Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 23 February 2009

BBRAeNews No.52 - Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral

To: Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral of Bandar Botanic.
To: Mr Vinutharajan-KSS(Security Manager),
cc: Mr Ben Phang (Security Affairs-BBRA

cc: Mr John Lim(President-BBRA )

Re: BBRAeNews No.43 - A resident's comments on Kawalan Sentral Securities

Dear Mr Vinutharajan of Kawalan Security Sentral, a very good day to you.
Reading the BBRA Blog newsletter No. 43, we would be most appreciated and honored if perhaps can you give the worried & frustrated resident who comment on Kawalan Sentral Securities a positive and constructive reply?

Maybe you can highlight to the residents what are the positive steps you are taking to improve. We am very sure there are steps your managers would have taken.
With Best Regards.

Anonymous said...
I am one of those who pays for the security services and I reside in Phase 2. I was given a car sticker for the guards to identify me when I drive in at the check point at entrance. However, I noticed that the security guards at the gate is waving every vehicle in without stopping them to check irespective whether the vehicles have stickers or not.A resident at Kiara 9 have 5 small lorries and have his drivers park the lorries at along the junction in Kiara 9 and Rhu 2. MPK and JPJ officers have issued summons but that guy is adamant in parking his lorries and blocking our view despite several residents complaining directly to him. He will not move, may be after his lorries get burnt.The question upon Kawalan Sentral is why do your guards allow the lorries to daily enter a residential area? I am thinking about putting the RM40 to better use.
21 February 2009 22:57



Ang said...

Following up on the five lorries:

At Angsana or phase 6, at the end of road 2 where there is a TNB substation, almost every night there is a Petronas tanker that is parked there. How can the security guards not notice this?

Rada said...

The 5 lorries should not be there but they are and the owner is very adamant that it is his right. The tanker should not be there either. Wonder how these lorries keep entering our Taman? Surely through our guarded entrances! They can't fly in every night, can they?

I have consider to stop paying the RM40 and if Sentral continue this slip shoddy services, I will and my neighbours will join in.

Kiara 9/Rhu 2