Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Monday, 18 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.117 - Meeting with Charles Santiago.

Meeting with Charles Santiago.
Contributed by BBRA
A meeting was organised by Member of Parliament for Klang, YB Charles Santiago on 17th May (Sunday) for representatives of resident associations in Klang to have a dialogue with representatives from M.P.K., Police, J.K.R., Syabas, Alam Flora, Indah Water and several Councillors (5).

Those present included,

1) M.P.K. - En Mohd Zahid, Setiausaha dan Timbakan YDP
- Puan Norfizah, PRO (H/P 012-2303781) Email

2) Police - Supt. Chong
- ASP Chang Song Tar (H/P 012-287 1411)

3) Councillors - Mr. Tee Boon Hock (H/P 019-3329092) Email
(Bandar Botanic under his kawasan)

Mr. Ang Mah Chye (H/P 019-6629146) Email
(Pandamaran under his kawasan

Many matters were raise to the authorities concerned and there were fair exchange of views and problem solving.

Representing BBRA were Selvaraj, Choo and Ben. We raise 2 matters concerning the activities (nursery and cow farm) underneath the high tension wire which MPK reconfirmed that no licenses were issued and the matter should be referred to Pejabat Tanah for further action. The second matter was the unlicensed kindergartens and child care centers which Mr. Tee Boon Hock said that the matter had been referred to the State Government. These centers had appealed to YB Tuan Ronnie Liu and since it has been referred to the State, Mr. Tee Boon Hock claimed to let the state deal with the matter.

Ben told the meeting that MPK had in an official reply to BBRA mentioned that the OSC (One Stop Center) had decided that none of the yet to be licensed centers will have their licenses considered. Ben further added that MPK had a rule requiring any 2nd center to be sited more than 200 meter radius from a licensed one (Tadika Kristal at No. 10, Jenaris 2) and in this respect none of the yet to be licensed qualified. Ben then expressed his appreciation to MPK for discharging their duties in accordance to its rules and regulations and without fear or favor. Our only concern is the tolak ansur attitude and or political consideration or interference resulting in the continued operation of these unlicensed centers. YB Charles Santiago had voiced his concern and support on the non interference.


kamalsaferin said...

Im one of Botanic resident, i had witnessed 2 incident involving botanic lovely pets 'the cows'. My question is when they had taken long time for any action? Are the waiting for someone to die because of this cows scatred around? Im working in media prima (TV3), im planning the news buletin to highlight this on the news at 9PM, momentarilly i still yet to get some photos for justification to the news department, so to the developer or any body suppose to be responsible on this, you just wait because you will get famous, just imagine the headline says 'COWS FARM IN BANDAR BOTANIC'

Selva said...

Most residents are against the cow farm except for a very small number of animal lovers. Logically, the place is meant to be kept vacant. MPK had confirmed that the matter is with the Land Office. The developer disclaim any involvement and even the leveling which we all know resulted from "super charging" of the land.

Kamal, it will be best if you can get TV3 to highlight this matter as most people will become responsible when shameful matters like this is highlighted in the media.

BBRA said...

Dear all,
The cow issue in BB is under the preview of court case. I don't think that we can expect some thing good unless the court is make the final verdict. As we all aware the court proceeding takes very long time. But the cows under the power cable lines can be complained to land office who owns the land.

Personally,I don't think, it is wise idea to bring this issue to media as it will affect the image of BB. The property price also may be affected.


MS 010

Andrew Sum said...

I spoke to ASP Chang & TMO Goo. TMO will assist remove some zinc partitions surrounding the Bandar Botanic Police Pondok. The BBRA Vice President Jacob Mathews will be looking into it further to assist Mr Goo.

Charlie said...

Pending the court decision, should not the cows be detained? If we wait for the court decision, I am afraid by that time, the cows would have been send to the slaughter house. Take a look, the cows are increasing in nombers. M339