Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

BBRAeNews No.54 - Land Encroachment at TNB High Tension Power Cable Towers.

Land Encroaching- Whose land does it belongs to, TNB, MPK or TMO?
-contributed by A Resident.
There is extensive encroachments of land between Bukit Tinggi and Bandar Botanic with 4 freshly fenced areas. One is a corral for the cows and one is for commercial cultivation of plant nurseries. The 2 others are yet unknown. Whether the settlers are given TOL (temporary occupation licenses) or not is unknown. As far as we know, the TNB ‘danger’ signboards are still there.
A reporter in the Star Metro, yesterday highlighted that some residents are shocked and complained that the cows are now systematically being housed in an enclosed area , creating a cattle farm which is an eyesore to the residents. Previously the poor cows walked from Bukit Tinggi 1 to Bukit Tinggi 2 and then to Bandar Botanic, obstructing traffic most of the time. Citizens and children are being frightened by the cows crossing the roads. However, it is hope that the cow herders should find a more permanent home for the cows in the country side rather than in a residential and commercial area.

Points which Star Metro, in yesterday's paper, did not bring out were:

1) The Star Metro did not point out 3 other fresh plots of extensive encroached land under the High Tension Power Cables as well as the other older encroachments on the other side opposite Phase 6 (Angsana). However, the older encroachments are being used for domestic purposes and not commercial.

2) The Star Metro also did not point out the land belongs to whom. From the TNB sign, it only says Danger High Voltage. However, I have found another sign board mentioning that the land belongs to TMO (Harun Intisari Sdn.Bhd).with the following words “KAWASAN PERSENDIRIAN DILARANG MASUK. PENCEROBOH AKAN DIDAKWA-HARUN INTISARI SDN BHD.

3) One of the fresh enclosures have a sign board for nusery which reads PROMOSI JUALAN PEMBUKAAN NURSERI, BANDAR BOTANIC.

Negative aspect:
1) As long as the land is approved & issued with TOL, it is their jurisdiction. The BBRA have no say. However, it is dangerous for plant nurseries to be set up under High Tension Power Cables lines and when the residents stop by there would be an obstruction of traffic with cars parking at the side of the roads not meant for parking. Will the Traffic Cops issue Summons then? Residents be aware.
2) The creation of a Cattle Farm. Residents what is your opinion?
3) The high tension power electrical cables are very dangerous and we would not encourage residents to go near the Power Cables Towers. Would you encourage your children to go near to these high tension power lines?
What are your comments?
The following is an extract from Star Metro:
Monday February 23, 2009
Klang folk puzzled by corral
Story and photo by ELAN PERUMAL

RESIDENTS of Bandar Bukit Tinggi and Bandar Botanic in Klang are puzzled over the presence of a corral between the two housing estates.
They suspect that a cowherd, who in the past had let the cattle graze around the two housing estates, had recently built the enclosure.
Some 50 heads of cattle have been penned near a roundabout between Bandar Botanic and Bandar Bukit Tinggi.
A section of the road reserve, which separates Bukit Tinggi and Taman Botanic, has been fenced up with wire fencing to accommodate the cows.
The presence of the cattle under the high tension cables and a stone’s throw from the Jusco Mall in Bukit Tinggi has many residents feeling uneasy.
Mystery: The corral is a stone’s throw from the Jusco Mall.
A check by StarMetro revealed that the fence had been covered with old planks, rusty zinc sheets and even banners.
A Bandar Botanic resident, who identified himself only as Lim, said he was shocked to spot the enclosure last week.
He said the cows used to feed in the open areas and parks in the housing estate previously.
“They were a nuisance and we often found them a threat when they roamed in large numbers.
“The cattle also often obstruct traffic and we have to be very careful, especially at night,” he said.
Ng Chin Peng, 45, from Bukit Tinggi, said it was unbelievable that a “cattle farm” was allowed in the area.
She noted that it was located between two of the town’s most popular townships.
“It is an eyesore and a real shame, especially as it is located so close to one of the country’s biggest shopping malls.”

1 comment:

Ben Phang said...

The matter was raise to MPK on 8Feb with copy to Masami Mustaza of the Malay Mail with photos attached as per her request. Jacob Thomas had copied it to a friend who is a senior officer at TNB and Thana has kindly volunteer to enquire on the matter.

The land definitely belongs to TNB and TNB has a danger sign which states no encroachments EXCEPT with their permission. Apparently TNB knows better who, when or what the danger will strike.

Our concern should not be who, when or what gets roasted or electrocuted. Its the haphazard parking of vehicles along the new highway when business starts at these fenced up area. Do we wait for an accident?