Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Saturday, 20 March 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.330 - BBRA-VISTA eye specialists.

Dear Residents,
A BBRA-VISTA Connections.
-Andrew Sum

No.15, Jalan Mahogani 5/KS-7,
Bandar Botanic,
41200 Klang.

Bandar Botanic Residents Association is working together with Vista Eye Specialist Klang to bring you special eye cares.
The Grand Opening of the Vista Carnival will be on the 26th March to 28th March 2010.
There will be Free Doctor Eye Checks, Free Refreshments and Fun-Filled Games on these dates.

Eye your way to the VISTA Eye Specialist Center in Klang for a fun-filled three-day carnival for the whole family from 26 - 28th March 2010.

Vista is one of the leading provider of eye care since its establishment in 1999. VISTA offers screening, treatment and consultative service pertaining to eyes.


General Eye Care & Vision Evaluation.

Glaucoma Screening & Treatment

Paediatric Eye Care

Diabetic Eye Diesease Evaluation & Monitoring

Age Related Macular Deneneration

Cataract Procedures

Shortsightedness; Lasik & iContact Lens

Laser Procedures (YAG, Argon).

The Carnival details are as follows:
26th March 2010
Time 2pm - 6pm
27th March 2010
Time 10am-6pm
28th March 2010
Time 10am-6pm

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