Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 25 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.118 -Tong Shing Thian Temple at PT126544

Dear Residents,
We wish to highlight to residents so that they are aware of the MPK Notice Board on a piece of Bandar Botanic Land being allocated for the building of a Chinese Temple . MPK has received an application by a religious association from PERTUBUHAN PENGANUT TONG SHING THIAN, of Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam to build a Rumah Ibadat bukan Islam (Tokong - 1 unit).

Location: Near the border of the park towards Phase 6 and the row of shop houses.

This notice which states that if no objection is filed within 21 days of notice (4hb Mei 2009), then the said Temple will proceed as plan.

(BBRA IS NEUTRAL and is not against nor support for any religious places of worship.)


cyberziq said...


I'm from phase 6 and I did speak to phase 6 reps - Mr Vincent and Mr Nai, on MPK's notice to build the temple. From the discussion with most people from various roads, almost all do not agree with the plan for the temple but since the notice was put up quite quietly, we were left with minimal time to file protest.

However, at least three letters had been submitted to MPK last week and therefore within the term of the notice period.

In short, the project is now NOT DEEMED AS APPROVED.

I can understand the sensitivity that makes BBRA choose to remains neutral however please note that those 20 residents who signed the letters are from multi races and religious backgrounds.


Jonathan said...

BBRA choose to remain neutral, thats what they say. But did any residents or group of residents approach them to ask for help since they are your legal residents' association.Why remaining neutral cannot assists in any way? Then what is the point of having a residents' association?
I am sure BBRA has more knowledge of what is going on. Did any residents ask them for further informations? BBRA should not keep the residents in the dark.