Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 15 March 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.322 - On River Weeds.

Dear Residents,
Stubborn and Obstinate Weeds.
-Andrew Sum

To: TMO - Mr Goo CK/Miss Julia

Dear Mr Goo,

Re: Stubborn & Obstinate River weeds

May I kindly refer to the stubborn and obstinate river weeds in your Retention Lake. These river weeds are growing in profusion and although you have at regular intervals engaged your contractors to clear them off, they obstinately returns after a spell.

One of our observant residents Mr C T reported that there are sparodic clumps of weeds alleged purposely or carelessly left behind by these contractors of yours making us feel that the sub contractors are purposely planting or sowing new weeds for their next "business" job of harvest from TMO. Ha ha ha. The contractors cannot blame them for raising their suspicions especially when fresh weeds grows in profusions after a spell. This shouldnt be so if they properly and deligently clears off 100% of everything.

It would also be too costly for TMO to maintain the contractors regularly if they do not do a clean and neat job at one go.

The residents hope that you would instruct your supervisors to really supervise them to do their job properly to get rid of the weeds once and for all, and this can be done if they do it step by step, river phase by phase, rather than allowing them 'jumping here now and there there later'.

All these are meaningful & positive suggestions from concern residents and hope your good office would response by taking them into kind consideration.

I hope your positive actions would induce hoorays from the residents as you have done so on several occassions, on which I am confident.

Bandar Botanic is a beautiful place where flowers bloom and so does hope.

This letter is writen with an open heart and mind, and a healthy dose of respect to TMO Mr Goo and Miss Julia and team.

Dear Andrew,
Would like to share some observation and comments on the water weedsmatter.Noticed clearing work was carried out recently, but if one were to lookclosely, it is easy to find clumps of the weeds here and there.2 questions came to mind:a. was it TMO's intention to leave some weeds behind to continue acting aswater filter?b. if a is negative, then the question falls on those workers doing theclearing work. Did they purposely leave some behind so that they cancontinue to get work in that area? If so, what is TMO doing about it?These water weeds grow very fast. In a month's time we should see asubstantial part of the pond choked with weeds again.RgdsC T
(P/s: I have spoken to TMO and Miss Julia says it is the job of the contractors to clear up the weeds 100%)

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