Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

BBRAeNews No.57 - Complaints on Kindergardens in housing areas.

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The Bandar Botanic Resident Association(BBRA) have had received a lot of complaints from residents on the illegal kindergardens being set up at Bandar Botanic, Jenaris Precint. Up till now, the BBRA does not know whether actions have been taken by the MPK to ask these kindergardens to close down or shift out to a different area away from the residential area. The residents are still getting more and more fed-up with cars after cars, coming and going, in morning and in the evening. Residents whose house are next door or near by cannot stand the noise and there is no peace at all. This Botanical Garden is suppose to be a peaceful heaven for folks who have invested a lot of their savings to buy a house expecting peace & serenity, pleasant to live in. But now the illegal kindergardens have turn their lives into havoc and disarray. They have no peace of mind. When they go out to work, leaving their grand mothers and grand fathers in the house, these old folks have no rests. How to retire their old age in a peaceful way? Again, when then return from work, they themselves also can find no rests. Bandar Botanic is not peaceful again as they use to be before they set ups of the illegal kindergardens. When will the authorities act? The illegal kindergardens stills functions as normal!!
Dear Residents,

It is not that the matter was not raise to the authorities. It was raise on 5th Feb and then 19th Feb. The complainant has also raise the issue directly to MPK and intend to bring the matter to the Ministry of Education. Good, at least we have one more proactive resident.

We all know the Government machinery, always very slow in reacting especially in such matters. We just have to be patience and continue sending repeated reminders and wait. Alternatively, we can create a protest and call in the Press to highlight the issue. This will attract better attention and faster reaction. Ben
2009/2/22 Resident

From A Resident:
I feel extremely disappointed that actions has not been taken by the authorities regarding the mushrooming kindis in our area. If this issue drags on with no outcome I will lodge a complain to the higher authorities and get it down to the media.

Let's be rational about this. We are the residents. We want peace and serenity with good neighbourhood, security and clean environment. If we are living in a condition that is expose to the outsiders then problems will start to set in. Like I said, now they may have 30 students, what will happen when they have maybe 60? Kindergartens operating without license are irresponsible people who do not even know the requirement. Standard requirement by the Ministry of education is not more than 15 to 18 students in one class ie. for K1 and K2 (age 6 and age 5). However, teacher ratio for Playhouse or nursery is 10-12 to one teacher. It means one school can cater for maximum 40-45 children. Kids needs space and because of business they pack in 25-30 kids in class. Did the authority check on this? It is getting very serious as the vehicles that comes in and out during peak hours is uncontrollable and the cars parked on the pavement where our poor grasses are being destroyed overtime.

My grievances if not heard will definitely reach the Ministry of Education Dept.
From Dissappointed Resident

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