Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Friday, 19 March 2010

BBRAeNEWS No.326 - Thefts & Security.

To: All Residents

Dear Residents,
On Thefts and Security.
-Andrew Sum

Recently on 18th March, 2010, I received an sms saying that “there was a car break in reported in Bungor on Tuesday night and 3 cars parked outside at jalan Bungor 5, 6 & 9 respectively are involved. The owners lost valuables and reported to Police. Please be alert.”

I have checked with the KKS Security and they confirmed that is correct. However, they have reimbursed the loss to two of the car owners who are KKS paying members only. The other car owner was not given any reimbursement as he is not currently a paying member.

The point here is not to ‘cry over spill milk’ and not to question the professionalism of the KKS home guards. The purpose here is to find further ways in which how the residents can further assist the home guards to improve in their duty. Perhaps you have certain useful points which the KKS security has overlooked. By bring out these points, they can study and implement it.

If you have any constructive suggestions, views and opinions on how to enhance the improvement of the security in Bandar Botanic, kindly give your views and opinions into the BBRA blog comment box.

There are 2 ways in which you may post your comments:

1) Directly post your comments into the BBRA Blog by creating a gmail account.
2) If you need privacy & confidentiality, sent your comments to me via my personal
email ( and includes a pseudonym.


Ang said...

This is bad news indeed. And why is it always Bungor? Seems like it is a hot spot for crime.

In any case, I am not surprised by this news as often the KKS home guards have shown a lackadaisical attitude while at their post. They wave their hands at every vehicle that enters the precincts without checking.

Can they at least do a random check every now and then to make sure people do not take security lightly? Say every half-hour check one vehicle entering or exiting is already better than waving blindly.

KKS can also beef up security during this period of time by making sure cars or at least paying members have their precinct stickers on their cars for identification.

What I am very shocked to read is that KKS paid compensation. Paying owners will feel some form of vindication that justifies paying RM40 each month. So now it further reaffirms the cycle that you must pay, to avoid being a helpless victim.

Is KKS going to go bankrupt if this continues to happen to its paying members? Or is KKS part of this conniving scheme? From what I last heard from them, paying members have increased tremendously!

I wonder if KKS can be sued for negligence even by a non paying member? It appears that KKS is indirectly telling thieves and robbers that it is okay to target non-KKS paying members.

Kelvin TEE said...

What is happening in Bandar Botanic nowsadays? Will this car break-in cases ever end? Cos my wife's car parked inside the house compound in Jenaris 4 was ransacked early this morning; she forgot to lock its door.

When I was trying to inform the guard at the guard house, a resident from Jenaris 6 also stopped by and inform that 2 of his neighbors cars were also being being hit.

The thing that made me angry is when I lodged a police report at the Bukit Tinggi police station and the police officer that took down my report said it is our fault (carelessness) as we did not lock the car door! What is this? I make an effort to make a police report and all I get is a smack-in-the-face from the police?! I vent my dissatisfaction at the officer over his remark and he tried to 'cover' his mistake by quickly stating that what he meant is that the carelessness is only one of the factor. A total disgrace to the police force.

Epoch said...

KKS should come clean on this. They are allowing too many unknown people into our residential areas. I have seen motorbikes coming in to Angsana from against the flow of traffic, have no helmets, but the guards do nothing because they look like friends from the same kampung (what a shame!) Maybe same rumah panjang.

KKS must be held responsible. In my opinion! They have neglected their duties and have FAILED!