Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 4 March 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.317 - Life Like That - Fishing fishing in our Lake.

Life Like ThatOutsiders Fisherman fishing in our Lake.
-Andrew Sum

Are the fishes released by our residents into our Botanical Lake more tasty and delicious than other fishes elsewhere?

In an episode yesterday, some residents spotted this man from outside, toting a fishing rod, hiding and fishing at the end of the Lake near Phase 1 Botanic West Roundabout. They reported this to the KKS Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral Manager Mr Veera.

Can you guess what did this man replied? Well, he blatantly told the security guards manager that he has got permission from the MPK to fish there! Why then does the MPK /Developers places sign of No Fishing in the area? It is like another kick in the gut by these outsiders.

However, Mr Veera told the fisherman that this lake does not belong to MPK but still belong to the Developer Harum Intisari Sdn.Bhd as they have not yet handed over to the MPK and insisted that he leave the area at once. The fisherman then stops fishing and moved away after some stern verbal warnings given.

I am writing this to Township Management Officer Mr Goo CK and those Enforcement Officers in the MPK so that they are aware of this.

The big question remains unanswered. Why the residents keep releasing fishes into the lake and outsiders continue catching them away? Fishes are very important to keep the ecology of the lake clean and healthy and more important they get rid of dengue mosquitoes’ larvae.

Its like young boys and girls throwing oranges into the sea during Chap Goh May (the 15th day of CNY) and unscrupulous fisherman netting them up to sell again.! Its like living off the expenses of the residents of Botanic. This solves the questions of why many of the fishes mysteriously ‘lost’.

Residents must not sit quietly on their dreams and keep ourselves deeply under wraps because what these outsiders did is diminishing our fishes in our lakes.

As BBRA Blog Administrator, here is my restrained, gracious and conscientious reply, when is enough, enough?

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Sunny Ho said...

Well I guess this is the reason why the fishes are getting less and less, or gone missing.

I took my daughter to the lake and she loves feeding the fishes but nowadays, no more fishes, just tortoise. Sad.....

Many times I also see people trying to catch or fish out the tortoise.

Our lake is already in a degrading condition and if the fishes go missing, stagnation of water will be even worse and mosquito bredding will definitely grow.