Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Saturday, 15 August 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.181 - The 6th Cordial Visit to TMO.

Dear Residents,
The 6th Cordial Visit to TMO.

Dear All,

This morning BBRA Mr Choo of Landscape Portfolio have visited and met with Mr Goo of TMO to discuss on some matters regarding safety and landscape of Bandar Botanic. Here are the updates from him:

1) Plastic Barriers at the U-Turns - TMO has purchased the items. Waiting for delivery to replace the broken plastic barriers (now in pieces).

2) Water Pumps for the rock gardens - Waiting to install/implement - already approved after tendering process was done. Water pumps are for Kiara and Jenaris.

3) Concrete Wall Barrier - waiting for contractor to implement. i.e. buy bricks and cements.

4) Replanting process - Plants replanting process to be continue at Phase 3(Bidara) near bridge to Tai Chi Garden. The small garden area is unsightly. I told Mr Goo to replant the small area after the bridge.

5) Trees Planting - TMO cannot plant trees anymore. They can plant small plants and bushes.

6) Concrete Benches - Mr Goo will talk to their contractor first about putting benches between phases (small playground between phases).

Note: If we want to go ahead with planting more trees via private donations, we need to write a letter to MPK's Landscape director to get his approval first.

Phase 2

Following Mr Choo's updates, I have called Mr Goo to advise him of one lamp post at the Basketball Courts had blown out. Mr Goo says no problem as he already has the stock of new bulbs in hand and will do what is necessary to replace the broken bulb as soon as possible.

Regarding the damaged to pieces Plastic Blocks at the U-Turns, I advise him to get his contractors to removed them as soon as possible as the hugh rocks there might caused some accidents to motorists, especially at night.

Mr Goo confirmed my colleague Mr Choo has visited him in the morning and had some cordial and amicable discussions. I thank him for his help & cooperations to BBRA committee members Mr Choo and myself.

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