Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 19 February 2009

BBRAeNews No.49 - Unsettled Monkey Problems in Bandar Botanic.

Monkeys problems in Bandar Botanic.
We received a correspondence complaint from a resident addressed to the MPK regarding monkeys problems in Bandar Botanic. We believe that MPK En Muhammad Hijaz b.Sanuzi(Director of Parks and Recreations) have redirect and written to Jabatan Perhilitan Liar. We hope officers from Jabatan Perhilitan Liar would now look into the matter.
The following is an abstract of correspondences involved:
Re: Aduan Berkenaan Monyet Yang Berkeliaran
Thursday, February 19, 2009 3:50 PM
"Thanapalan Kasipillai"
"Mislan bin Tugiu" , "Zulkifli Abbas"
Saya amat berterima kasih respond tuan. Walaubagaimanapun, saya kurang faham maksud "ianya adalah dibawah tanggungjawab pihak Perhilitan Liar". Adalah pihak MPK akan berurusan dgn Jabatan tersebut atau menjadi tanggungjawab saya utk berurusan dgn mereka?

Bukankah Taman tersebut dibawah jagaan MPK?

Terima kasih.



On 2/17/09, Jabatan Kesihatan <> wrote:


Dengan segala hormatnya merujuk kepada email tuan bertarikh 8 Januari 2009 mengenai perkara tersebut di atas.

2. Dimaklumkan bahawa pihak Majlis telah menyiasat aduan mengenai beberapa ekor monyet yang berkeliaran di kawasan taman/kolam di Bandar Botanic, Klang dimana ianya adalah dibawah tanggungjawab pihak Jabatan Perhilitan Liar.

3. Sekian, perhatian dan kerjasama pihak tuan didalam membantu mengatasi permasalahan ini amatlah dihargai dan didahului dengan ucapan terima kasih.



Anonymous said...

One must be clear on duties of the government departments, the state ones and the federal ones as well. For these departments report to different governments, PR and BN respectively since we reside in Selangor. Hahaha.

Then again, when the monkeys are swinging in Phase 2 (near LCL house in Rhu 2) it is definitely a state matter or to be more specific, a local council matter BUT if those monkeys were to swing to the trees bordering Phase 3 and Kesas Highway, it will be a different matter - the Federal. Hehehe.

The fastest solution is to pass the hat round and engage some local "John Wayne" character as in "Hatari" to put an end to the monkey business in our Tanam ... I meant Taman. Hohoho.

No Guarantee Guy

Anonymous said...

I stay at Jln Rhu 2 and my spouse spend much time in the garden on the plants and flowers. We are already disappointed on the unfair behavior of a neighbour who parked his lorries in front of our house blocking our view. Every morning when his drivers start the 5 lorries, the noise is unbearable and a nuisance in breaking our sleep. For goodness sake, we thought in buying a semi-d house near a lake we will enjoyed serenity and quietness but we have the misfortune of having monkeys (those without tails and walk upright) within our neighbourhood.

As to those swinging monkeys (those with tails) I will appreciate if BBRA can organise a shooting competition to shoot these monkeys before they continue to destroy my beautiful garden completely. I pray to God for some justice, for some shooters to negligently missed the swinging monkeys and shoot those upright walking monkeys. Catch what I mean.

LCL/Rhu 2

Anonymous said...

First we have the cow, then the dog and now the monkey issues in our Bandar Botanic. Lets pray the other animals in the Zodiac keep out, haha.

It is clear that MPK is not at all efficient in resolving such issues or for that matter, most issues raise to them. The cow may be too big for them to tackle, while the monkeys too wild but surely MPK has a dog catching team. Too busy?

Sadly, we have in our midst those who are worse than the animals stated, YES, those that walk and stand upright. My sympathies go to the resident at Rhu 2.

Anonymous said...

It is good things that you sir had highlighted this monkey business, I forsee the danger it can happen when they get hungry and start attacking our childrens. Last week my maid told me about ten monkeys running around Kiara area and tried to climb through my windows. Residents please be careful and watch your childrens when they play outside.