Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Bandar Botanic Layout Plan

Sunday, 3 May 2009

BBRAeNEWS No.109 - Crime Watch

Crime - House Theft & Surveillance
Contributed by A Resident

Case I
House Broken in: Bungor Phase
Date: Sunday 26th April,2009
Time: 4pm
Nature of Crime:
2-3 thieves tied the owner when he return back home. The owner lost a Laptop, Play Station, money etc. This is 6th or 7th break in Bungor area. Please ask our residents around to be more alert.

Case II
House Broken in: Jenaris Phase (Jalan Jenaris 8)
Date: Sunday 3rd May,2009
Time: 1pm
Nature of Crime:
2-3 thieves broke into the house when the owner was not in. The owner lost 2 TV, money, etc. This is the 2nd break in Jenaris 8 alone. Please ask our residents around to be more alert.

It looks like PDRM at the new Police Pondok in Bandar Botanic is very keen to work with communities and RAs to resolve the crimes around. Our residents must be together in facing the crime issues in Bandar Botanic.

Kawalan Keselamatan Sentral ? ...We leave it to your comments.


Jonathan said...

The KKS - they are not active and useless. The main doors and house doors are open and yet they dont stop to investigate. Just imagine 7 break-ins in Bungor alone. If each phase has 5 break-is during the last few years, it means 7 x 5 is 35 break-ins and not 1 thief being caught. You got to change them for a more efficient company.

Jimmy said...

Residents especially the security paying ones know what need to be done and I understand BBRA had made a decision to change some time back BUT the residents got to come together to make the decision.

If you pay for services and when the services is not up to the level expected, paying residents must decide or at the very least give the mandate to the residents association to decide on the changes required.

Just commenting and lamenting on your neighbor's misfortune of having his house broken into will never make any head way in solving this problem. You never know, the next affected resident could be you and pray that its only personal belongings that are lost. These invasions can be traumatic and tragic.

The Bandar Botanic Pondok Polis including the Bukit Tinggi Polis Station are ill equipped and under staffed to be able to provide adequate patrol services. That is the basic reason, residents helped out by hiring security services but sorry to say, its ineffective and hardly reassuring.

Jacob said...

Dear all,

The latest KKS defence for the ongoing house break-in is that we residents or BBRA not giving them formal( written) authority to stop and check all unauthorise vehicles entering each phases.

Since we are not in the GATED property, we are not able to do it unless majority of residents/house owners in each phases is agreed

I have seen a new KKS employee named Mr. Vicknasewaran supervising all our 6 phases under KKS. I am not sure how effective such a new addition by KKS . I am in opinion that we BB residents with help of MPK and BBRA should work on other options for our security here instead of depending on KKS. I have no hope( after seeing their draft contract which posted in our blog) in the KKS to make any improvement in their current service.

If we residents do not join and face these security issues soon, more break- in will be in our BB.

Ang said...

As a paying subscriber I am very suspicious on the service offered by KKS. But that does not mean I am not going to pay and make the situation worse. Imagine if all residents in a row of houses decided not to pay, and in today's economic scenario - wow, good luck to you! Penny wise pound foolish.

I am interested to know how we as residents can help ourselves. Can we get our police to have a Salleh System? Or can we set up our own rukun tetanga watch to double the efforts? How about Community Policing?

For now we seem to be shooting in the dark. Not a clue as to who the thieves are. They may even be a husband and wife team disguised as house buyers. Or even a nasty neighbour with bad friends.

I would like to suggest to BBRA to understand more on why we have such problems and how we can nip it in the bud instead of talking only after an incident occurs.

Example 1: Why only stop motorcyclists in the park when we should instead understand why they are using the park? From observation, the park is a shortcut from low/medium cost flats to botanic walk east and vice versa as well as a bridge across the pond.
Example 2: Who are these motorcyclist?
From observation, I have seen newspaper-man, KKS guards, construction workers, ice-cream-man, and even residents.
Suggestion: Cut off selected entry exit points by having bollards especially at illegal entry from phase 9 and near town hall. All bridges should have bollards on both sides. Also, bollards should be placed at intervals like at taichi or sundial garden. Imagine the red-faced motorcyclist now has to u-turn back.

Why wait for MPK or TMO? Why not raise funds and appoint a contractor to do it? Do something good for the community and people will do good for you. Talk only and people will talk with you. Condemn and people will condemn you. So please decide.

Andrew Sum said...

KKS can just talk of 'defence' and nothing else. The house No.8, at Jln Jenaris 8, which I visited, informed me that the auto gate was opened and the front wooden door was open, but then no KKS security guard seems eager to stop and investigate why are doors all opened and no one in, after the robbers had left. The Owners of the house are also paying for KKS services and they are very, very, very dissappointed with the passive attitude of the guards. Anticipating that robberies may happen, why didnt the guards ask for written authorisation letters from BBRA or the residents to check all cars months earlier. All I knew is that they only ask for authorization letters to stop lorries and trucks carrying constructions materials. In this aspect they failed and failed terribly. I am sorry to say this. Is there any crime in asking for authorisation letters to stops cars if they find suspicions? For all cars, the guards only wave their hands in and out. Is this what they are paid for? It is really disgusting! Unless they resolved to really do their work then I can see that there will be more breaks-in in the future. Finally, are they prepared to pay the House No.8, Jenaris 8 compensation for things broken and damaged, things and money lost? Can they just shake their shoulders and forget about the whole thing? All the other residents neighbours which I have spoken are just as frustrated and dissappointed. Most of them feel that they would want to stop paying for the security fee, unless something is done and fast.
I am speaking as a very frustrated resident.

Ben Phang said...

It will really require a tremendous effort and openness by residents of Bandar Botanic to be able to see changes and/or improvements in the security services. We can all talk and lament but KKS services will remain the same - the waving sentry and the motorcycle/car patrols.

It took them more than 2 months to come up with a draft contract and then the draft was nothing near to what was discussed. If thats the way they treat such an important document, just imagine what type of attention they will give to the break ins and other matters.

Andrew, you were the one they send the draft contract to. Read the part on professional indemnity or insurance liability. Frankly, you expect KKS to pay? Wise Up, my friend.

Sunny Ho said...

Now, the most important thing is a remedy to all this. As I know someone in Phase 5, they used to have Rukun Tetangga but then it dissapeared. In Phase 3 previously we had it once or twice as well. Then again, this might not work as well because nowadays it is day time robbery.......

Correct me if I am wrong on this. KKS keeps saying that there is not enough collections so they cannot beef up their effort. There are 2 ways to look at this:
1) Show what they can do and win the confidences of the residents and automatically the residences will pay.
2) Or a campaign needs to be done to get the residences to pay, but then again KKS will have to leave up to the expectation of the our residences.

Andrew Sum said...

Ben, I do not know whether you are aware or not, but during my early morning rounds at the lake and housing estates, I met and have conversations with lots of aunties and uncles from other phase. They have already advise me to forgo paying the security and use the $480.00 per year to buy a good insurance for house theft. They have bought good and reasonable house theft insurance from Great Eastern at $150. What more with $480?

Ben Phang said...

In all honesty, I contemplated to stop paying but then on hearing other residents opinion that unless we come up with a better proposal or replacement, poor security service is better than no security service. Any body can take the easy way out, by stopping and what then?

BBRA is making another effort to try and resolve the security problem and hopefully this time we should arrive at a decision within the next 3 months.

Saras said...

Why do you gentlemen keep out harping on the poor security services? To pay or not to pay the RM40 per month equivalent to RM1.30per day. You indulge in unfruitful conversations all over and over, repeating the same things. I do not hear a single solid suggestion to resolve this perenial problem.

What if most paying residents stop paying? The security guards will not be paid. What happened? Have any of you gentlemen think of the consequenses IF suddenly there is no security services? You get in a new one and can you then ensure the residents who stopped paying will start paying again. Please exercise more caution when you talk and express because you have to accept responsibilities.

Andrew Sum said...

Chickening out is not the solution. I am fully behind Ben and all my fellow residents in my area will listen to me.
Let me tell you this:
It's better to say out something that caused pain,
Then chose not to say anything at all,
Only then can we take the next step.

NH88 said...

Buying insurance is also good, but this is an after effect. Insurance will only give resident monetary compensation, but what about the trauma and the fear that the incident the victims need to go through after the incident. Of course, having any security company will also not give us an assurance of crime free neighbourhood, but i believe, having one is better than not having any at all.
With so many initiatives, Rukun Tetangga, Precint Action committees, Rela and so on, where are we today? We are still at the same junction, the junction of nowhere. Many having their own mind, doing their own things but we are still plague by the same issue.
Are those paying residents know their rights, or they assume that they know? What about those who don't even bother to pay, are they not concern about their safety, or just happy to be free rider of their neighbours?
BBRA is just the official platform to voice and make ourselves to be heard by the authority, but many residents failed to understand this. Was it the sole responsibility of BBRA? It is not, and can never be. BBRA can only facilitate and be visible to the authority. We don’t need to have an association to start any initiative, but why do we need more than what we already have. Until every one in the community is united, we are very far away from resolving the issue.
For those who has taken initiative to write and also the bystander who is reading the blog but remain a bystander by now, please come forward. Which ever groups you belong to now is not important, but we are going in the same direction towards the same destination.
Work together as united resident of Bandar Botanik and hopefully we will achieve zero crime neighborhood soon enough.

Lim said...

We all know what need to be done on the security issue and there is only one decision. Change! No need to say any more. Action! Action!

To the BBRA Committee, why delay the inevitable decision? I am sure there are many licensed and competent security companies that are ready to move in. Do not waste any more time with KKS.

Dickson said...

Uncle Lim,

You have hit it right on the spot. The BBRA Committee must come out forthright with the decision to change and call in other security firms that can meet out expectations. Select 2 companies to each cover 3 phases and residents will be able to monitor and compare their services. Forget about KKS.

LaLitaBonita said...

For one day in your life, please think- if you go to the market and simply buy oranges without choosing, then you will get inferior sour oranges. Blindly buying inferior goods is as bad as paying for fast foods which are harmful to health.
Likewise, majority of the residents are subscribing blindly just because they only think that there are no other choice to choose from. They failed to realize that - yes; there are in fact a good number of choices outside in the market. If you want the most professional, then go for those with the armed guards – e.g Securicor which I had worked in before. Or those companies which employed Gurkas from Nepal. Likewise, BBRA can get together and form their own BBRA legitimate Security Company employing Gurkas, if need. Then the residents will be allowed to join in and play a part. Why not? Have the BBRA tried to get approval from the authorities?
The present security guards just smile and wave all cars in and out. They do not even have a record book to record down all cars registrations number, color and make of car, time of entry and out, etc. The police could have easily traced the car if these are done properly as is the standard requirement of all good security companies guarding the gate.These are valuable information for the police.
They do not even think of issuing security car stickers for paying residents. What a joke.

Patricia said...

Why so indecisive? Uncle Lim had quite rightly put it in plain English and others have also sounded clearly, change KKS and get a new dependable and responsive security company. Better still split the 6 phases to 2 security companies so that we can monitor and evaluate their services.

Charlie said...

I am from Jenaris 6, a member of BBRA, paying security charges but I have stop paying since March this year. Reason .. why should I be paying for sub-standard service?

If BBRA take the lead and secure a new security firm that provides the level of services expected, I will pay. Residents should stop paying for sub-standard services and KKS will then wake up. No need to talk so much.

Louis said...

Residents in Bandar Botanic should stop paying the security charges with immediate effect as a protest against KKS for not providing adequate security services. I will stop paying from this month and will not pay until proper security services are in place.

BBRA Member at PJ

Azli said...

Cerita-lah, apa lagi?

From January to now, there have been plenty of speeches on the many security problems. Many of you are aware of the shortcomings of KK Sentral but despite all these, what have the residents and bbra undertake. Nothing except talk and just talk.

Continue talking and bbra will end up being the laughing stock of all residents in Bandar Botanic. At the end of the day, an undertaker will need to be called in. KKS has done the smartest thing by standing a side without a single comment and watching bloggers and residents outpour their frustrations and thats about it.

Apa u boleh buat?

Ang said...

Seems that many online readers are in favour of changing KKS. Can I propose to BBRA to start with one phase, and instead of talking only about not getting the support, can BBRA do a signature campaign? GO house to house and get the majority to sign that they want a new Security provider. Give us the assurance that once you have the mandate of majority, you will change the security provider with so and so benefits.

I cannot believe that I keep hearing BBRA passing the buck back to residents by saying we residents are not supporting them as many are not members. Why are we not members? Could it be because you have not reached out to us? Even politician reaches out when they want support from us. Even police request support from residents. But no, not BBRA, who sadly works like MPK.

Fed up lah!

Andrew Sum said...

Hi Ang, tell me where you live and I will gladly come to visit you.
Meanwhile, as per Ang's suggestion, can Benjamin prepare a signature campaign list like the one you prepared for the industrial factories in Cempaka Industrial Estate sometimes a few years ago to petition against MPK to install a traffic light at the crucial and deadly junction. One letter and about 30-40 signatures in one page. We can add pages if the first one is full.It is a good idea.

Ang said...

Ok, I will pm (personal message) you or my area rep one of these days for a meeting. Must shout to be heard.

Ben Phang said...

If shouting can resolve problems, I do have a loud voice. A loud speaker is affordable too. Problem is we really do have a lot of deaf people around.

We have tolerated poor services for years, so what is another month or two. Yet we have calls for immediate rectifications after a break-in. Good, come forward and contribute your services. Our email addresses are posted in the blog. Please contact us. We need all the help we can get.

Many of the ideas put forward had been attempted before. The signature campaign is nothing new. BBRA had given the go ahead to Phase 6 & 4 to change security company and every household was given a mandate form to sign and hand back but how many of the 800 over forms did we receive back? Guess ...... less than 50 from the over 400 houses paying security fees.

Many insist BBRA must be open and let the residents know, that also mean others including KKS also have access to such info. Try to go to a negotiation table when all your weakness are shown. No wonder KKS never bother.

I believe that we should have new people at the security committee to contribute new ideas and ways to resolve this security problem. I propose to organise a meeting asap at the Multi Purpose Hall and sincerely hope that all of you will attend so that we can share our thoughts face to face.

Lim said...

"Why are we not members?" Good question and the answer should be .. if you have to ask, you may have missed the point. Why do volunteers come forward? Why do some residents show so much concern over the betterment of their neighborhood? Why only a few of these concerned residents try to do something about it? Sounds familiar?

As residents, we should be thankful we have some dedicated residents willing to contribute at BBRA. The least the residents should do is to give their support. The past and present committee members have been soliciting residents support and the response has been very poor. How then can we criticise BBRA for not reaching out to the residents?

Ramlisan said...

Talk is Cheap.
How many among you who have so many suggestions of how to resolve the security problem betul betul have the resources, time and commitment to really do some thing about it?
Lets all confide and give BBRA the mandate to decide whats best and support BBRA's decision which ultimately will have the residents interest at heart. Cakap lebih puntak guna.

Jimmy said...

Ramlisan is right. There are many things that we should confide in each other through our email but then we have to be sure who the emailer is as anybody can create an email address. Lets be a bit discreet with our comments on this sensitive security matter.

Sunny Ho said...

Let's put it this way. We now have a new President in BBRA, and the whole sub-committees (new and old) are now trying very hard and quickly to settle in. They will need a little time to re-strategize before moving forward again.

I believe BBRA can settle this for they have been on to it for some time already. Certain things just need time for negotiations are always tedious. I believe the BBRA also wants this issue close and done quickly for they are also the residents affected by it. Nevertheless, again, certain things need time.

By the way, getting new people to handle it does not necessary means faster resolution.