Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 19 March 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.327 - The Thana Letter.

Dear Residents,
The Thana Letter.
-Andrew Sum

Today, I present below a famous Letter written by Mr Thanapalan, to me for on-forwarding to TMO. This letter was written on 12th December,2009.

Good Day,

I have received a email from a resident from Angsana Phase and he presented 3 items of request to TMO which I hope you can try your best to fulfill:

1. The road design especially at the u-turns at Phase 6 and Phase 4 is inviting nasty accidents. At these areas, the roads should be made broader with extra lanes to allow cars coming from the many directions to flow gracefully into their lanes. Currently, the lanes are insufficient, narrow, short for clearance and their dotted lines are confusing - in fact inviting accidents. Already a number of accidents have occurred. What has happened to expert road designers with logical thinking designs.

My proposed remedy - is to add extra & broader lanes at Phase 6 & 4 u-turns stretches.

2. The lake from Phase 4 to the end of lake at Phase 6 badly needs one or two fountains to circulate the water. Currently, the water is stagnant & leads to stench & mosquito breeding.

3. The beautification of the lake area between Phase 4 & Phase 6 is poor with limited / stunted trees. Drainage of rain water & mud at the end of the lake from the walking track must be improved. Elements of pride in their work must be incorporated when undertaking garden beautification works.

Please consult your engineers & managements and I would appreciate if you can let me have your opinion as soon as possible. The residents of Jenaris and Angsana would be most appreciated and welcome to see further improvements to Bandar Botanic by TMO.

Thanapalan Kasipillai
Angsana Precinct.

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