyclists’ enthusiasts was there for cycling exercise on the every morning of Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday, from 6.30am - 7.15am riding their bikes at top speed oblivious of the pedestrians walking there. There were dog walkers, walking couples, kids and their mom or dad. A couple of walkers recovering from partial strokes were also walking there very slowly.

Some say its okay as long as the cyclist’s enthusiasts are considerate. Some say as long as they aren’t trying to race around corners or whatever, its okay. However, to us residents that stink because there is not enough room already, and each time the cyclists fly by, the pedestrians have to go to the side. It is the responsibility of the cyclists to the pedestrians. The walking track is not a racing track.

Racing bicycles can be annoying. They take up more space and pedestrians are slow. Maybe there should be stricter laws prohibiting racers cyclists into pedestrian’s walkway

Note the angles which the bicycles are leaning - meaning they are cycling fast.
Group of cyclists are growing daily.
The group of cyclists after a fast sessions round the lake.
Two of the cyclists on path meant for walkers.
Two cyclists on path meant for walkers.
Very fast indeed.
Two of the cyclists along the lake.
Note the old woman giving way.
Cyclists on walkway meant for padestrians.

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Timolty said...

These cyclists cycling along the path only to perform exercise to sweat out and not to take casual strolls smelling the sweet,fresh air. What do you think? They seems to be nice gentlemen but at certain stretch of the walkway path, they are cycling at devil speed up to 35mph! Very often, my rythmn of my walking pace has been disturbed by the 'rings-rings-rings' behind me and I have to break off my walking rythmn and stop to one side to avoid being crushed by these irresponsible cyclists. Is this walkway a racing track for bicycles? These are not oridnary bicycles - these are modified racing bicycles like those sportmen used in the Olympics or Commonwealth Games! Wake up Bandar Botanic residents! Dont be pushed over by these Outsiders from Bukit Tinggi and elsewhere.As residents, do you not think of the old man and women doing their walk there? Do you not think of those stroke patients exercising their limbs there? Do you not think of those parents pushing their baby in prams there? What about the small kids and children using the path - can they avoid these crazy cyclists in time? What about the old senior citizens from the low costs flats walking abong the path? They are not a member of the BBRA, then who are they to complain to? Those Low cost flats do not have a resident association. Its time to think and think hard, residents of Bandar Botanic Garden.