Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Saturday, 29 August 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.211 - A Moment to Ponder.

Dear Residents,

BBRA's A Moment to Ponder - A Man's Love for God.

BBRA's A Moment to Ponder.
"Let No One Say the past is dead, the Past is all about us and within . Let us rediscover that our strength lives in living our ideals, not talking about them. "- Barrack Obama
The church of Pastor John Lim and family
He has positioning this church for greatness and devotes his life to do what he loves most - to serve God. Pastor John Lim gave up a lot to serve in the ministry. He was a former Singapore EDB scholar who walked away from the corporate world to pastor a church. Pastor John also served as the second President of the BBRA for the Bandar Botanic Resident’s Association.

The goal of this blog is also to bring Awareness to all residents of what is actually happening or had already happened. Some of the pictures may seems ruthless. But can each and everyone of us gives a Ponder of a Moment?
What is your personal opinion on this picture? ....Do you have any comments? ...Do you have any more thought for Pastor John Lim or have you already forgotten him for his service in Bandar Botanic Resident’s Association?

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