Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 26 February 2009

BBRAeNews No.59 - A Resident's Correspondence.

Dear Residents, Yesterday I have received a correspondence from the president of BBRA Mr John Lim giving his view and opinion on the TNB Cows-Nursery Issue.
From: "John Lim"
With regards to the TNB land between Bandar Botanic and Bukit Tinggi, a cow barn and a flora nursery have recently been set up. Star Metro (24 & 25 Feb.), reported that that the Klang Municipal Council is taking action against the cattle farmers. This is well and good since the cows have been allowed to roam freely for many years.My wish is to see no more cows roaming along the dual-link road linking Bandar Botanic and Bukit Tinggi. Residents from both sides of the housing estates have had to bear with the cows’ nuisance and the danger these cows pose to motorists. Now that the authority has assured us that they have captured and will continue to capture the cows and relocate them, we should be grateful that cow-free days are ahead of us. However, should the authority failed to capture the cows and there are cows still roaming along the road and housing estates, then why not keep the cows in the barn for now – at least for the safety of motorists and the cleanliness of the environment.Now, if the authority is taking action against the cow barn farmers then they should also take action against the flora nursery owner. It is also set-up on TNB land. And with cars and lorries frequently parked near its entrance, one half of the road is taken up and this obstruct the free flow of traffic. No business should be allowed to operate along a fast moving road. This, the Klang Municipalities Council is aware of and action must be taken against such operators.

So, I shall waiting to see the illegal fence fencing the cows and the nursery taken down very soon.

John Lim


Ben Phang said...

Appropriately this correspondence should be posted as comments in BBRAeNews No. 58.

Two wrongs do not equal to one right. It was wrong for the cattle farmer to allow his animals to roam freely and be a nuisance to residents. It is also wrong that the cows be kept in a "barn" along two dual carriage roads of two housing estate.

MPK had said they will take action and they must. It is a let off to even think MPK should failed to capture the cows, they have no excuse. IF there are cattle still roaming along the road, I suggest residents organise a BBQ night. Hehe, the fung shui master do not recommend eating beef in the Year of the Ox.

Do you notice that TNB is silent on the issues. Surely such a big corporation has responsibilities to the residents in Bandar Botanic and Bukit Tinggi, wse are your customers. How much rent can you receive from the 3 tenants under your high tension cables? All it need is 1 accident and TNB will stand to lose much much more.

Rada said...

Right is right, wrong is wrong and action should be taken against any illegal activities.

Residents of both housing estates should not compromise least we end up with a monkey santuary or a dog compound.

My Kiasu said...

Hi BB Residents,

I used to be a BB resident but still an immediate neighbour from across at Bkt Tinggi II.

I 100% support the removal of all activities under the danger zone - TNB High Tension Cable (not insulated nor protected). There are better places for such activities and the state government should intervene immediately. Its exactly a year and the new councillors are behaving exactly like the previous ones. What a disappointment.

Bandar Botanic as the name suggest should have been a garden theme with plenty of trees planted. Compare the number of trees in both our neighbourhood and BB should ideally be Bandar Botaknic. Sorry, no offence meant but just to show the developer's after sales responsibilities.

Look at the newly built dual carriageway and you will know what I mean about Botak. There are vast spaces for planting trees and beautifying the area rather than a shit cattle barn and bare nursery.

Ex BB Resident