Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 26 February 2009

BBRAeNews No.60 - Aedes Fumigation.

Dear residents,
Let me touch on the subject of Aedes Fumigation today.
-contributed by Patricia.
While it is a healthy practice to do some aedes fumigation of the Bandar Botanic residential areas, the residents themselves must be aware and able to differentiate whether the fumigation contractors are private and whether they are legitimate & bona fide ones from the Kerajaan Kesihatan. Those from the Kerajaan Pejabat Kesihatan are free and do not charge the residents a single cents. If you make a report to MPK's health department, they will sent their fumigation team to fumigate the area free of charge and before they do that they will also distribute you with MPK circular that they will be fumigating your area.

Recently some house residents and those renting the houses alleged claim that a private fumigating company told them that they are from the Kerajaan and were told to pay up $80.00 per fumigation per house. However if these residents are aware that these are genuine private companies and are willing to pay the $80.00 then it is a fair game. But you need not pay anything to them if they are from the G


Hannah said...

You are right, residents do not to pay for the fumigation. I have just written to the Pengarah Jabatan Kesihatan, MPK requesting fumigation in Bandar Botanic. TMO is informed and we shall monitor that work is done soonest.

BBRA said...


Hi,Resident Hannah,

Terima Kasih.

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