Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 11 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.112 - The Results of The Sunday Morning Walk and Talk.

The Results of the Sunday Morning Walk and Talk.
Just as the sayings goes “One small step on the moon, one giant leap for mankind”.
BBRA has taken the initiative to go down to meet the residents at ‘grass-roots’ level. This is the initial stage of the new 2009 BBRA Administration. A word of sincere thanks should also goes to Mr George and his team, who gave in a joint cooperative affort.
Let us hear more from the other Committees.

In the words of the President:
1) It was a good start. Even though the turn up is only around 20 people, but i can feel that some of them can be is our potential active BBRA members.
2) I agree with ben, the next walk can be done in the evening on saturday/sunday. We should encourage more committee to attend. even if not many resident turn up, the committee can bond better and discuss our activities during the walk.
3) Many topics were discussed and many suggestions has given by them as well. Mainly:
a) How to improve water quality and cleanliness of the surrounding
b) Erosion in some area
c) How to educate the resident about the kitchen discharge
d) Foreigners and public who are using the gazebos
e) Parking on the grass area
f) More events / communication channels to get more resident to know each other
4) One interesting fact I found from one of the P3 resident .Pls refer to photo attached. The benches from the gazebo was cut and taken away. He claimed that he saw a few indonesian cut it and he went to ask from the indon why they want to cut it. Apparently they were instructed by one of P3 resident, because he don't like the foreigner and couples to sit/sleep there. Anybody has any suggestion what shall we do on this matter?
5) Many of those resident who came love the park and the neighborhoods. But I believe they do not understand how they can channel their opinion and grouses effectively.
6) A few guys gave me their contact nos and email. I will send out in my next email so that we can include them in the resident list.

In the words of Ben,
1) BBRA must make this at least once a month affair.
2) We should do some of the walks on Saturday evenings, 5.30pm to 7.00pm.
3) The main item discussed this morning was as expected, the security matter.

It’s a start and hopefully more residents will turn up in future walks. For this one, lets give the residents the benefit of the doubt .... they were not aware .......

In the words of another committee member:
1.) Yesterday's meeting is a very good indicator to gauge the support from BBRCC. Now we know that even as a combined effort, there's an opportunity for us to reach out to more residents.. I believe credit must go to the President who started with a very good intro on identifying the real problem which is "ourselves".

2.)Judging from the reception of yesterday, there were many ladies who look like potential candidates to lead BBRA in charity, welfare, etc.

3.) I hope more Committee Members can make an effort to attend or at least, send an email before hand stating their unavailability on the day. 4.)I refer to Halim's interesting comment. Just because some foreigners (also humans who did nothing wrong and can be hardworking labourers) and couples were relaxing on the bench he goes and instruct people to cut them away. IF this becomes a precedent, does that mean he can destroy the park because he doesn't want foreigners to come and play football and basketball? Can he also exterminate all the fish from the pond to stop outsiders from seeing our lake?
5.)Just a note, we should be serious with what we want out of the walk or any meetings. If out of say 20 office bearers, only 6 show up, then i am not surprised as to why out of 3,000 houses and 9,000 residents, only 30 (max) shows up. On that note I would like to give my thumbs up to Jacob Matthews who said he could not attend but still made it to the park to lend his support - even with his Church attire. Committee members who are directly involved in any related activity must make an effort to attend. Also, every event is a membership opportunity so why not get the person holding the membership portfolio involved too?
Best regards,Committee Member

In the words of Jacob Mathews,
Dear All, Sorry, I was not able to participate the walk. But I am managed to meet few residents during the introduction. I would say that it is a good start for all interested residents and our community. I should be available for similar events in future( preferably Saturday and Sunday evening).

In the words of Mr Sunny Ho – a resident:
Well, a short view on the Sunday Morning Walk and Talk. I can say that it is a very good start for all of us to get to know our neighbors. Although the crowd is not that impressive but it is still a good start. I can say that for those who attended the Sunday event benefited by making new friends, and for some getting in touch with old friends and neighbors. Most of all, I think what everybody gained are information, the happenings and action points being taken, and most of all understanding of the Bandar Botanic lake and park, the problems faced and etc.

It is also good of Ben Phang to give a brief intro of what will be happening in terms of the security in Bandar Botanic.

All these activities and info are very important information to the residents and from here I think the residents will be more aware, and will also look forward to help in any activities organized.
Overall, a good start to connecting with the residents.
Regards, Sunny Ho
In the words of Mr George:
Dear Mr Halim, (cc copy Andrew)

I really appreciate your initiative to organize the morning walk on Sun 10 May 09.
Despite such a `last minutes' notice received on Sat, thanks to the internet, I could managed to broadcast to all our members immediately i received it. Respond from members are very encouraging. Some even called me up to confirm the morning walk the next day.

I believe that every one of us is working towards for the betterment of Bandar Botanic and each one of us could have their own style of working.
I applaud you for your leadership, open mindedness, transparency and addressing the main issues in Bandar Botanic particular on park, lake' and crime issues.
Actually we are going towards the same vision here as:-
To have a open heart of accepting people with different style of working but with the same vision is not an easy job and need a great wisdom!
A lot of grass root work need to be done ie on communication and get to know residents before we are going to the next level.

Well done and hope to keep up your good work!

In the words of Mr Thanapalan:
Dear Andrew,The walk was good. We get to know our neighbors better. UNITY IS STRENGTH. We now need to mobilize the residents. BBRA has come a long way. It's nice to see it getting stronger. A stronger BBRA, means a united neighborhood. WE SHOULD DO THE WALK MORE FREQUENT. In fact the regular walkers & runners should do it together on a weekly basis.Many thanks to Ben, Jacobs, Halim, Ong, Andrew & some of the earlier committee members. Many Thanks to Eallen Perumal & gang for putting so much of time & effort to get BBRA started. We should celebrate the first protem committee's great work."FRIENDS HELP FRIENDS SUCCEED"
Thanapalan Kasipillai


Jonathan said...

It is a good step forward.

Andrew Sum said...

I look at it this way. The President, his committees and those who were presents (including yourself and others), they all left a bit of themselves behind. That day, we touch people's lives and when doing so, we touch people with kindness and love and we make the load a little lighter for others.

By doing little act of kindness, we are 'leaving' a bit of ourselves behind as what we have done for others would remain in their hearts for a long time to come.