Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Thursday, 7 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS NO.110 - Flimsy Tree Planting Job Along the Highway.

To Township management - Mr Goo Chee Kang
Fm: Andrew Sum

Township contractor’s flimsy planting of trees along the highway.
The following was send by A Resident to me.
“If you notice, Township’s Contractors tree planting has been a partial failure along the main road. The old trees planted years ago still remain stunted. Now they are planting in the center area.

The plants are bound not to grow as they do not remove the cement and acidic stuffs that has been buried when the construction took place. What is needed is digging at least 3 feet in depth & width, replace the soil & then plant the trees.
Already a number of plants are drying up. Your Planting Contractors are really doing a slip sort of job.”
Andrew Sum: I went to Township to see Mr Goo this morning. At the meeting between Mr Goo Chee Kang and Andrew Sum this morning on 7-5-09 @ 0900 hours at Mr Goo office in Township Ambang Botanic, and the above was discussed in a most cordial and friendly manner. (There are other matters pertaining to Bandar Botanic’s Lake discussed for which I will post in into the next Blog.)
Mr Goo was very kind and responsive. He took note of the situation and thanks me for informing him of such. He would ensure the implementation of the proper planting of trees by the contractors. He also says not to worry as the Contractors are on tenders and there is a warranty period for the trees to grow.
If the young trees died, then the contractors have to dig it out and replant them again with new trees saplings. Mr Goo stressed that his aim and purpose is to follow and carry out what was laid out, discussed and promised by TMO, in the Minutes of the Tour of the Lakes Meeting on 28th March,2009.
I thank him for his good cooperations.


Ben Phang said...

The choice of trees is of utmost importance and I am surprised that the developer and/or township management have selected such unsuitable trees. Look at all the trees planted in Precint Jenaris. Most of them have "died" or rot away. The trees selected were not suitable and residents have to clear a lot of fallen dried leaves. So when the trees disappeared, residents were relieved.

Mr. Goo should take a ride round Jenaris and study for himself and hopefully when they launched P7 and P8, they don't repeat the same mistake.

Lim said...

Its good to note that Harum Intisari, the developer is responding to comments and suggestions from residents of Bandar Botanic through BBRA effort and its Blog. Bigger and more trees are being planted. Thank you Harum Intisari, such co-operation will augur well for Bandar Botanic and you as the developer.

After the planting, the follow up in watering the plants every day for the next couple of months is important to ensure the growth of these plants.

Jimmy said...

Patience is a virtue, more so when we are seeking the good offices of others. Persiaran Botanic is near completion and the landscape job is on going. Harum had open up part of the link with Jusco BT, in allowing traffic returning from Jusco to enter the roundabout in BB. Surely but steadily problems and anomalies are being resolved. Lets hope this momentum is continued for the overall goodness of Bandar Botanic and the interests of residents and the developer, Harum Intisari. Keep it up.